Thursday, July 31, 2008

I'm in the wrong business

I knew that when I read all of these stories about CEOs begin fired and still being handed packages for millions of dollars as they walk out the door, that I was in the wrong business. All of this because they did a horriawful job of running the company AND they get paid? Then you get this news that the Packers have offered Brett Favre $20M over a number of years for him to quit playing football for good. Are you kidding me?!?!? You feel that Aaron Rodgers is that much better of a QB than Brett that you'll give Brett $20M to NOT come out of retirement?!?! Momma and Daddy, where did you guys go wrong? I mean you should have pushed me through the injuries that I had and forced me to play football if this is one of the possible payoffs. I mean $20M isn't what it used to be, you know with the Euro as strong as it is,.....nah I can't even go there,....$20M is $20M. It must be nice to be hated that much. How much money would you pay someone to go away? Trust me, you could get me to go away on the cheap, only $2M. Any takers?

I Denounce Ron Artest

In light of the current media blitz around who will be our next President, I'm come to the following conclusion. (Yes, I'm about to dip into politrics just a little). Since Barack has to 'denounce' every person of color that does/says something ignorant, I am going to pick up from where he has left off. I Denounce Ron Artest. The following article is a snippet from our friends at

...... A day after the Rockets and Sacramento Kings agreed in principle to a deal sending Artest to Houston for Bobby Jackson, Donte Greene and a first-round draft pick, Yao expressed concerns about team chemistry to the Houston Chronicle and referenced Artest's involvement in the 2004 brawl with Pistons fans.

"Hopefully, he's not fighting anymore and going after a guy in the stands," Yao said, according to the Chronicle.

When asked about those comments, Artest said Yao had bought into "all the propaganda" about him, according to The Sacramento Bee.

"I understand what Yao said, but I'm still ghetto," Artest said, according to the report. "That's not going to change. I'm never going to change my culture. Yao has played with a lot of black players, but I don't think he's ever played with a black player that really represents his culture as much as I represent my culture. Once Yao Ming gets to know me, he'll understand what I'm about.

"If you go back to the brawl, that's a culture issue right there," Artest added, according to the report. "Somebody was disrespecting me, so he's got to understand where I'm coming from. People that know me know that Ron Artest never changed."The agreed-to deal sending Artest to Houston cannot become official until Aug. 14. And Artest, who has one year remaining on his contract, also said he was looking for a long-term deal from the Rockets, according to the report.

Now let me first say that Yao was flat out wrong for his remark. He should have given the non qualifying remark, 'it'll be great to have Artest on our team as he brings an edge that we haven't had in the past along with 20+ points per game'. That would have been lovely. Then this is a non issue. But then Ron Ron hears that and goes all,......hood on us and says what he says. Why can't this dude see that he needs to hire a publicist for EVERY occasion, even when he calls his mom. Even if Yao said what he did, just say that 'hey, when Yao and I get a chance to sit down and talk, he'll understand me better'. All of the rest of the ignant stuff that came out of his mouth was uncalled for. Is there EVER a reason that you'd want to proclaim 'I'm still ghetto'? Then to go on and say that Ron represents black culture. He doesn't represent mine, he represents a whole different thing. Just say 'I'm from the QB and if you don't know about that, you don't really know me' or something to that effect. So by putting this ignant stuff in the papers,......I have to do it,......there's no other choice,........I Denounce Ron Artest.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


The Bulls decide to do something. Chicago signs Luol Deng to a 6 year $71M deal. They had to do something. There was no way that both Deng and Gordon sign one year tenders and play and the Bulls be successful. I'm not going to sit here and say that Deng is Kobe or LeBron or Wade, but he is the best that the Bulls have. Yes, Gordon leads the team (and has led the team) in scoring the past 3 years, but that's his only job, shoot the rock. He only averaged 1.6 more points per game than Deng (18.6 to 17) last year, but Deng brings so much more to the table. So, the Bulls have this battle won, now we'll see what they can do with Gordon. Is there a team out there that would sign and trade for him with a 6 year deal in the $70M range? Not sure, but the Bulls need to get something for him.

The Houston Rockets trade Bobby Jackson, Donte Green, and a 1st round pick in 2009 to the Sacramento Kings for Ron Artest. Talk about a good deal for both teams. Bobby Jackson returns home to a team where he enjoyed lots of success in the 90's, Donte Green gets an opportunity to play in an uptempo system that will allow him to show his talents, without having to be the number 1 scoring option. The 2009 pick will probably be late first round, but the Kings are rebuilding and they need some young bodies. The Rockets get the enigmatic Ron Ron. He's played for Adelman before so there is hope that he can keep Ron Ron straight. This adds a level of toughness and some more scoring for a team that needs help outside of T-Mac and Yao. I think the crying you hear is Kobe crying in LA (he's in China right now). He's going to be guarded by Ron Ron AND Battier in the same game, and we thought Bruce Bowen was tough on him. Add to the fact that the Lakers were in the mix to get Artest, so Kobe's tears are twofold. This definitely moves the Rockets up a rung or two in the West hierarchy.

Atlanta signs Randolph Morris to a 2 year $1.7M deal. This is the kid from Kentucky who left in the middle of the school year to sign with the Knicks. Not sure what he has done since, but hey he's making about $850K a year. He is from Georgia, so he should have some hometown support. I guess this is the way that you make up for losing Josh Childress?

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


More news.

Charlotte Bobcats - Sign Okafor for 6 years at $72M. Talk about overpaying. I mean, this guy is decent and he will get you a double double, but $72M. While I'm thinking about it, Okafor turned down a deal last year at $13M a year. Did math all of a sudden go wrong?

Golden State Warriors - Sign Andris Biedrins for 6 years at $54M. This is the deal that I think works for Okafor and not Biedrins. Don't get me wrong, the Warriors HAD to pay this guy. He's the only person on the team taller than 6'11" and can rebound and alter shots. If they would have lost him, it would have been horriawful. This team would never be able to rebound. I just don't see how a few more points (Okafor's ppg vs Biedrins ppg) a game is worth $18M more over 6 years. The Warriors also match on the 3 year at $9M deal for Kelenaa Azubuike. Great match and he'll be a live body for the Warriors. Good bench player.

Detroit Pistons - Sign Kwame 'Hot Sauce' Brown for 2 years at $8M. For those that don't know, there is a God somewhere. Kwame Brown gets another check and people are still hoping that he gets to a different level (past potential). If he thought playing with Jordan was tough, just imagine how Rasheed, Maxiell, and others are going to dig into during the season. If Dumars makes this work, he may go down as one of the best GMs ever.

Los Angeles Clippers - Sign Ricky Davis for 2 years at $4.7M. This is not a bad deal. Davis can score and being a part of the second unit will allow him to do just that. He's good enough to play the 2 or 3, and other than wanting to stuff the stat sheet, he's cheap and rounds out a Clippers roster. Will the Clips win anything? They are at least trying to show up without Brand and Maggette. This will be an interesting team to watch. I have my doubts that it can work, but what if it does?

Minnesota Timberwolves - Sign Ryan Gomes for 5 years at undisclosed. This was probably done on the cheap, but Gomes is a hustle player that can contribute. Should be ok. If Gomes got more than $3M a year, I'm driving to Minny in my basketball shorts ready for a tryout.

Denver Nuggets - Trade Taureen Green, Bobby Jones, and a 2010 2nd round pick to New York for Renaldo Balkman. Finally, someone on the team that will play defense and won't look to score. All it took was two guys that you were about to cut anyway and a pick that will probably get you someone like Sherron Collins. Maybe Balkman will be the catalyst for this team to play some D, yeah I won't hold my breathe either.

Philadelphia Sixers - Sign Kareem Rush, who got cut because of his brother being brought into Indiana (talk about brotherly love), and Royal Ivey. Other than being live bodies, I don't see how this helps the Sixers.

Atlanta Hawks - Sign Maurice Evans for 3 years at $7.5M. Evans can fill in for the departed Josh Childress, but he was available for a reason. He can play the 2 and maybe some 3, can score, but is probably a better defender than scorer. I like the pickup and this will give the Hawks some more depth.

Los Angeles Lakers - Sign Sasha Vujacic for 3 years at $15M. Good deal without overpaying for this guy. He can be a spur in the side of some of the best while playing D, he can shoot the 3 and provides a spark to the Lakers bench. He'll be around to help Kobe for the next 3 years and he was tempted to go overseas (although it would have been a Balkan team in the middle of nowhere), but he decided to stay in LA. LA,....the Balkans,....LA, the Balkans,......yeah that's an easy choice.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

The World Is Getting Crazier by the Minute

It's that time of year. As football camps open across the nation, many teams start voicing their crazy aspirations. Don't get me wrong, if you don't feel that you can win it all, no one will but I'll start with the craziness as it moves across the country:

Lehigh University. Donovan McNabb gets in front of cameras and recorders and tells everyone that the Eagles are the team to beat in the NFC East. I'm thinking maybe they reincarnated Harold Carmichael, Reggie White, Jerome Brown, and a flock of others. Unless I'm the crazy one, the Eagles are starting 2008 with Kevin Curtis, Reggie Brown, Hank Bassett (not Angela Basset's son), Jason Avant (isn't he part of a singing group), and Greg Lewis as their top 5 receivers. All of these guys leave LOTS to ask for from a receiver crew. On defense they are a little better and they always keep a good if not great defensive backfield. But the team to beat in the NFC? Maybe they should drug test Donovan just to make sure.

Bourbanois, IL. The Bears have decided to pay Brian Urlacher $18M more plus add a year to his existing contract. Am I the only person that thinks this is a very bad decision. Don't get me wrong, Urlacher has been the face of the Bears for a while, he's a good linebacker and is the heart of the D. HOWEVER, this is a guy who has had problems getting off of blocks, has a bad back, AND just had neck surgery. Reports said the surgery was minor, but anytime someone operates on your neck that involves some cutting, you let me know if it's minor. They should have traded this guy and got what they could for him. He makes his living flying around hitting people, with his bad back and neck. Does that sound like an investment you make? Yes the Bears would have been vilified for it, but hey, I think in the long term, they would have made out. To go along with all of this, the Bears still haven't signed their main offensive weapon, Devin Hester. The Bears averaged around 16 points a game last season and Hester probably was worth 6 points or more. When he didn't return the kicks for TDs last year he gave the Bears' anemic offense great field position. How can you not pay this guy? It was that important to get Urlacher his money? Add to all of this, you want to add Hester to the offense and let him get more touches (a big mistake for several other reasons). Probably the most delusional thing about the Bears is the fact that they 'flipped a coin to decide who would be the starting QB in training camp between Grossman and Orton'. (Do I need to say anymore?)

Napa, California. The Raiders will have all of their players in camp this year (except the ones they don't want). They have signed all of their draft picks and they franchised one of their corners, Nnamdi Asomugha. He will team up with DeAngelo Hall to give the Raiders a very dynamic defensive backfield. This is great since it took the Raiders 3 days into the season to sign their QB of the Future, JaMarcus Russell, last year. I think that this team is going to surprise some people this year. They should be decent on both sides of the ball and they will depend on a rookie, Darren McFadden, to give them their running game. Is the pirate ship righting itself in Oakland?

Sad Note:

Broncos All-Time leading receiver Rod Smith is finally calling it quits after a 14 year career. He will retire as the Broncos career receptions leader (849), yards receiving (11,389), TD catches (68), TDs (71), and 200 yard games (31). He adds two Super Bowl rings with all of this.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Even More NBA Tidbits

Chicago Bulls - Well, not only did they get it wrong on draft night (not a real big mistake because both Rose and Beasley will be great) but now they are going to set the franchise back a few more years. All of that can happen in 2 weeks. That's the time frame that Luol Deng has given the Bulls to workout a contract, a sign and trade, or something or he's going to take the one year tender (approximately $4.5M) and be an unrestricted free agent next year. Can you feel the collective nervousness about this whole thing? I'm not saying that Deng is a Kobe, LeBron, DWade, or someone that you build your entire team around, but he's pretty much all the Bulls have. He's in a similar conversation as Andre Iguodola in Philly,...he's not the biggest star, but he's the only star they have. I think the Bulls are dragging their feet and I don't have an issue with Deng saying that if something is not done by the time he boards the plane to play for the British Team, then he'll sign the one year tender. Chicago is in a big pickle. Then you factor in what Gordon wants for his contract and the Bulls could lose it's two top scorers next year. Not a happy picture being painted in Chicago. I think the Bulls come to their senses, get Deng signed and they sign and trade Gordon. If it happens to be the other way around, that'll suck too.

Bassy Telfair - signs a 3 year deal with the Timberwolves. Just one question for you, WHY? This kid hasn't proven anything except that he is Marbury's cousin and I'm starting to question that too (just kidding). He's smaller than TJ Ford and people were saying that he is too small. He doesn't have a jumper, but he's lightning in a bottle. I just don't get it.

Charlotte Bobcats - In a similar position as the Bulls as it pertains to Emeka Okafor. They offered around $12M a year last year but now they aren't even offering that much. Coach Brown has said that he wants Okafor there, but I'm not sure the Bobcats want him there for that kind of money. Okafor is an undersized center who is still working on his offensive game. I don't see how he could command even $10M a year. I haven't looked at stats, but he's not much better than Diop and he signed for about $6M a year. Find someone willing to pay him the money and get something else back.

C.J. Miles - He hit the jackpot. I mean the guy is decent, but I'm not sure he's worth the 4 year $15M deal the Grizzlies gave him (and waiting for Utah to match or decline). That's a good deal for a guy who averages 5 points a game. I would like some of that money. I don't see how the Jazz match this deal with Boozer and AK coming up in the next year. If they do, I'm going to start knocking this team. I'm sure they can get Howard Eisley for $1M a year.

San Antonio - Signs Kurt Thomas but the particulars haven't been announced. Good solid pickup and probably got him for a bag of peanuts (probably honey roasted though). Thomas can still score, play some D, and have that 'I didn't touch him' look when he mauls someone.

Josh Childress - Is in Greece with the possibility of signing with Olympiakos for 3 years $20M. Now I looked at that and said, hey that's a deal that the Hawks should be able to give him. But I forgot one small thing, the euro is worth substantially more than the dollar. So that deal really equates to 3 years $34M (approximately with the euro at 1.70). The Hawks can't do that. The added bonus is that Childress can leave now and play there for two years and come back to the NBA (as long as the Hawks extend him with a qualifying offer). (Thinking for a second,....) Where's the bad in this from Childress's standpoint? He plays for a powerhouse in Greece, he gets to travel throughout Europe, they pay the taxes on his money, and he can visit the US when he wants. If I were the Hawks the only thing I could give Childress is Rosetta Stone (Greek Version).

Monday, July 21, 2008

More NBA Tidbits

If Darius Miles does find a home this year, he'll have to sit out the first 10 games because he got in trouble with the NBA (part of their banned list) for taking a weight loss drug that contained Phentermine. A few years ago it was reported that Miles had ballooned up to 300+lbs, but now he's somewhere near playing shape. I guess he loves the game and wants to play, because he's still getting paid from the Blazers (and their insurance company). That money will be put back on the Blazers cap if Miles plays a certain amount of games next year or a subsequent year. So, I root for the guy, because it would be nice to see him play again, but I doubt that he has the body (bad knee) and the drive to stay out of the trouble that has plagued him in the past. Many people in the West want him to pay just so the Blazers will have some cap related issues because they have a boat load of talent that they may need to ship out if that's the case. We'll stay tuned to this one.

Tony Allen and Eddie House both sign 2 year deals to stay with the Champion Boston Celtics. Hopefully they get more out of Allen who could possibly, and yes I say possibly, pick up where Posey left off. He's athletic enough but would probably have to work on his 3. Eddie House just needed a home and he was valuable last year as a spark off the bench and he led the charge of the Celtics coming back from 24 down on against the Lakers. Not a bad pickup to keep everyone on the squad. The most awkward moment award goes to the Celtics as they accept the ESPY for the Best Team and they have Posey on the stage (far left) trying to stay out of the limelight and in jeans. Ray Allen was doing a speech about 'team',.......he should have talked about 'money'.

Another Golden State defection? Matt Barnes signs with the Suns. Is it me or does this guy remind you of Shawn Marion? I mean he may not be at that level, but shooting, running, jumping, a little D,...all of that is Marionesque. Good pick up by the Suns because they need slashers and people that will hustle on both ends. Now the Suns need a good backup to Nash and some potion to make Shaq 3 years younger.

The Nets pick up Kenyon Dooling from the Magic for cash (and a ham sandwich). I've talked about Kenyon before, he's a taller guard who likes to score, and can play some D. His arrival has to mean that someone is on the way out and that would probably be Marcus Williams. Thought for sure that he would be a balla for someone, so I guess now we'll have to see who that someone is.

Bostjan Nachbar of the Nets fame has signed with a Euro team. Why is this big news? Well, with the euro where it is now (about $1.70 for 1 euro) these deals that players are signing overseas end up being more lucrative. In most cases these guys are getting tax free money AND they make more money because of the conversion fee. Look at the Brandon Jennings of the world going overseas and making money (euros) instead of going to college in the US, Juan Carlos Navarro (leaving Memphis), and Carlos Delfino (leaving Toronto) all to Europe for big dollar deals. This could be a trend, eh?

And lastly my addition to Stupid Athlete Tricks: Shawne Williams, already in hot water with the Indiana Pacers, is caught driving with a friend. Shawne is given a ticket for the windows being too darkly tinted and driving without a seat belt. That's neither here nor there. The passenger of the car (and owner of the car) is searched and is found to have weed on him and is charged for possession. Wow, it me or should you just be able to tell 'your boys', if they are your boys that you can't take any more heat right now. If we are going to hang out, get high before I get there and by all means, don't leave any for me. Don't these 'friends' realize that the only reason they get to hang out all day and do nothing is because Shawne has this great job with the Indiana Pacers?!?!? Why not protect your investment in your friendship? Stupid. Now Shawne's employer is going to put more pressure on him, possibly sending him to another city, and all of ta sudden to new friends. When will people learn that you are responsible for who you hang around with?!?!?!? The President of the Pacers, Larry Bird, has already told everyone that he wants players that can do 3 things: STAY OUT OF TROUBLE, play hard and win. Shawne, I hope you got the message.

Talk about movement,...

Jeremy Shockey traded to the Saints for Draft Picks.

Shockey has long been an enigma for the New York Giants and I guess that's not their problem anymore. Shockey has been traded to the Saints for a 2nd and 5th round draft pick (2009 and 2010?). This is the same deal that was offered during the summer, but with Jason Taylor off the board, I guess the Giants did what they had to do. Great pickup for the Saints because Shockey can spread the field for their already good receivers and Bush. This gives Brees a great target for those tough 3rd and whatever and Shockey is a decent run blocker, very physical. So now, Shockey just has to pass a physical and hope that he doesn't get hurt this year. Great deal for both sides. The Giants will be using those picks on D line and possibly WR in the next few drafts.

The 2008 British Open

The Open as it is known by all golfers was a great spectacle this past week. We all know that there was one person missing from all of the hoopla, but he's at home mending from surgery. With respect to the other golfers, we'll keep our mentions of him to a minimum. The highlight of the Open was the fact that a 53 year old newlywed, who just happened to be on his honeymoon, was the leader after 54 holes. Greg 'Shark' Norman. Looking a spry 53, Norman shot a 70 on the first day and followed up with another 70 on day 2, while all the other people who stood poised to win the first major in years sans Tiger (Phil, Ernie, Vijay, Sergio, etc.) shot higher and higher. For those who haven't been accustomed to seeing Greg Norman playing golf, he's always been a wrangler (think of our friend Brett Favre on a golf course), he's always gone for the flag in an aggressive manner. Even after his 72 on Saturday, Norman looked like he was in line to close this one out. The only sad part is that he had been in this situation 7 times previously and only closed out 1 for a victory, the British Open 1986. On Sunday it just looked like Father Time caught up with Norman and took it's toll. Norman shot a reasonable 77 with wind gust up to 40mph that day, but failed to shut the door on Pedraig Harrington. He has ended up being the guy that everyone has been talking about, even though he didn't win (ala Josh Hamilton in the MLB Homerun Derby). It was good seeing the Shark play and make me remember seeing him play back in the early 90's as opposed to my recollection of him being the maker of golf apparel. So, here's a cheer to Greg Norman, a belated congrats on the wedding, and enjoy that $500K check for finishing tied 3rd in the British. Hey, at least you get to play in the Masters this year. Since we're congratulating people, Pedraig Harrington, congrats on your back to back win of the Briitish Open as you truly stepped up, unlike those other guys.

Are you ready for some,.......

FOOTBALL?!!? Yes it's that time again. With training camps opening around the country, I can just smell football right around the corner. Everyone, at least right now, has a chance (in some cases very small) of playing in Tampa Bay in the Superbowl. We'll see what's happening in the NFL, with the biggest story already in the mix for the Redskins:

Day One Training camp, first play, you lose your starting DE Phillip Daniels to a torn ACL and then in the afternoon practice you lose another DE in Alex Buzbee to a ruptured Achilles tendon, it seems as though the Redskins have plans for watching the Superbowl with me this year. With some great maneuvering (and quick I might add) the Redskins trade for Jason Taylor. Talk about filling in a gap. I've always thought that Taylor has been a good player on the edge when it comes to rushing the passer, but not so good against the run. With that said, I think he'll definitely gives the Redskins a nuance that some teams don't have. Taylor can play with his hand in the ground or standing up in the Redskins 4-3 D and that will cause problems for opposing teams. This is a great pickup for the Redskins since they are in a win it now mode. They have to hope that they have matured on the offensive side of the ball (Jason Campbell) for them to have a chance. The D will be ok.

Favre Returns to Lambeau, not to suit up and play but to deliver a speech for his former center, Frank Winters, as he enters the Packers HOF. I've said this before, Green Bay and Favre need to kiss and make up, so that we can get this off of TV. Training camp is around the corner.

A follow up to a previous mention, Pats OL Nick Kaczur was arrested (April 27, 2008) with 202 OxyContin pills in his possession. You mean to tell me that this guy didn't get jail time for this? That's a little bit more than needed for your own personal use. AND he didn't flip (as he stated previously) on his provider/seller,....yeah right. Are all things dirty in Boston?

I will go ahead and make some picks (wow, that's early) for this year's Superbowl. Not saying I'm Nostradamus or anyone, but this is what I have. The AFC will be represented (FINALLY) by the San Diego Chargers. Yes, with this much talent and some luck from the injury bug, the Chargers finally put it all together. From the NFC, we'll have the,.....well I'm kind of mixed here. I have either the Cowboys or the Redskins representing the NFC. I think Jason Campbell is respectable and they have a great running game, so I expect the Redskins to be right there. The Cowboys have everything except a complimentary receiver for TO and I hope that after the money that he got over the summer that Marion Barber holds up for the entire year. The difference will be the QBs and I'm not so sold on Mr. Jessica Simpson just yet. So I'm putting my cards on the table with Chargers vs. Redskins/Cowboys. I can always change my mind,...right??

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Final Straws

Well, with James Posey deciding to keep his ring from Boston and head to NO, most of the summer of 2008 is done. All of the big names have already been locked in and although there may be a few more moves, most of them will be for role players. We'll take a look at some of the deals:

James Posey to the Hornets for 4 years $25M - All I can say is great pickup. He brings that veteran leadership and know how when it comes to winning time. Posey can step in and play a little 2 and 3 and provide some much needed 'D'. I can already see him harassing Kobe, Dirk, T Mac, Ginobli, etc. He said he wanted a 4 year deal instead of a 3 and I guess he went for the money. I can blame him a little, because he's losing (in my estimation) a better chance at winning the title again in Boston. This really weakens the champs and somehow I think they lose (or don't choose to sign) Eddie House (he's represented by the same agent that Posey is). The champs will be looking for some help,......

Marcus Camby to the Clippers (trade) - Wow!!! All it took was a 2nd round pick in 2010? There are some other teams that would have gladly taken that deal, even with the opportunity to pay the Cambyman $20M over the next two years. Everyone is saying how they did a decent job of replacing Brand with this deal, but c'mon. Camby playing the 4, or worse yet, Kaman playing the 4. Nothing good happens when you think about that. Somehow if they could have pulled this off before Brand left, I think that maybe Brand stays. Nevertheless, the Clips are still not deep (only about 8 deep) and they play in the West. So this will make the Clips better on D, but they are still a long way away. The other side of this is that it takes away the opportunity to try and get a Josh Smith or Luol Deng or even Andre Iguodola. Take gun, shoot one's self in foot.

Anthony Johnson to the Magic - As a backup to Nelson, I don't think you go wrong here. Johnson gives them a big body who can score but can also run the team. Not as good as Dooling, but I bet you that the price was right. Dooling wore out his welcome in Orlando and may be on the verge of a Latrell Sprewell moment after being offered only a slight raise during contract negotiations (and responding saying that it was an insult for them to offer him $4M+ a year). $4M just isn't what it used to be.

Eduardo Najera and Jarvis Hayes to the Nets - Not sure why this deal was made. Now the Nets have about 20 forwards on their team. Najera plays a little bigger than his height and he runs the floor well and Hayes can shoot and slash to the basket. The Nets get some scorers, but The Nets are already trying to get one of the BIG BOYS (LeBron, Wade, etc.) in 2010.

Daniel Gibson to the Cavs for 5 years (undisclosed) - Hey, it pays to have friends in high places (Lebron). But the kid did play pretty well last year and was in the top 10 in 3 point shooting which is what the Cavs lack. So, you gotta pay the man. As long as this isn't in the $40M range, this is a good deal. Anything over that and Gibson has doomed the Cavs even more with a bad deal.

The Denver Nuggets - Talk about the plan that went awry? The sound you just heard was the lane opening up in Denver. If these guys thought it was tough playing D last year,....just imagine what it's going to be like this year. Camby allowed them to get away with playing terrible D at times, but it looks more and more like the Nuggets are going to have to win games like in the old ABA, 140 - 142. I think I can get 20 on the Nuggets right now (as I start stretching). I think they have officially mailed it in and I wouldn't be surprised to see Melo moved at some point, or Iverson and his expiring $20M+ contract. I thought this team would be winning with Melo and AI, how wrong I was.

The New York Knicks - Well, with the imminent signing of Anthony Roberson, the Knicks seem to be pointing all of the signs to the door for Marbury. I liked the fact that he did so much with his shoes by providing a low cost alternative to the Nike and Adidas brands, but after Stephon supposedly tattooed the Starbury insignia on his head/temple,....I'd cut him too. This is reminiscent of the tattoo that Iron Mike Tyson has, and we all know he's crazy. This too is sad. I mean coming out of Georgia Tech with so much promise but too much ego when he was in Minny,....just imagine KG and Starbury, with Googs (before he got hurt). That could have been a Big 3.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Keeping Up

So that you can keep up with the lovely insightful information that you normally read here, you can sign up to the RSS feed. You'll be notified when new posts are up or comments are added to the stories. Keep on reading. Enjoy.

WWFD (What Would Favre Do?)

Well, I am not going to be the first one to say that I am tired of the Favre stuff. I wish either the team or Favre could make a decision so that this will stay off of the news (CNN) and Sportscenter. Will he, won't he, will they, won't they,.....sad on lots of fronts. The root of the problem seems to come down to ego. We all have one (some people have two), but that's what it comes down to. Let's take a look at what's happened.

Favre retires after umpteen years in the NFL. He goes out of the game as a media darling and by some accounts, one of the best QBs to ever play the game. All I will say is that Favre has brought us lots of fun and thrills over his years. He's also brought a lot of heartache with some of his play. He finally got his Superbowl ring when Reggie White was there and I was one of those that was happy for him. He still has the longest running starting streak for QBs, something that means a lot to the guys that have played the game before. So, let's cement him in the HOF and call it a day. Retire the #4 jersey in Green Bay and have him come back to do guest commentary on Sundays.

But wait a minute,....word is Favre wants to play again. I guess being at home with the wife will do that to you (I know that's part of the reason Jerry Rice couldn't just give it up). Favre wants to play for the Packers. The Packers decide, hey this is something we can do,.....but right before the announcement, Favre says, 'that's all folks'. So now you have a team (GM) who is pissed because he may have gone out of his way to bring Favre back (we don't think that Thompson ever wanted Favre back after the retirement, but some executive wrangling changed his mind). So a few months later, we're back at it again,...Favre wants to come back, Thompson with that, we've danced this dance before attitude, decides to put Favre off until he comes back from vacation. All of a sudden you have Favre, his mom, his kids, his agent, sky writers, and such saying that Favre is serious about coming back. So now we're where we are with this story. Favre asks the Packers for his unconditional release because he doesn't feel wanted (after Thompson says that Favre can come back and backup Aaron Rodgers) in Green Bay. Isn't this a daytime soap?!?!?

We all know that the Packers haven't handled this thing well, but they can't be that stupid to just out and out release Favre. Favre could go to Minny and come back to Green Bay and beat their brains in at least twice next year. Or Favre could go to Baltimore (not happening), Chicago (who will he throw the ball to?), Miami (1-15 last year), or possibly Carolina (the best possible fit outside of Minny). I doubt that the Packers let him go. He's part of the thread of Green Bay, eventhough some are turning on him.

So all this really needs is one of those moments from daytime TV where the couple (Thompson and Favre) are locked in a room/elevator/some precarious position and they start talking:

Favre - I told you I wanted to come back and all I really wanted was to be wanted.

Thompson - I've had it up to here with your games. Either you're in with me or you're not. I need to know now.

Favre - But,.....(sobbing) do you really want me? If you do, all you have to do is tell me that you want me and I'll come back to you. What do you want (sobbing and turning away)?

Thompson - Why do you have to make this so hard?,...YES, I want you, I want you to lead my team back to the Superbowl (and win), I want you to keep your place in history without destroying how people see you, and I want it all but I'm not sure if I can agree to bring you back (as he turns around and puts his head into his hands).

Favre - I can be all of the things you want me to be, just give me a chance. Give me my team back and pay Ryan Grant his money and we'll be whole again. I am willing to commit to you for at least 2 years, well maybe 1 year, or at least until I get tired again.

Thompson - How can I turn down an offer like that? Come here and let's seal this deal. I love you.

Favre - I love you too. (each walking briskly toward each other for that final kiss).

And that's where we are folks. Waiting for Thompson and Favre to kiss and make up. Football is a business and the Packers don't do good business by bringing Favre back just to let him sit on the sidelines. Imagine the pressure on Rodgers every series,....if he makes one mistake,...I can just hear the chants now (Favre,..Favre,....Favre!!!!). The Packers can't let him go for free, and I don't think that they'll get fair trade value by sending him somewhere in the AFC. This should all be worked out soon, but for god's sake,.....PLEASE take this off of TV. This is a bad soap opera.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Leaving the Nest

I was wrong. That's the first thing I'll say. I felt that there wouldn't be that many big moves on the NBA free agent market. My, how things change so quickly. The Clippers have pretty much nothing now.

Elton Brand to Philadelphia 5 years at $82M - Talk about surprise. I thought that Elton would have taken the money to stay in LA and play with the Baron and crew. He ends up not too far from his hometown and $82M richer. At the end of the day, the folks in LA may hate Brand, but you know what,...this was the best move for him if he wanted to win. They have a great starting lineup with a good point guard (Miller), a big body at center (Dalembert), a good wing (Iggy), and a decent bench to boot. They can definitely do something in the East. If Brand is healthy, I think you can start looking at the Sixers as the 4th best team in the East. A lot closer to a title than that crew in LA.

Baron Davis to ??? - Since it was a verbal agreement, does the Baron still take the money and play in LA, or does he back out of the deal and look for something else? My thinking is that no one else is going to pay the Baron that $65M that he got, so I'm pretty sure that Baron is waiting anxiously to sign those papers at midnight tonight.

Corey Maggette to Golden State for 5 years at $50M - Talk about being on the cheap. Yes that's a lot of money but Maggette is a better player than the $10M a year guys. Aforementioned Iguodala turned down $57M, Deng and Gordon (Chicago) turned down $50M+ deals, even the Baron got $65M and he is on his way out of the league in 3 to 4 years. Maggette wanted the pay day, because he would have taken a gig with the Celtics or the Spurs (a pay cut in both situations) if he wanted to win a ring. Make your money Corey. Welcome to more losing.

Mickael Pietrus to Orlando for 5 years at $25M+ (somewhere close) - I like this signing. A defensive stopper who can score a little. More of a slasher on D, but a bigger body for that Orlando backcourt.

Next Moves:

Well, the Josh's in Atlanta are still available and with the Sixers tapped out from the Brand deal, and the Warriors half way tapped out with Maggette's deal, it looks like the Josh's stay in Atlanta. No one out there who can throw money at either of them. Golden State might make a run at Josh Smith because he would put up crazy numbers in Golden State running and gunning.

We'll see what else happens.

Monday, July 07, 2008


Well, July 9th is the day. The day that all of the NBA 'agreed' deals can officially be signed. There have been several deals that made me think a little, and still some that haven't been quite consummated yet. We'll take a look at all of the 'agreed' deals and look fat some of the possible ones coming down the line.

Baron Davis to the Clippers for 5 years $65M - Talk about hitting a home run. This deal gives the Baron the stability that he wants from a long term deal and more money than the Warriors were willing to shell out. The Clippers definitely get an A on this one because they finally get a point guard that they can depend on (we hope Baron's injuries are a thing of the past, the Clips have enough of those at the PG spot), and a talent that will keep Elton (we think) in La La Land. This is a great deal, but in my mind only moves the Clips to the middle of the pack in the West. Better than where they were, but not a championship team. So kudos for at least making the move.

Chris Paul to the Hornets for 4 years $68M - Ray Charles could have seen this coming. Paul is the engine for this team and not tying him up is like rebuilding the levees in NO with tissue paper. Now the team just needs to keep Pargo and find a backup scorer for West since they'll probably lose Bonzi Wells.

Gilbert Arenas to the Wizards for 6 years $111M - Talk about the the compassion of a guy to leave $16M on the table and then being the first to openly defend the move. Gilbert, sometimes things are better left no being said. Yes, he left money on the table, but I'm sure that the extra $3M or so won't hurt him. Someone please muzzle this cat though. Please.

Antawn Jamison to the Wizards for 4 years $50M - A palatable deal at best. Guy gets you points and boards, and show up most nights. He wanted to come back and it made sense for the team, With the signing of Antawn and Gilbert I still don't see much going on in DC. They'll have the same team they had last year and I'm not sold on how much better Gilbert makes them. Not saying that it was a bad deal, it's just like the deal with the Clippers, you may be thismuch better, but that's it.

Beno Udrih to the Kings for 5 years $33.5M - Hey he's a starter for the Kings. I can't honestly say that I have watched them play since they got rid of Webber, Bibby, Vlade, etc. I know they have Kevin Martin, Ron Artest, Brad Miller, and some others that really won't win much in the West. This pans out to be about $1.2M more per year than the mid level exception.

DeSagana Diop and Gerald Green to Dallas for 5 years $27.5M (full mid level exception) and 1 year minimum (around $900K) - Diop is someone they needed last year. Erika Dampier just doesn't do it for me. Diop may be an offensive liability, but with the chuckers on this team, he just needs to rebound and block shots. Any points out of him are extra. Gerald Green gets an opportunity to show us that he's more than just a former Slam Dunk champion with no skills. He's a live body and he's young. Not a bad gamble on the Mavs side. IF he can play, he may add some youth to a old bench in Dallas.

Chris Duhon to the Knicks for 2 years (undisclosed, approximately $7M) - I think this is a great pick up for the Knicks. I've always thought that Duhon was the best point guard on the Bulls squad the past few years, but they paid Hinrich and you gotta play him. Duhon knows how to run a team, it's just his shot has gone awry or something. But for the Knicks in a up tempo system with some of the weapons that they have, Duhon is a great fit. At worst he can back up the starter, but I think that he'll definitely be in line to be a starter. Marbury, please have your $15 sneakers and your bags packed.

Jose Calderon to the Raptors (undisclosed) - Another 'they had to do it' deal. They just traded their starter and now Calderon was the next deal that had to get done. We'll see if his production can stay the same or increase with more minutes now. It should because he definitely has a lot of help in Bosh and O'Neal. This will probably be close to a full mid level deal, so I'd assume somewhere in the 5 year $30M range, maybe something similar to
Beno Udrih's contract.

Now those are the ones that have already been 'agreed' to. The rest are mixed in with the 'have to make a deal' category or the 'deal is imminent' category.

Elton Brand to the Clippers - Since they gave the Baron his money, it's up to Elton to keep his word and take less money to stay in LA. This deal will probably be announced on Wednesday since the offer (if there truly is one) from the Warriors is only $10M more, not worth the losing he'll go through there. Deal is imminent.

Corey Maggette to the ??? - Well, this is probably the most intriguing one. Since they paid the Baron and we assume they pay Elton, they'll have to renounce Maggette's rights and he's a unrestricted free agent. Right now, it looks as though San Antonio is the destination for him and that would definitely make the Spurs a power again. Maggette has quietly been a scorer for most of his career and he gets to the line at an amazing pace. Imagine him and Ginobli just shooting free throws all game long. Another intriguing offer is from the Celtics. This would definitely add some scoring punch to a bench that needs it, and in the East, almost guarantee that we'll see the guys in green standing on top. Of course, the Celtics can only do this if they let go or lose out on....... (Deal is imminent)

James Posey to the ??? - He's shown that he is an integral part of a championship team and he wants to get paid for that too. So, does he come back and do it again for the Celtics, or does he maybe join the Lakers and try and team up (ala Scottie Pippen) with Kobe? I think Posey does what he did last year and waits this out a little. He wants to see where the dust settles before he makes his move. We'll see what happens. (Deal is imminent)

Kirk Hinrich or Ben Gordon to the ??? - One of them HAS to go. But which one? A bad rumor out Chicago is trade Gordon and make Hinrich into a 2 guard. My question is, did anyone watch the Bulls play last year? Hinrich started each game with 3 fouls trying to guard two guards. Hinrich can be sent to Golden State (they need a point guard) or to a few other spots. You can even package up one of the bigs and get Derrrick Rose some players. Deal HAS to be done.

Golden State's money to ??? - They lost out on Baron (weren't planning on resigning him anyway), they lost out on Brand, they lost out on Gilbert, so what do you do with all of that money and holes all around? Well, you might go after Josh Smith in Atlanta, Corey Maggette, Luol Deng in Chicago, or possibly Andre Iguodala in Philly (most of these guys are restricted FA, so their teams have the option of matching, with the exception of Maggette). Of course, Golden State MUST sign Biedrins and Ellis or they can just implode the franchise. They might want to revisit signing Mickael Pietrus too. A deal has to be done.

Atlanta Hawk's money to ??? - We all know the first name on the check that they write will be 'Josh'. Hawks fans are probably hoping that the last name is Smith as opposed to Childress. That's not a knock on him, but J Smoove is a talent that the Hawks can't let go. Childress will be a little harder because there's only one pot to pull the money from. The Hawks may lose one of these guys, my gut says it's the one with the longer last name. A deal is imminent.

Stay tuned on Wednesday to see what happens. I doubt they'll be any big surprises.