Thursday, November 07, 2013

2013-14 NFL Week 10 Picks

Getting the first game pick in quickly.

Washington @ Minnesota - Look for RGIII to have a good game and the Redskins to win a tough one. Winner - Redskins

Seattle @ Atlanta - The Seahawks comes across the country and they have been starting slow lately.  The Falcons have just sucked and I really have no words for them.  If both teams change their ways at least for this one game,...what happens?  Winner - Seahawks

Detroit @ Chicago - Should be a great game.  I think they rushed Cutler back just a little too quickly seeing how McCown has actually been playing well.  I hope he doesn't mess things up?  Winner - Bears.

Philadelphia @ Green Bay -  No Aaron Rodgers and a Eagles team that's been playing pretty well.  I can't pick against the Packers, right?  Even with returning starters on the defense?  Winner - Eagles.

Jacksonville @ Tennessee - This should be another ugly game.  AND I think this is the game the Jaguars can win.  Winner - Jaguars.

St. Louis @ Indianapolis - This Colts team is good.  I'm looking for big things out of them in the playoffs.  Winner - Colts.

Oakland @ New York Giants - The Raiders have been up and down and the Giants actually are starting to get it together.  Can this be another Giants win?  Winner - Giants.

Buffalo @ Pittsburgh - I'm not sure when the last time the Bills would be picked against the Steelers.  I think part of my childhood would be upset with me (was a Steelers fan as a young lad) for making this pick, but I have to.  Winner - Bills.

Cincinnati @ Baltimore - Throwing 3 INTs and losing to the Dolphins last week will make even the staunch supporters of the Bengals shy away from picking them.  I'm almost there,..but not quite.  Winner - Bengals.

Carolina @ San Francisco - This is the game I won't miss this weekend.  Cam has a chance to show out against a good/great 49ers defense.  Can he do the job with this rag tag Panthers team?  Winner - 49ers.

Houston @ Arizona - No Kubiak. No Foster. Hurt Tate. I hate to pile on, but,.....Winner - Cardinals.

Denver @ San Diego - This will probably test the ability of the scoreboard to keep up, but I'll take the Broncos defense over the Chargers.  Winner - Broncos.

Dallas @ New Orleans - Another shootout.  The Saints are trying to prove that last week was an anomaly.  Winner - Saints.

Miami @ Tampa Bay - I thought that the NFL would flex this game.  I don't even think the player's mother's are going to watch this game.  This should be an ugly one too.  Winner - Dolphins.

Who you wit?!?!??!

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