Friday, July 10, 2009

NBA Update: Trade Reviews - Part I

It's been a hot and hectic few weeks in the NBA. Lots of trades have gone down and a few signings that change the landscape of the playoffs and possibly the Finals next year. Let's take a look and see what has happened.

Fabricio Oberto (from Milwaukee) for Amir Johnson (Detroit) - A decent deal for Detroit. As they rebuild they will at least have someone with a pulse in the paint in Oberto. Amir Johnson has looked 'a few years away' for a few years.

Quentin Richardson (from New York) for Darko Milicic (Memphis) plus cash - If you think that Milicic can play, which he has shown at least some promise lately, then this is a good deal for the Knicks who get rid of one person from a crowded wing position and they get a big that is in shape (not Eddy Curry) and can play the system that Dantoni wants. Richardson will come off the bench for the Grizzlies and probably put up some decent points, but this had to hurt Q to go to Memphis.

Jamal Crawford (from Golden State) for Acie Law and Speedy Claxton (Atlanta) - Talk about helping a team get better. Atlanta can now start Crawford and Johnson in their backcourt (if they can't bring back Bibby). Until Crawford learns how to play some D, they may give up some points on a nightly basis, but they will definitely be scoring in bunches. I hope this gives Acie Law a new start in Golden State. I still think this guy can play in the NBA.

Vince Carter and Ryan Anderson (from New Jersey) for Rafer Alston, Courtney Lee, and Tony Battie (Orlando) - This is a great homecoming for VC. He'll be on a team that can battle again for the Eastern Conference title, but Vince can't fall in love with that 3 ball. This was an aggressive move for the Magic because they gave up Courtney Lee who seemed to blossom under Van Gundy. This will mean more minutes for JJ Redick as they try and repeat their success of the past year.

Shaquille O'Neal (from Phoenix) for Ben Wallace, Sasha Pavlovic, 2010 2nd round pick, and cash (Cavaliers) - Nothing says stay like bringing in the Big Aristotle. Shaq changes coasts again and has a new mantra, 'Win one for the King'. I like the fact that the Cavs made a move, but I'm wavering on this one. This team resigned Anderson Varejao and they have Big Z, so Shaq gives them a post presence (back to the basket) but how are the 3 of these guys going to play? Mike Brown has his work cut out for him on this one. I expect Shaq to take some games off to get ready for the playoffs and if Mo Williams and 'Derty Red' Delonte West can start hitting the 3 ball like they did during the season, this is a good move to make. For Phoenix, just another salary dump move.

Jason Kidd Re-signed with Dallas for 3 years - Great deal for the Mavs. The Knicks wanted Kidd bad and Mark Cuban got this one done. This will keep the Mavs in that elite group in the West, although not quite Championship caliber.

San Antonio Spurs signed Antonio McDyess, Marcus Haslip, and Malik Hairston - Great move for the Spurs by beefing up their frontcourt. McDyess is a quality big man that won't get in the way of Timmy and the other two guys a great backups. So what if they lost out on Rasheed Wallace.

That's it for now, I'll get Part II out soon.

What do you think of these moves? Did your team go out and make something happen or are they still waiting to see what shakes out?

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