Thursday, September 26, 2013

2013-14 NFL Week 4 Picks

Getting ready for Week 4 and trying to get these picks in.  Let's see what happens. 

San Francisco @ St. Louis - This is simple, we need a pulse from these 49ers.  They have to show up and play, forget that, win this game.  They are 0-3 and they are struggling.  They've been hit with injuries, but this is a divisional game and they are going to need this W.  I'm picking the team that I'm pulling for in this one.  Winner - 49ers.

Baltimore @ Buffalo - Ravens have bounced back since that Week 1 debacle in Denver and it's the Bills, right?  Winner - Ravens.

Cincinnati @ Cleveland - The Bengals have played well thus far and their defense is actually leading them.  The Browns won the first game of the Hoyer era in Cleveland, so something has got to give.  Winner - Bengals.

Chicago @ Detroit - I have been thinking about this game since Week 2.  I like Detroit's defensive line and their ability to disrupt offenses.  Yes, Suh is there, but that Fairley guy is pretty dayum good in his own right.  But they have some injuries on the edges of that defense and they haven't really stopped a team yet.  The Bears are spreading the ball out and will need to continue to do that, but I think their defense is going to have to make a few stops.  Paging anyone on the Bears D-line, your team needs at least 3 sacks from you this week.  Going with the homer pick.  Winner - Bears.  

New York Giants @ Kansas City - The only questions I have are for the Giants.  Are you going to show up this week?  I mean, your pride should be on the line after the butt whuppin you took last week against the Panthers. Andy Reid is laughing at you, what are you going to do?  Winner - Giants.

Arizona @ Tampa Bay - I should pick the Cardinals just because the Bucs benched their QB and I really don't see why.  Free Josh Freeman!!!!!  Winner - Cardinals.

Indianapolis @ Jacksonville - Do they have to play this game? I mean really, give the Colts another bye week.  I guess they essentially already have.  Winner - Colts.

Seattle @ Houston - The Seahawks have looked good and now they get a chance to test the moxy of Matt Schaub.  I don't think this ends well for the Texans. Like, I think this goes very wrong for them.  Winner - Seahawks.

Pittsburgh @ Minnesota - Are they really trying to create NFL fans in England?  Might want to start with some better matchups.  Winner - Steelers.

New York Jets @ Tennessee - This ought to actually be a good game.  I wonder if Chris Johnson will ever show up.  Winner - Titans.

Washington @ Oakland - We'll have to see who the starting QB will be, but I guess does it really matter.  The Skins defense has played terribly, but they should be able to stop the Raiders, right?  Winner - 

Philadelphia @ Denver - So Andy Reid comes into the Linc and beats the Eagles and then the Eagles have 10 days to prepare for Denver.  Something about this screams upset if the Eagles offense decides to work this week.  Smart money says Broncos, but I think I'm going out on the limb, butt nekkid in the cold on this one.  Winner - Eagles.

Dallas @ San Diego - This will be interesting.  The Chargers are playing inspired football and they have a Cowboys team visiting them.  Which QB would you trust the most?  Winner - Cowboys

New England @ Atlanta - Everyone is talking about how crippled the Patriots are and yes, they are missing some key parts to their team, but as long as that dude is back there (Tom Brady), they are ok.  Atlanta is a little beat up, but I still give them the edge in this one because of the talent.  Will Gronk play this weekend?  If he does, I expect him to pick right up where he left off.  Winner - Falcons.

Miami @ New Orleans - I hope the scoreboard works in the Mercedes Benz dome because I imagine that the Saints will test it out often.  I just don't think the Dolphins have the firepower to make this a fight.  Winner - Dolphins.

Who you with?!?!?!

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