Monday, August 27, 2012

Catching Up on NBA, NFL, Golf, and more

It's been a long tough summer and I'm getting back into this blogging mode.  Let's just jump right in and catch up:


Los Angeles Lakers:  There have just got to be Jedi in the Lakers front office to get the deals that they get.  First Pau Gasol for a hearty dinner (I used to say a ham sandwich, but that other Gasol brother turned out pretty good) and a 2 liter of Mountain Dew, but now they get Dwight Howard for what amounts to a turkey sandwich that someone left in a hot car for a day and 3 Caprisuns (not cold, just straight out the box).  The Lakers must grow Jedis in their organization because these deals just don't happen for other teams.  With Dwight, the Lakers have kept Kobe's window of opportunity for #6 open for 2 years.

Miami Heat: Juwan Howard may finally call it quits as a basketball player, but he may end up as a coach for the Miami Heat come this fall.  Juwan is a good guy, and I'm glad that things are working out for him.  He got his rang too.

OKC Thunder: After showing the love to Serge Ibaka in the form of a 4yr/$49M deal, the Thunder gotta figure out what to do about Harden.  They know they gonna be a tax paying team, so let's just say it's gonna come down to how much more they gonna pay.  IF they can get Harden for the same deal as Ibaka, I think it'll all be great for the Thunder.  If not, Harden plays out next year and becomes a free agent in 2013.  I'm really interested if they can sell Harden on the team and what they've built when he's staring at all them $$$s.


New York Jets:  As I sat watching the Jets last night, all I could keep saying is, 'the Jets better have a great dayum defense this year, or they in trouble'.  The other thing that kept going through my mind was that if Tebow would have been the person to score or throw for the touchdown that would have given the Jets their first (and only TD) in the preseason,...Mark Sanchez was going to be on his way out of town today.  I like Tebow, he has something about him, but he's not a starter in the NFL.  But I will say this, I think he will be the starter for the Jets by Week 4 if they get off to a slow start.  NY fans will have Sanchez on a fastboat outta there.

Seattle Seahawks:  Hey, all isn't bad with Matt Flynn, at least his pockets straight.  He got a 3yr/$26M deal that averages about $6M per year.  That's great money if you can get it, but it's not NFL starter money.  With Russell Wilson being named starter for the opener, it gives the Seahawks a chance to play the rookie and if he's good, they didn't really invest BIG money in Flynn.  to Mr. Russell Wilson, get your game on brother.  We'll be rooting for you here.

New England Patriots:  I guess the one person that has to be unhappy right now is Wes Welker.  We know he's a team guy, but the Patriots have essentially let Welker know where he stands in their plans by re-upping both Gronk and Hernandez (5yr/$40M, $12.5M signing bonus, $16.4M guaranteed).  The Patriots will be running two TE sets until the dogs come home.  The beuaty of it all is that many teams can't matchup with them when they have both TEs, Welker and Lloyd running around.  I expect Brady to throw for about 40 TDs this year.  I guess the only difference is that Welker knows he won't be there next year.

Philadelphia Eagles:  Vick already hurt?  Vick has a rib injury that, trust me, will linger for a while.  If this team starts off slow again, I'm not sure what they can do to turn it around.  We know they won't fire Andy Reid and the Eagles don't really have a seasoned backup QB.  I've wanted this team to win big since the Reggie White and Jerome Brown days, since Cunnigham, since Carmichael, and for some reason they can't get it done.  I hope this is their year.

Chicago Bears:  Everyone is concerned that the Bears are limping into the season.  Urlacher had his knee recently scoped and isn't back to full strength yet.  Peppers is battling 'continual soreness' (plantar faciitis) and this defense is already one injury to the linebacking core from being seasoned to being old.  But, just like every other Bear year in recent memory, the Bears have a problem on their offensive line.  I think I just saw Mike Tice on Michigan Ave taking applications for left tackle for anyone over 6'5" (if you're in Chicago, just walk down the street, someone will approach you with an offer).  It'll help that Cutler won't be taking as many deep drops this year, but they gotta find a way to give him time for him and Brandon Marshall to cook this year. 


Where or where has the Tiger that I once knew gone?  Yes he was in contention on Friday after tweaking his back, but he went to hell in a hand basket after that.  Each week, I wait to see the Tiger that dominated golf on a weekly basis and sadly to say, I'm not sure if that guy is ever coming back.  But, I will be waiting and watching and hoping.

The 2012 Ryder Cup is coming to the Chicagoland Area and I plan on being there.  We'll see how many photos I can get and maybe an interview or two.  Should be fun.  

 More to come,......