Saturday, December 24, 2011

2011-12 NFL Week 16 Picks

It's been tough lately getting these picks in with everything going on with the day job and the family but let's see what we can do.  Playoff seeding is the big thing this week in the NFL and then there's that small little issue with the 2012 #1 Draft Pick and who'll be positioning themselves for that. 

Houston @ Indianapolis - Would have probably picked the Texans and they go out and lose a tough game. 

Oakland @ Kansas City - The Chiefs come off their biggest game of the year by defeating the Packers and question is can they do it again against the Raiders?  Both teams are fighting for the AFC West Championship.  Tough game to pick, but,..... Winner - Chiefs

Jacksonville @ Tennessee - The Titans have an outside chance to make the playoffs, so they should play tough.  I still believe in Chris Johnson.  Winner - Titans.

Miami @ New England - Can the Dolphins surprise the league and beat the Patriots since they aren't really playing for anything?  Does this take the Dolphins further out of the discussion for the #1 pick?  Don't think they'll have to worry too much.  Winner - Patriots

Arizona @ Cincinnati - The Bengals will be fighting for their playoff lives and maybe that'll make them a little more dangerous.  Winner - Bengals.

Denver @ Buffalo - Tebow Mania gets back on track.  Winner - Broncos.

St. Louis @ Pittsburgh - The Steelers start Charlie Batch (should have done that last week, cost me a FF game) and they keep it moving.  Winner - Steelers.

New York Giants @ New York Jets - I think that Tom Coughlina nd Eli come up big in this game.  I'm not a Giants fan, but this ought to be good.  I don't trust Sanchez.  Winner - Giants.

Minnesota @ Washington - I might have to hear my barber talking about Rex Grossman this week.  I do not like the Shannys either.  Winner - Redskins.

Tampa Bay @ Carolina - I want the Bucs to win to possibly save their coaches' job (Morris), but I don't see it happening.  Winner - Panthers.

Cleveland @ Baltimore - The Ravens need to answer for last weeks debacle against the Chargers.  Winner - Ravens.

San Diego @ Detroit - I'm not a believer in the Chargers, but I think they have too much for the Lions.  Winner - Chargers

Philadelphia @ Dallas - Can't believe that I am doing this.  Winner - Eagles.

San Francisco @ Seattle - No way the 49ers mess this up.  Winner - 49ers

Chicago @ Green Bay - A McCown is starting this game at QB.  The team that does will lose.  Winner - Packers

Atlanta @ New Orleans - Saints in a tough matchup.  Look for the scoreboard to break in this one and Brees to break Marino's passing record.  Winner - Saints

Who you got?!?!?!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

2011-12 NFL Week 15 Picks

Late to the game for picks this week.

Jacksonville @ Atlanta - would have picked the Falcons but didn't do it in time.

Dallas @ Tampa Bay - Cowboys need this win badly. Can they pull this off? Winner - Cowboys.

Carolina @ Houston - The Texans defense should help them slow down Cam Newton and their balanced attack on offense should give the Panthers problems.  Winner - Texans.

Washington @ New York Giants - Yes, I could see the Shanny's (Redskins) win this game.  I'm just not sold on these Giants.  They can run the bell and have dangerous options in the passing game, but for some reason they don't bring it each week.  I just can't put my finger on it, but I have to go with those Giants this week.  Winner - Giants

Miami @ Buffalo - The warm and fuzzy that we got from the Bills earlier in the season is long gone.  This team is reverting back to the Bills of recent years.  Miami is a decent team but they have been bringing it each week, no quit in this team.  The Bills gotta show up this week, right?  Winner - Bills.

Seattle @ Chicago - Ok, let me say, I was on the Caleb Hanie bandwagon and I still think that I am.  This team can win with him at the QB, but it's harder since they don't have Forte back there to take some pressure off of him.  Tough spot to be in, but I also am worried about this Bears defense that can't seem to get turnovers and get off the field.  The Seahawks have actually played well as of late with Lynch leading the way. Can he continue to pound the Bears this week?  Winner - Seahawks.

New Orleans @ Minnesota - Saints all day.  Winner - Saints

Cincinnati @ St. Louis - The Rams are playing terribly and the Bengals are actually still in the hunt.  Look for the Bengals and Andy Dalton to have a big game this week.  Winner - Bengals.

Tennessee @ Indianapolis - Can the Colts get a win this week?  I'm not betting on it unless the Titans turn the ball over a lot.  Winner - Titans.

Green Bay @ Kansas City - Do we really have to think about this one?  The only question is whether the Packers pull their starters early.  Winner - Packers.

Detroit @ Oakland - Should be a good one with Suh returning and a chance to get after Carson Palmer today.  Winner - Lions

New England @ Denver - Tebow Mania meets the Aura of Brady.  Which one wins out?  I actually think that Tebow looks good in this game against that terrible Patriots defensive backfield.  Winner - Broncos

New York Jets @ Philadelphia - The Eagles can only play spolier now.  If the Eagles can win this game they take Rex with them home for the playoffs.  Winner - Eagles

Cleveland @ Arizona - The Cardinals have to win this game.  A lot of beanie Wells and as little Kolb as possible.  Winner - Cardinals

Baltimore @ San Diego - The Ravens get Ray Lewis back (hopefully) and they have an opportunity to clinch their playoff spot with a win.  They'll get it done.  Winner - Ravens

Pittsburgh @ San Francisco - The Steelers need this game, but with them hurting on both sides of the ball it's going to be a tough game.  The 49ers have a chance to steal a game and just make it that much tougher for teams in the NFC.  I think in a slight upset you'll see the 49ers walk away with the win.  Winner - 49ers.

Who you got?!?!?!?!

Monday, December 12, 2011

2011 NBA Free Agency Deals

Well, after this long drawn out labor agreement deal, the NBA is now back in business and we'll start taking a look at the deals that are going down across the league.  Surprisingly, not too many head scratchers so far.  Let's take a look:

Shane Battier (Heat) - $9M for 3 years - I think this is a great deal for any Heat fan.  Battier can play the 3, hit knock down 3's from the corners and he can play some defense.  He's not as young as he once was, but I can see him, LBJ, and Wade locking down 3/5s of your squad during crunch time.  For $3M a year, you get a bargain.

Mike Dunleavy (Bucks) - $7.5M for 2 years - The Bucks need scoring and Dunleavy can do that at times.  He's a 6'10" shooting guard/small forward that has limitations on the defensive side of the ball, but he's one of those glue guys.  Hit a high percentage of his 3's last year and should be able to space the floor for Jennings and Bogut.  Again, a little north of $3M ain't gonna hurt nobody. 

Eddy Curry (Heat) - League Min for 1 year - If Riley can get this kid motivated, that would be a feat.  Curry was a young star in the league but then his penchant for late night Burger King drive thrus got in the way.  He ballooned and then it seemed the injury bug just attached itself to him.  He has a big body and is a decent rebounder (things the Heat need) so he'll be given opportunities to make good in Miami.  If it doesn't work here, he's done. I can honestly say that I think this will actually work out well because he won't have to be the star, like he was in Chicago, and he can work in obscurity.

Shannon Brown (Suns) - $3.5M for 1 year - This is the one guy I feel bad for.  It's like he had a breakout in the playoffs a few years back and since then, nothing.  Almost like his time was taken away from him.  He's young, athletic, and has a decent jump shot, but really wasn't a fit in the triangle offense.  Thought he'd be a good cheap fit for the Bulls, or at least an option, but now he gets to play along side Steve Nash (for as long he's a Sun).  I guess we'll watch Brown put up some gaudy numbers and he'll get some looks next season in free agency. 

Caron Butler (Clippers) - $24M for 3 years - Almost one that makes you hold your breath, but actually not a bad deal IF Butler comes back to his pre-injury form.  Toughjuice is a scorer who loves the ball on the wing and he can shoot or put the ball on the floor.  Butler is also adept at (Note to LeBron) posting up and using his size to get buckets.  He provides scoring punch and should enjoy the LA limelight.  If the Clips snag Paul (as rumored), this looks like an even better deal.

Greg Oden (Blazers) - $8.9M for 1 year - This is the qualifying offer from the Blazers to keep their rights on Oden.  He's had injuries (as everyone knows), but I think all of us are wishing to see him healthy and playing at least 1 full season to see how good he can be.  I don't think we expect him to put up 20 a night, but we just don't want to see the Sportscenter splash with the next Greg Oden injury. 

Tayshaun Prince (Pistons) - $27M for 4 years - This is a head scratcher because I'm still wondering why Prince would go back to Detroit.  I guess he likes it there and feels as though no one else would pay him that type of money?  How many games did they win last year?  And they lose Rip (buyout)?  Does that make this team better anytime soon?

Jonas Jerebko (Pistons) - $16M for 4 years - Maybe this is the reason Prince resigned?  I mean really, Jerebko may help on the boards and may provide a bucket or two, but what about this team makes anyone want to stay there?  Is Dumars asleep at the wheel? 

Tyson Chandler (Knicks) - $58M for 4 years - Well, talk about a bonus for winning a championship.  I guess Chandler thought it'd come from Cuban but the Knicks ended up making this deal come to fruition.  I like this deal because the Knicks can now have a frontline with Amare, Melo, and Chandler.  Neither of the first two are good at defense, but it always helps to have a defensive force behind you to make up for any lapses.  Who would have thunk that the two players the Bulls acquired (Chandler and Curry), 1 would have a ring and the other would be barely hanging on?   

David West (Pacers) - $20M for 2 years - Great deal for the Pacers.  West's game hasn't been about his athletic ability so hopefully his return from a terrible knee injury doesn't impact his game as much.  The Pacers get a guy that rebounds well, can put up 20 a game and he's a 'thug' from Xavier (hopefully you get the joke).  All in all, West is a good guy that can play and the only issue is no one knows just how he's going to rebound from his injury.  If he comes out like the old David West, this may be the steal of the FA period. 

JJ Barea (Timberwolves) - $19M for 4 years - Someone in Minny signed a point guard?  Where have we heard that before?  JJ Barea takes his hurt feelings and his championship ring to the frozen tundra of Minnesota.  Ricky Rubio, Johnny Flynn, and Luke Ridnour are the other PGs on this team.  I think they might try to make this 'small ball' thing take on a new definition.   

Mike Bibby (Knicks) - ????? - Mike Bibby leaves the beaches of Miami for the city life in New Yawk City.  Bibby has always been a heady player with the knack for hitting timely 3 pointers, however he wasn't hitting those 3 pointers for Miami.  In this uptempo system with a legit big man, I expect that Bibby finds his rhythm again and makes for a decent backup PG for this team. 

Rasual Butler (Raptors) - ????? - Butler barely played for the Bulls last year after they picked him up and I'm not sure how he'll fare with the Raptors.  He might find the stroke that made him deadly a few years ago or he might be out of the game soon.  We'll all get to see what happens. 

Brian Cardinal (Mavericks) - Veterans min - You always need guys that can play defense, dole out some tough fouls and be a glue guy.  Mavs did just that. 

Daequan Cook (Thunder) - $6.5M for 2 years - Cook has been a 3 point shooter for the Thunder and they wanted to keep him in that role.  He can get hot from time to time, but his job is to hit those shots when Durant is team teamed.  Not too bad for the price.


Lamar Odom traded to Dallas Mavericks for pieces - Odom cried when he was initially traded for CP3, but then he was just traded outright to the Mavericks.  Was this punishment for not showing up at practice after the CP3 deal fell through?  Did Khloe want to move to the big state of Texas so that they can start a new reality show there?  Either way, Odom is out of LaLa Land and I'm not sure if his fragile persona will be able to take it, but he should be able to go to Dallas and pick up that $9M he'll make this year. 

Glen Davis and Von Wafer traded to Orlando for Brandon Bass - I'm not totally upset with this deal for a few reasons.  Big Baby wanted more from the Celtics (money and clout) and he just wasn't going to get it.  He has had his moments for the Celtics as he has provided a spark for that aging team but I doubt that the Celtics playbook had several plays for Big Baby.  Brandon Bass is probably a slight upgrade over Big Baby at least in one area, rebounding.  Bass is a beast in the box as far as hustling and banging.  But at the end of the day, these guys are very similar to each other with the difference being age and a few pounds (maybe more than a few pounds).  Von Wafer was the throw in for this deal and he'll be missed as the Celtics are already light with back court bodies.  Wafer can be a spark plug off the bench and he is more scorer than anything else.   


Brandon Roy - I am still tearing up about this.  Roy was by far one of the best 2 guards in the league and I still wish the Bulls (I'm pretty sure they do too) would have drafted Roy instead of that buster Tyrus Thomas.  Nevertheless, Roy, it's been fun while it lasted.  Good luck on the next part of your journey. 

More to come,.......

Thursday, December 08, 2011

2011-12 NFL Week 14 Picks

Real quick. Got Steelers tonight. Rest of picks coming later. Who you got?!?!

Kansas City @ New York Jets - The Jets need this win to keep alive their playoff hopes.  The Chiefs don't have me comfortablye enough to pick them, but again, I can see this Chiefs team, even with Tyer Palko, playing the Jets tough.  The Jets still have to solve the issue that is their qb, but maybe they have enough to make it this week.  Winner - Jets.

Tampa Bay @ Jacksonville - The Bucs need a win anyway they can get one.  The Jaguars want a win, or maybe they don't (Luck or RGIII anyone??), but this should be an entertaining game.  Both teams have bruising running backs and pretty good defenses.  I think I can flip a coin.  Winner - Jaguars.   

New England @ Washington - Not much to say here.  Winner - Patriots

Atlanta @ Carolina - Great game and good opportunity for Cam to get another win under his belt.  It's going to be tough for the Panthers since they have lost almost half of their starting defense and people seem to forget that.  The Falcons gotta play better to make a push for the playoffs and I think they right the ship today.  Winner - Falcons.

Indianapolis @ Baltimore - I have said all year that the Colts are going to get at least one win and there have been teams that they match up well against and I'm hoping that it's not this week.  Winner - Ravens

Philadelphia @ Miami - Here we go again.  On talent, the Dolphins shouldn't win this game.  On the way these two teams have played, the Dolphins should win this game.  I think my heart is going to get me in trouble.  Winner - Eagles

Minnesota @ Detroit - Two teams going in the same direction.  The Vikings have a better defense.  Still no running game for the Lions.  I think Joe Webb is starting.  Winner - Vikings

New Orleans @ Tennessee - The Saints play outside for the last time and against a dangerous Titans team.  Chris Johnson is back and I expect the Titans will lean on him to keep Drew Brees on the sidelines as much as possible.  I'm not sure that Saints defense can stop the run consistently.  Not sure that Titans defense can stop Brees.  Close game.  Winner - Saints

Houston @ Cincinatti - Can TJ Yates go 2-0?  If he's smart, yes.  Winner - Texans.

Chicago @ Denver - Tebow mania continues and they get a reeling Bears team who has to have a win or they are done for the season.  Caleb Hanie has struggled a little, but so have his receivers and he's lost his #1 running back in Forte.  It'll be tough, but I think the Bears pull this one out.  Winner - Bears

San Francisco @ Arizona - 49ers all the way, right? Winner - 49ers.

Buffalo @ San Diego - Buffalo is officially done.  I mean they've had the opportunity to make the playoffs with a strong start but they have faltered during this last stretch.  The Chargers need this win to make their season worth something and possibly win the AFC West.  Winner - Chargers

Oakland @ Green Bay - Well, congrats to my son for being one of the new owners of the Green Bay Packers and with him at the helm and making decisions, I think he'll keep this team winning.  Winner - Packers

New York Giants @ Dallas - Maybe the Cowboys won't call another bad timeout this week?  This is a battle for the NFC East lead.  Can the Cowboys pull it off at home?  Giants come in with a good chance of pulling this off if they can run the ball like they did last week.  Lots of animosity between these two teams, so I'm expecting some big time hitting.  Winner - Cowboys

St. Louis @ Seattle - Two bad teams.  The Rams are toothless this year and this may end up being Spagnola's last as their head coach.  The Seahawks have been looking good over the last two weeks and will probably benefit from their 12th man.  Winner - Seahawks

Who you got?!?!?!?

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

2011-12 NFL Week 13 Wrap Up

This weeks picks:

Philadephia @ Seattle - I found myself picking the Eagles and they go all the way to Seattle to let Marshawn Lynch run completely over and through them.  The 'Dream Team' is dead and I am hoping that Andy Reid has his bags packed.  Someone has to fall for this.  Inquisitive Mind 0 - 1 for the week.  

Carolina @ Tampa Bay - Cam Newton is a bad boy, if you didn't already know.  Just imagine how much better this team will be with a quality starting defense and some more help at receiver.  Carolina is back on the map for something other than college basketball.  Raheem, this is a bad year for you and the Bucs but hopefully you'll be given a chance to turn this one around.  Inquisitive Mind 1 - 1 for the week.  

Cincinnati @ Pittsburgh - The Steelers opened up a can on the Bengals.  Brown and Wallace are a dangerous combo and this defense (because this is the Steelers) is going to gel a little bit more.  Dangerous.  Inquisitive Mind 2 - 1 for the week.  

Atlanta @ Houston - You mean that TJ Yates started and the Falcons played this badly to lose this game.  First on Yates, he showed that he belongs, at least for now, in this game.  Nice arm, pretty good decisions and hey it always helps to have Arian Foster behind you gashing defenses.  Not only did he play reasonably well but the Texans also lost Andre Johnson again and still won.  I have no faith in the Falcons anymore.  Inquisitive Mind 2 - 2 for the week.  

New York Jets @ Washington - The Jets tried to lose this game and then The Shanny's and Grossman stepped up to give the game away.  I can't root for the Redskins with the Shanny combo and Grossman at the helm.  I love their defense and if they were healthy on that side of the ball, whew!!!  Even in the win, Sanchez still gives me heartburn every time he drops back to throw a pass.  The Jets want to win out the rest of their games, and it's gonna be close.  Inquisitive Mind 3 - 2 for the week.  

Indianapolis @ New England - This one wasn't easy and it was hard to tell which locker room you were in when they did post game interviews.  The Colts battled back to lose by 7, but the Patriots were as mad as I've seen them in years.  Inquisitive Mind 4 - 2 for the week.  

Oakland @ Miami - I was tweeting during this game and the question came up 'Why did the Raisders travel all the way across the country for this game (because of how they were playing)?'.  My answer, they could get frequent flyer miles.  That pretty much explains this game.  Maybe Reggie Bush's career is starting over post Kardashian-gate.  Inquisitive Mind 4 - 3 for the week.  

Denver @ Minnesota - I told you, that Tebow is special and he just WINS!!!!  No, he wasn't the sole reason but ask anyone on that team and they know that no matter what happens they have a chance with that dude on the field.  What are the Broncos going to do with ol'Tebow?  Looks more and more like a trade to Jacksonville (@edthesportsfan I know that will make you happy).  Inquisitive Mind 5 - 3 for the week.  

Tennessee @ Buffalo - The Bills didn't show up and they got beat.  Yes it was close, but you would have though that they would have had more of a sense of urgency with this game.  I will say this, Chris Johnson is back.  Inquisitive Mind 5 - 4 for the week.  

Kansas City @ Chicago - Yes, I'm still on the Hanie bandwagon.  People are all over Hanie but please take a moment to rethink.  He had one TD back for an illegal procedure (not covering the tackle by Barber) and  he had another TD taken away because he threw the ball to Roy Williams.  The defense couldn't get off the field and they let a hail mary connect right before the half which ended up being the difference.  The biggest issue is that Forte got hurt.  Without Forte you get a lot more of Barber and maybe a little more of Kahlil Bell.  The Bears should have won this game, but losing this one and the injuries may end their season.  Inquisitive Mind 5 - 5 for the week.  

Baltimore @ Cleveland - Well, this was about as sound as the Ravens have played since that Week 1 performance against the Steelers.  Ray rice getting over 200 yards on the ground and limiting Flacco's throws may be the blueprint for the Ravens to win it all.  Yes, I'm saying that, win it all.  Inquisitive Mind 6 - 5 for the week.  

Dallas @ Arizona - These are the games that make me wonder whether the Cowboys are cursed in some fashion.  It came down to Garrett icing his own kicker and losing the game in overtime on a screen pass.  Tony Romo is somewhere smiling that it wasn't him this week.  Inquisitive Mind 6 - 6 for the week.  

Green Bay @ New York Giants - I could root for the Giants if it weren't for one thing, Eli Manning.  I just don't trust him.  (Soapbox) Eli Manning is average.  He's played well this year, but his entire body of work is average.  He actually played well in this game, but his defense let him down.  To he77 with Eli.  (Off soapbox) Inquisitive Mind 7 - 6 for the week.  

St. Louis @ San Francisco - Add some luster to that 49ers squad and they destroyed the hapless Rams.  There's a hugenot in MD who is probably very volatile right now.  Inquisitive Mind 8 - 6 for the week. 

Detroit @ New Orleans - Well at least the Saints continued shooting.  The Lions ran out of bullets.  Inquisitive Mind 9 - 6 for the week.  

San Diego @ Jacksonville - The Chargers tried to lose this game, but I guess they are trying to save Norv's job.  If they approach that the way they approach the season each year,...he'll be gone by Christmas.  Inquisitive Mind 10 - 6 for the week.  

OK, not such a bad week, but I can't make up ground this way.  That puts us at 119-70-2 for the year.  Just me and Jaws still in the 119's, eh? 

Thursday, December 01, 2011

2011-12 NFL Week 13 Picks

This weeks picks:

Philadephia @ Seattle - I find my self back with the Eagles again. Gotta ride with them one more time. Winner - Eagles.

Carolina @ Tampa Bay - Bucs need a win to keep Raheem Morris employed and the Panthers need a win to keep their QB from probably going into depression.  Home game for the Bucs and they are a little banged up, but this will be a great matchup between two young QBs.  Winner - Panthers.

Cincinnati @ Pittsburgh - This is Steeler-time.  Late in the season and time to position themselves for the post season.  It's a home game and they struggled out of the gate last week after their bye, but I imagine that they turn it on today.  Did I mention that this is a conference tilt for them too?  Winner - Steelers.   

Atlanta @ Houston - Tough game to have a backup QB in, but I like Yates and he can always make the safe pass /handoff to Foster.  I think this one will be close, but I gotta go with the Falcons because they really need this to keep pace with the rest of the NFC.  Winner - Falcons.

New York Jets @ Washington - If the Jets lose to the Redskins, I imagine that Rex will implode and we might actually see Sanchez cry on national TV.  Winner - Jets.

Indianapolis @ New England - This one should be easy, but for some reason I see the Colts winning this game.  I've been picking them to get a W for the past few weeks and they have let me down, let's see what happens this week.  Winner - Patriots.

Oakland @ Miami - Tough game by two tough teams.  Raiders gotta stop Reggie Bush (pause), now say that again and the Dolphins have to stop the other Bush.  The Raiders want to win the AFC West, right?  Gotta have this game.  Winner - Raiders.

Denver @ Minnesota - Tebow Mania goes to Minnesota.  I picked against him last week, but I don't think I can do it two weeks in a row.  Do you realize that this Denver defense is ballin?  That their running game, not including Tebow, is starting to gel also.  Winner - Broncos.

Tennessee @ Buffalo - The Bills need a win badly, I mean badly.  I am going to go with them.  Winner - Bills.

Kansas City @ Chicago - Yes, I'm still on the Hanie bandwagon and I expect him to play better this week.  Defense, don't sleep on the Chiefs.  Winner - Bears.

Baltimore @ Cleveland - This could be one of those games for the Ravens to come out complacent, but they can't have a let down this week.  They are doing too much good right now.  Winner - Ravens.

Dallas @ Arizona - Gotta have this game if you're the Cowboys.  Stop Beanie.  Winner - Cowboys.

Green Bay @ New York Giants - The train keeps moving for the Packers.  Giants just don't have enough.  Winner - Packers.

St. Louis @ San Francisco - Some of the luster has come off the 49ers since their Thanksgiving showdown, but they should make short work of the Rams.  Winner - 49ers.

Detroit @ New Orleans - A nice shootout on a Sunday Night.  Saints keep on truckin.  Winner - Saints

San Diego @ Jacksonville - A loss here for the Chargers will probably begin Tuesday morning with a few pink slips.  The Chargers have to win this game and they are going against a tough but not good enough Jags team.  Winner - Chargers.

Who you got?!?!??!?