Thursday, October 31, 2013

2013-14 NFL Week 9 Picks

On a plane, trying to make it happen let's see what we got this week.

Cincinnati @ Miami - We get arguably the best defense in the league right now and a Dolphins team that seems to be taking multiple steps backwards. Home team should have some juice, but not enough for a win.  Winner - Bengals. 

Kansas City @ Buffalo - Chiefs go into Buffalo and stay undefeated.  Winner - Chiefs.

Minnesota @ Dallas - The Vikings shouldn't be in this game.  I mean Ponder gets the start and they play the Cowboys in Dallas.  AP can't beat them by himself,....this should be a cakewalk for the Cowboys. Beware Cowboys fans.  Winner - Cowboys.

Tennessee @ St. Louis - I will guarantee that this will be an ugly game.  At least the weather won't impact it.  Winner - Rams.

New Orleans @ New York Jets - I hope Geno plays well, but the Saints are too good to hit a road bump here.  Winner - Saints.

San Diego @ Washington - Should be a good bounce back game for the Redskins.  I think the first team to 30 wins this one.  Winner - Redskins

Atlanta @ Carolina - As bad as the Falcons have been playing this would be the game where they show up and make the Panthers look bad.  Fighting the urge to pick the Falcons.  Winner - Panthers.

Philadelphia @ Oakland - Coin flip on this one.  I hope it ends in a tie.  Winner - Raiders

Tampa Bay @ Seattle - It's about time for the Seahawks to start a game fast.  Winner - Seahawks.

Baltimore @ Cleveland - First team to 13 wins this game.  Winner - Browns.

Pittsburgh @ New England - Two wounded teams with two good QBs.  Gotta go with the home team.  Winner - Patriots.

Indianapolis @ Houston - I hope the Colts are gentle with the Texans,...very gentle.  Winner - Colts.

Chicago @ Green Bay - No Cutler and Green Bay is rolling.  Unless the Bears defense show up, it's gonna get embarrassing for the Bears.  Winner - Packers
Who you wit?!?!?!?

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