Thursday, October 17, 2013

2013-14 NFL Week 7 Picks

Quick turnaround again this week. 

Seattle @ Arizona - Things have been quiet this week from the normally boisterous Seahawks, but I still expect them to win a good game this week. R. Wilson needs to throw the ball this week. Winner - Seahawks

Tampa Bay @ Atlanta - I am pulling against my Bucs, but I blame Schiano for this. The Falcons should bounce back in this game  they have to show people that they have some heart. Atleast a little. Winner - Falcons

Cincinnati @ Detroit - Two pretty evenly manned teams and both with good defenses. Megatron plays so that should help the Lions and I'm still waiting for a great performance from Andy Dalton. Winner - Bengals

Buffalo @ Miami - Whichever team gets to 20 first wins this game. Winner - Dolphins

New England @ New York Jets - The return of the Gronk. He's been practicing a lot so expect a lot of plays for him in this game. Wonder how many he catches. Finally the Jets win a shoot out. Winner - Jets

Dallas @ Philadelphia - Should be a good game and I can't see the Eagles losing this one at home. Foles should play well and I think the Eagles defense finally plays a solid game. Winner - Eagles

Chicago @ Washington - The Bears get to take this evolving offense on the road, but hopefully they pack up their D too. RGIII looked good running the ball last week and he will probably look better this game. Should be another shootout. Winner - Redskins

St. Louis @ Carolina - After last week the Panthers looked to have turned the corner, so the question begs, which Cam newton shows up this weekend?  Winner - Panthers

San Diego @ Jacksonville - Yes, I'm getting on the upset bandwagon here. After seeing the Jaguars slow down the Broncos last week, I think they have a great opportunity to win this game this week. Winner - Jaguars

San Francisco @ Tennessee - Titans should give the 49ers some problems but should be a a good win. Winner - 49ers

Cleveland @ Green Bay - Rodgers is going to be throwing the ball to some people he's probably not used to playing with, but it's going to be tougher if they can't get that run game going. I don't want to write that the Browns will win this game in Green Bat,...I just can't. Winner - Packers

Houston @ Kansas City - 3rd string QB starting for the Texans against that Chiefs defense. Yeah, right. Winner - Chiefs

Baltimore @ Pittsburgh - Normally a good game but with the Steelers this bad, not so much. Winner - Ravens 

Denver @ Indianapolis - Game of the week. Peyton returns to Indy to face the new face of the Colts. Broncos were kept in check last week. Look for the scoreboard to be lot up. Winner - Broncos

Minnesota @ New York Giants - How many people are actually going to watch this game?  Not even sure Giants fans will watch to see the Giants get their first win. Yes, I said get their first win. Winner - Giants

Who you wit?!????

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