Friday, July 10, 2009

NBA Update: Trade Reviews - Part II

We'll keep going and look at the rest of the moves in the NBA.

Ron Artest and Shannon Brown re-sign with Los Angeles Lakers - The rich get richer my friends. We all know what Ron Ron brings to the table: Intensity, Defense, 20 ppg, and did I mention intensity. I feel for anone going up against the Lakers next year. They have two bull dogs on the defensive end in Kobe and Ron, and then they have a lot of height and skill behind them. Shannon Brown found his niche last year with the Lakers. He was instrumental in some playoff games and from almost being out of the league, this guy probably will stick around with the Lakers for about 5 more years. He's great for the system since he can guard small or big guards and he can hit shots.

Trevor Ariza signs a 5 year deal with the Houston Rockets - The Rockets need some good news since Yao will probably be out the majority of next year, so this deal had to be done. Ariza brings a bounce and some perimeter scoring (along with some defense) at a reasonable price (about $6M per year). He's 24 and he can get better. When Yao gets back, I think you'll see his game get even better.

Ben Gordon and Charlie Villanueva sign with the Detroit Pistons - Well, Joe Dumars needed to make some kind of move and this was probably the best one he could make. There's one thing we will know about Detroit next year and that is that they will score, often. Ben and Charlie both come in with reputations for scoring and a knack for not playing defense (what happened to Deeetroit Basketball?!?!?). Dumars has started to fall of his perch as probably one of the better GMs in the game.

Rasheed Wallace signs with the Boston Celtics - Great move for the Celtics. Rasheed gives them more KG like intensity off the bench and some 3 point shooting. With that said, Rasheed should make a living on the block when he comes in the game. This is one of the top 5 big men defenders in the league and he has offensive game. The Celtics just need a few more moves to beef up their bench and they are right back in this thing.

Shawn Marion, Kris Humphries, and Nathan Jawai (from Toronto) for Antoine Wright and Devean George (Dallas) - Shawn Marion should be the happiest guy in the league. His career got started by having a great point guard (Nash) and now he has another in Kidd. He should be able to keep his career averages (18 pts, 10 rebs, and 2 stls) at the same level. I like Kris Humphries (even though he spurned Duke to go to the league) as a big that can move and has some bulk. He should do well for Dallas. Toronto also picked up Hedo Turkoglu in this 4 team deal which was a good deal for them too. Hedo (the Turkish Jordan) is good enough to go into this system and work with Chris Bosh the same way he worked with Dwight Howard. The difference, Bosh can shoot jumpers and hit his free throws. Toronto is going to be dangerous.

Brandon Bass (from Dallas) signs with Orlando Magic for 3 years- You lose Hedo, but you get VC and Brandon Bass. Not a bad off season. Bass will probably start at the 4 for the Magic with Rashard Lewis moving back to his small forward position. Dwight Howard and Bass will be fighting for alley-oops this entire season.

Grant Hill re-signs with the Phoenix Suns - Man oh man. I thought Hill would have left for a chance at a ring with the Celtics. He chose the Suns over the Celtics out of loyalty (does that exist in the NBA?). Good move for the Suns as they salary dump here and there. But I wanted Hill to join Rasheed on the Celtics' bench.

That's it for now. What's your take these moves?

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