Monday, October 14, 2013

The Tally from NFL Week 1 - Week 5 Picks

Well, we always like to keep a count of how we did each week, but time hasn't been permitting me that opportunity.  After going back and looking at everything, maybe it was best that I didn't look at the numbers of W's and L's with my picks.  If you followed them and bet any money, you're probably in the unemployment line by now. 

Week 1: 8-8

Not bad for starting out.  Lots of teams and lots of unknowns on the first weekend of the season.  Trends aren't setting in yet. 

Week 2: 9-7

Hmmmm, game better, but it's always nice to jump ahead of the mendoza line.  Let's see if we can make another incremental step forward next week. 

Week 3: 6-10

What in the he77 is going on out there?  I think my kids could have picked better than 6-10 by just picking their favorite colors.  Daddy has definitely got to put them down and start paying attention to what's important (couldn't find the sarcasm font). 

Week 4: 6-9

Well, there was 1 fewer game so at least I bested my Week 3 picks die to just good luck.  Maybe it's time to let this idea of being a handicapper go.

Week 5: 9-5

Whew,....just when you think it's darkest outside, the light peeks through.  9-5 is good, but not helping me catch any ground.  But positive is positive, right? 

So for the first 5 weeks, that puts me at a solid 38-39.  Week 6,...please be a positive week.  I need you to be a positive week. 

I normally test myself against the pundits so my 38-39 mark puts me squarely in last place, far.  Send help.

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