Thursday, December 04, 2008

Catching Up

The day job is killing me folks. I need some more money. Anyway in an effort to catch up on pretty much everything, here we go.

NFL Suspensions - I told ya'll something wasn't right. These guys are probably going to win their appeals against the NFL and then get blackballed or something. I can't believe that the NFL doctors wouldn't put information out that they knew StarCaps should have been on the banned supplements list. Montez and Cinco, you guys were wrong. (or at least we'll see).

ACC / Big Ten Challenge - Can we stop calling this a challenge until the Big Ten wins one? I mean it's close some years, but dayum, this ain't football. This is basketball, Tobacco Road. This is where the game is played at a high level (until the kids bolt early for the NBA). My Dukies have never lost in this challenge and they won a tough game in a tough arena. UNC should be outlawed for killing the Spartans the way they did. At one point I thought they were pulling people out of the stands and putting them in UNC jerseys so they could play.

Former Star Paralyzed - This one hits home people. I know Rodney Rodgers and this is a tough pill to swallow. This was one of the biggest guys in the world with a big heart. His accident while riding a ATV will paralyze him from the neck down. At least he can still be in his kids life, but it'll be tough when you were as athletically gifted as he was. All our prayers go out to Rodney.

Good Coach Gone - Sam Mitchell was let go as coach of the Toronto Raptors. Why? I mean he's been a good coach and that team isn't healthy. How much better do you think they can be? It sounds like a reason to get the coach that the organization wanted into the mix.

A Leprechaun and a Rabbits Foot
- Charlies Weis has got to have that and more. I mean how can this guy keep his job? He has a worst winning record than the two previous coaches and he just doesn't give me that confidence that anything is going to change.

Retirement - Cuttino Mobley may be retiring tomorrow. This is sad. He was just traded but medical tests showed an enlarged heart. He has been seeing every specialist that he can to see if the issue can be resolved, but it doesn't look good for him. This would be a sad end to a decent career. Good luck Cuttino.

It's Over!!! Just Finish it NOW!! - The Knicks still won't just pay Marbury to go away. WHY?!?!?!? I think the more games they lose, the longer they keep him around so that the fans have a whipping boy. The Knicks need to make a decision soon or they take a chance at alienating future free agents (Yes, LeBron is watching this).

The Best? - I don't really talk about boxing, but I hope that Manny Pacquiano beats the living isht out of Oscar De La Hoya this Saturday.

What have you been catching up with? What have you been watching?


cinco said...

@ inquisitive mind; I dont mind being wrong, but for the record I'm female.

Inquisitive Mind said...

My bad, I'll make a note of it. I can blame my sickness.

cinco said...

lol! No prob.