Sunday, September 15, 2013

2013-14 NFL Week 2 Picks

Bad week last week and I'm still a little pissed so I haven't even done my wrap up for last week yet.  It'll be short, but it's coming up.  Let's turn it around this week.  I'm going to jump in since I have to get Thursday's pick up.  Leh go,......

New York Jets @ New England - The Jets ride in after their first win of the season and everyone can kind of exhale now.  Geno Smith was OK in his , but with Sanchez reportedly out for the rest of the season, at least this team knows it's going with Geno (barring an injury). 

The Patriots took everything they had to beat the Bills last week with a rookie QB and Danny Amendola is already hurt and most likely out of this game. Shane Vereen broke his wrist and he's out for this game. That leaves this team with Tom Brady and the Patriots, without him they'll never go platinum or win too many games. Some are predicting a Jets win against the hobbled Patriots. I'm feeling froggy so I'm jumping on with them. Winner - Jets

(Had to get these in quick, so we'll cut to the chase.)
St. Louis @ Atlanta - Should be a good game, higher powered offense (Falcons) going against a very good defense (Rams). Both of the starting WRs for the Falcons are gametime decisions, but I expect them to play.  Winner - Rams.

Carolina @ Buffalo - The Panthers need to bounce back from last week and I think they are in a better position than the Bills.  EJ Manuel gets another start and we're watching you young Manuel, we're watching you.  Winner - Panthers

Minnesota @ Chicago - The Bears host the Vikings and they have to be scared about facing AP.  Yes, I said scared.  AP got held in check last week (outside of one big run) and he's gonna be looking to make up from that performance.  Add in the rain in Chicago and this ought to be a good one.  Winner - Bears.

Washington @ Green Bay - The Redskins want to play a lot better than they did in the first half of their first game.  The Packers just played possibly the best team in the league last week.  Someone is going to be very upset after losing this game.  Winner - Packers.

Miami @ Indianapolis - What's the over/under on the number of times Mike Wallace blows up during and after this game?  The line is 3 and I'm taking the over.  Winner - Colts.

Dallas @ Kansas City - How about dem ribs?  We know Romo is banged up and we know the Chiefs are going to go after him.  Will he last? Will the Cowboys run the ball?  Winner - Chiefs.

Cleveland @ Baltimore - C'mon Ravens, this is the Browns.  Winner - Ravens.

Tennessee @ Houston - Everything about this game screams Texans, but they have to prove something to me.  Let's hope they put a complete game together.  Winner - Texans.

San Diego @ Philadelphia - I guess we'll see Chip Kelly's offense for the second time.  I hope Vick takes fewer hits this game or he won't make it through this season.  Winner - Eagles.

Detroit @ Arizona - Hmmm, Suh got suspended last week, so how will he respond with his play?  Still think that the Lions have more to show on offense this week, but this should actually turn into a very good game.  Winner - Cardinals.

New Orleans @ Tampa Bay - How many points will the Saints score is really the only question in this one.  Winner - Saints.

Jacksonville @ Oakland - It's sad that Jacksonville is this bad.  Winner - Raiders.

Denver @ New York Giants - If the Giants don't get pressure on Peyton, this Manning Bowl is going to the elder Manning.  Winner - Giants.

San Francisco @ Seattle - Wet weather, big offensive line, and a great running back.  That's who'll win.  Winner - 49ers.

Pittsburgh @ Cincinnati - Can the Steelers piece together enough people to play in this game.  The defense supposedly got pissed off during the week and should be ready to play, but can they score points too?  Winner - Bengals.

Who you with?!?!?!?

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