Thursday, October 03, 2013

2013-14 NFL Week 5 Picks

Quick turn around this week. Lets see what we got.

Buffalo @ Cleveland - The Browns have made all of us look silly by winning their last two since trading Richardson. Can they get 3 in a row?  The Browns have been playing some good tough defense and I expect much of the same.  Winner -  Browns 

New Orleans @ Chicago - After last weeks debacle in Detroit, I'm hoping that Cutler spent all week getting comfortable with the color of the Bears jerseys this week.  He can't have a 4 turnover performance and expect this team to win.  This could be an upset in the rain on a field with thick grass,...but I gotta get these picks right. Winner - Saints.

New England @ Cincinnati - This should be a good game.  We get to see what changes the Patriots will make without Vince Wilfork being in the mix.  Still no Gronk, but somehow Brady makes this happen.  Can the Bengals continue to mask Andy Dalton's up and down play at QB? Winner - Bengals.

Detroit @ Green Bay - This game had a 6.5 point spread earlier in the week and I thought that said more about the lack of respect for the Packers than anything else.  The Packers are coming in off a bye week and they get this talented defensive line.  I think this game plays out similar to the Bears game last week, but the Packers have a better QB.  Winner - Packers.

Kansas City @ Tennessee - Can someone stop this Chiefs team? If so, I doubt it's the Titans.  Winner - Chiefs.

Seattle @ Indianapolis - Last week the Seahawks traveled across the country and didn't start playing until the second half.  They can't do that this weekend.  We'll see how good Luck is against this Seahawks defense.  Winner - Seahawks.

Jacksonville @ St. Louis - Not much to say about this one.  Winner - Rams.

Baltimore @ Miami - I think this becomes a field goal kickers shootout.  Winner - Ravens.

Philadelphia @ New York Giants - Someone has to win, right? Giants need a win, but they've needed a win the last 4 weeks.  I have a scary feeling that tom Coughlin becomes the fall guy if the Giants lose this game.  Winner - Giants.

Carolina @ Arizona - Look for a dominating display from this Carolina defense.  Winner - Panthers.

Denver @ Dallas - I guess we'll find out just how well the scoreboard works in Jerryland.  Cowboys said they were tired of 'talking' about Peyton Manning so we'll see what happens after this game.  Winner - Broncos.

Houston @ San Francisco - If Matt Schaub thought that his treatment after last game was bad, wait until he throws a pick 6 in this game.  Winner - 49ers.

San Diego @ Oakland - Philip Rivers just might continue to show out and lead this Chargers team to a few more wins.  He's always been an interesting kind of guy, but if he continues to play like this, he might change some people's perception of him (including mine).  Winner - Chargers.

New York Jets @ Atlanta - Jets are beat up and they get to go to the dome in the ATL.  Looking for the Falcons to bounce back after last week.  Winner - Falcons.
Who you got?!?!?

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