Monday, August 15, 2011

Checking In,......

It's definitely been a minute since the last post but we gotta start somewhere.  Let's take a look at what's been going on,.......

Fortunately for us, Football is back on.  Week 1 of the preseason is complete and although there are some story lines, we know that this can change within a week.  I'll highlight a few:

Cutler looked like he was dodging people again as the Bears O-line looked terrible in their debut.  Maybe it is the turf at Soldier Field or maybe it's the guy bringing in the players.  Either way, something has to be done.  You paid Cutler upwards of $50M, now protect him and give him a chance. 

Tavaris Jackson looked as out of place in Seattle as he did in Minny.  I like the kid, but he's gotta find a home somewhere.  Not saying that Seattle isn't it, but Josh Portis looked real good running that team.  I'm just sayin.

Tim Tebow is going to be alright.  I know a lot of people have piled on the kid and yes, he's #2 on the depth chart, but I'm putting my money on Tebow to prove everyone wrong.  He may not have the best delivery or the best footwork or whatever you want to throw in there, but he is a winner.  Count me as a believer (in more ways than one).

No Peyton Manning for the Colts.  If he doesn't play any games in the preseason I'm worried.  I know he's a veteran and everything but until I see him out there with that bad neck and all running around throwing the ball,..I'm not going to believe he's healthy enough to play this year.  Without Manning, the Colts aren't going to be very good, and it's tough right now because he's looking for a mega deal from the Colts.  Watch this one.

Plaxico Burress is back as a Jet and he hasn't played yet?  When did he injure this ankle (all jailhouse jokes aside)?  I actually want to see him succeed, so let's hope he heals quickly and gets back on the field.

I know it's one game, but if you could write a redemption story, Michael Vick being an accurate passer might be the biggest thing out there.  He looked great against Baltimore, and he was putting the ball exactly where it needed to be.  He looked like a shorter, left-handed, more mobile, Peyton Manning.  Philly fans don't get too excited just yet. 

In New England, we all know that if Brady should go down they have two guys in Hoyer and Mallett that may be able to step in and help this team still win games. 

Osi Umenyiora finally finds the Giants practice field and hopefully a new deal so that we don't have to hear about this anymore.  Maybe he was hurt, maybe he wasn't,...just pay the dude and keep moving Giants.

Chris Johnson and I are still hanging out (just kidding) because he can't get a deal with the Titans that pays him more.  The Titans say that they will make him the highest paid back in the league if he comes to camp, and Johnson wants the deal done before he reports (let's meet on the practice field and get this done).

Daunte Cullpepper is coming in for a tryout with the 49ers.  Talk about scrap heap.  Wait,...hold on,...I'm getting a phone call,'s from the 49ers,......(pause)......, ok, I'm heading out to Cali for a tryout too.  Gotta pack up and go. 

From the NBA:

Kendrick Perkins was arrested on misdemeanor disorderly conduct and intoxication after being involved in an altercation outside of the The Ticket nightclub in Beaumont, TX.  Hey, I'm not judging, he was at a club, probably had a few drinks and at least he wasn't driving.  He got into an altercation with the club owner and possibly some other people, but my issue is he was in the area hosting a camp that helped raise money for his foundation which aims to 'help children learn life skills and drug awareness'.  I guess he needed a real life situation to discuss with the kids.

The impasse that is the NBA Lockout rolls on and no one really seems to be interested in making any deals or even talking that much until October.  I hope they can get this worked out, because we need basketball. 

Everybody and their mother is talking about playing overseas while the lockout continues.  Some have signed contracts and others are positioning themselves to follow suit.  Nothing like getting paid on your summer vacation. 

Will Phil Jackson out of LA, and openings across the NBA, more specifically in NY, it seems as though some feel that Phil would be a perfect fit for the Knicks.  D'Antoni's days seem to be numbered and Phil would make a great target for the Knicks brass.  Could you imagine Phil working with Melo and Amare with a few extra pieces? 

The Hall of Fame Class may not have had the notoriety as others, but Dennis Rodman was able to steal the show with his honesty and emotion.  Rodman has long been overly flamboyant with the different hairstyles, the outfits, the attitude, and of course the basketball.  With former coach Phil Jackson at his side, Rodman gave his HOF speech and you could tell that he was grateful for even being there.  Good moment for everyone.

From MLB:

Dan Uggla's 33 game hitting streak was stopped by, of all teams, the Cubs.  Uggla had the longest hitting streak in the majors over the last 5 years.  It's important to know that Uggla had been carrying the Braves with other major players (C. Jones, McCann) in and out of the lineup during his streak.  

Carlos Zambrano is ejected from a game against the Braves and not only goes postal on the ump, but he cleans out his locker and goes home.  The Cubs have suspended Zambrano for 30 days without pay and they have to make a decision about this guy.  He is largely a cancer on this team and his outburst don't help.  The team that's probably glad they didn't pull the trigger on acquiring Zambrano, the Yankees. 

A-Rod may be returning from his injury and he may not go to jail for being in the home during an illegal card game.  Talk about a win win. 

From the NCAA:

The $1M question:  Should athletes get paid?  More and more discussion is going into this and we'll see what happens.  ESPN is doing a piece on this and it's funny to see Nick Saban talking about 'this is a revenue generating' sport and the money goes back into the school and not into his pocket.  Isn't he getting paid upwards of $4M a year (9 year; $42M deal in 2009)? 

What else have I missed?  What are you looking forward to in the next week?  When will the NBA Lockout end? 

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