Thursday, September 19, 2013

2013-14 NFL Week 3 Picks

Here we go for Week 3.  Better week last week, but still looking for perfection.

Kansas City @ Philadelphia - We knew that the NFL would schedule this game at some point, and they put it on a Thursday night with nothing else to distract you from it.  The Eagles need a performance from their defense if they are going to win this game.  The offense should do well as long as Vick decides to be more of a facilitator and take fewer hits.  He left the game briefly last week and I still think he only plays about 10 games this year.

The Chiefs bring in not only Andy Reid to his once cozy confines, but they bring in their own new look offense.  I have not been an Alex Smith supporter in anyway and I will continue that mindset until I see something better.  Smith has weapons on offense and the Chiefs defense is something that bears watching.  This all adds up to fun in Philly.  Winner - Chiefs.

Green Bay @ Cincinnati - This one is actually going to be a good game.  The Packers are the Packers with Rodgers (Mr. Discount Double Check) and that offense and the question will be if the defense will be ready to stop a potent Bengals offense.  Winner - Packers.

St. Louis @ Dallas - Tony Romo is 100% healed, but can they pull off this game at home?  The Rams are a dangerous team and I'm not sure that the Cowboys on offense will be able to keep up.  Jerry Jones doesn't want to see this team early in the season.  I'm looking for a big game for Tavon Austin.  Winner - Rams.

San Diego @ Tennessee - I not a fan of either of these teams, I think I'm flipping a coin.  Winner - Chargers.

Cleveland @ Minnesota - So let me understand this, you trade your best player for the hope of getting a good player next year and you're not guaranteed to get one of the good QBs out of college?  Winner Vikings.

Tampa Bay @ New England - Well, the Bucs didn't want to see the Patriots, even if the Patriots are hobbled with injuries.  I figured with another week of practice the young Patriots receivers have had more time to gel with Tom Brady.  Look for them to play well in this game.  Winner - Patriots.

Arizona @ New Orleans - Will Fitzgerald play? Will the winner of this game score fewer than 32 points? Will Palmer look even more comfortable in this Cardinals offense?  The Saints defense is getting better and we will see if the Cardinals defense can make Drew Brees sweat.  Winner - Saints.

Detroit @ Washington - The Redskins are coming in and hopefully someone will tell them that the start time for this game is 11am (EST) because they have started terribly their last two games.  Their second halfs have been much better.  That offense needs RGIII to run a little more and against this Detroit defense, I'm a little scared for him.  If he gets hit by one of these big boys upfront from Detroit, that could be problematic.  But, that's why these guys are paid big bucks.  Winner - Redskins.

New York Giants @ Carolina - This Giants team has not only let me down, but also their fans.  Note to Eli Manning, I'm gonna need you to ball out today.  Brandon Jacobs, I'm gonna need for you to tip toe over to the bench and stay.  The Panthers need this win for their coach or they might be introduced to their new head coach by the end of the week.  (Dear Lovie, I hope you've gotten a lot of rest over the past few months being out of the NFL.  Please make sure that you're ready to report to Charlotte within the next week or two.  Thanks - Carolina Fans).  Winner - Giants.

Houston @ Baltimore - No Ed Reed, No Ray Rice.  This might be fun game to watch.  The Texans should win this game, but for some reason I think the Ravens are going to show out.  I might be wrong.  Winner - Texans.

Atlanta @ Miami - Well we know the Miami club scene was alive last night with these Falcons in the building, but this game probably won't be as exciting when they get on the field.  Falcons should walk all over this Dolphins team.  Winner - Falcons.

Buffalo @ New York Jets - This should be a great game, well, for the Bills this should.  Two rookie QBs going at each other and whoever plays best should win this game.  EJ, please no crying this weekend.  Winner - Bills.

Indianapolis @ San Francisco - Welcome Trent Richardson to the Colts.  I wonder how much he plays this week.  Probably mostly on rushing downs (may not be ready to pick up the different calls/blitzes for the offense yet).  This is going to end up being a great trade for the Colts.  The 49ers are ready and Harbaugh schemes against his former protege.  I think the 49ers defense will be up for the test.  Winner - 49ers.

Jacksonville @ Seattle - This is a hard pick to make.  Winner - Seahawks.

Chicago @ Pittsburgh - The Bears are going to wet and rainy Pittsburgh for their first road game test.  Some people are saying the Bears shouldn't be 2-0 and they should be 0-2, but I like this Bears team so far.  I think they keep it up against a reeling Steelers team.  Winner - Bears.

Oakland @ Denver - Terrell Pryor, I'm sorry but these are the games you learn from.  Winner - Broncos.

Who you with?!?!?!?!??!

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