Thursday, July 28, 2011

NFL Moves,...

Glad that we're back in the business of the NFL, and with all of the shortened timelines to get league business going, it's been a whirlwind since the agreement has been ratified.  Most of these deals aren't going to be consummated until Friday, but there are a few shockers that already hit the wires, and with that, let's start at my biggest:

Albert Haynesworth traded to New England Patriots - What?  The guy that couldn't get in shape last year?  The guy we had to watch run on news sports shows for almost a week?  And he is now traded to one of the better teams in the league for a 5th round pick?  Where did I go wrong?  I guess Haynesworth got what he wanted, his checks AND a new place to play in a system that relies more on his abilities than the Redskins did.

Reggie Bush traded to Miami Dolphins - First LeBron, then Chris Bosh, and now Reggie Bush.  Everyone is taking their 'talents to South Beach'.  Not sure if this is a good fit for the Dolphins because they might lose their power runners (Williams and Brown) and I don't know if Bush can deliver like those guys did.  Bush did get a new two-year deal out of this so that part is done.

Sidney Rice signs with Seattle - Ok, congrats to Rice for getting his new deal (5 years, $41M).  At least he'll get paid and he'll continue to catch passes from Tavaris Jackson (who also signed with Seattle).  I guess this was the best deal for him, but I probably would have taken less money to play for a better team.

Donovan McNabb traded to Minnesota Vikings - This deal is probably two or three years too late.  With Childress leaving Philly to go to Minny, many thought McNabb would soon be right behind him, but that never happened.  McNabb is definitely past his prime and may be warming the seat for Christian Ponder, but I hope that he can help this team win.  They still got AP and that defense, so it's not a total rebuild just yet.  Good luck Donovan.

Jason Babin signs with Philadelphia Eagles - For those that don't know, Babin was a monster last year with Tennessee (can't blame him for offensive struggles).  I am imagining that this will help the Philly pass rush and make Asante Samuel and their other corner (whomever that may be) very dangerous this year.  Babin gets a 5 year deal, that I'm pretty sure he'll be finished with in the next 3 years (Babin is currently 31).

James Anderson re-signs with Carolina Panthers - Anderson has played well for the Panthers and everyone knew it was going to take some chedda to keep him in Carolina.  Lo and behold, Carolina gave the NC product a 5 year $22M deal for his trouble.  Anderson probably had offers that would have taken him to Atlanta or other teams, but he chose the Panthers.  Let's see how this one works out.

DeAngelo Williams re-signs with Carolina Panthers - He got paid, period.  5 years for $43M ($21M guaranteed).  Williams was part of the two back system in Carolina that may have just become a one back system.  He'll be needed since the Panthers will be starting rookie Cam Newton or Jimmy Claussen.  I imagine a lot of 17-10 games for the Panthers this year. 

And lastly, you can always go home again.  It looks like Plaxico Burress will be returning to one of his previous homes in either Pittsburgh or New York.  Bot the Giants and the Steelers need some options at WR and they both hope that Plax has grown up a little.  We'll see which team he picks, but he'll get a deal between $2M-$4M a year with incentives to make it bigger than that.  Good luck Plax and please, no more hand guns.

Won't get to all of the deals going down, but what other ones did we miss?  Is your team going to get better in this short off-season?  What's the next big move?  


Chad Ochocinco is traded to New England Patriots - What are the Patriots doing?  They are building another dynasty.  They acquire Ochocinco for two draft picks (not yet determined), but one for this year and one for next year.  With the Patriots thisclose to winning it all again, this is a good move.  Another stunner (with Haynesworth) by the Patriots in this shortened period.  Next thing you know they get Nnandi Asomugha for a bag of chips. 

Kevin Kolb is traded to the Arizona Cardinals for Dominique Rogers-Cromartie - This deal finally gets done after months of speculation and back and forth between the teams.  The Cardinals are betting that Kolb can be the man (bad bet in my opinion) and they gave up their best corner for the opportunity.  Both teams got what they want, but the verdict on this trade will come down as to how many wins Kolb is actually able to lead this Cardinals team to. 

Matthias Kiwanuka re-signs with the Giants - This is a move the Giants had to do because there was too much bad blood between them and Umenyora.  I like what Kiwanuka brings to the table and he and Justin Tuck and that defensive line in NY should wreak havoc this year. 

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Frankly my dear,.....

Lawrence Frank will be the new coach of the Detroit Pistons.  Frank spent last season with the Boston Celtics as an assistant and prior to that he coached the New Jersey Nets over seven seasons with a record of 225-241.  Maybe Doc Rivers taught him something about the people side of the game, but Frank will have this Pistons team ready next year, if we have basketball. 

What's your take on this hire?  Will Patrick Ewing ever get a shot?  Should Mike Woodson have gotten this gig?  Did Dumars really pick this guy?

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

We're thisclose.........................

OK, the NFLPA is voting on the deal that has been put together this afternoon and then the owners will have an opportunity to vote on this on Thursday, which would mean training camps open early next week.  Say a prayer to the man upstairs tonight that the greedy owners finally realize that their product is only good if we (the fans) are watching.  This has been rather funny to watch people say this is all the players fault.  The NFL stands for Not For Long if you're talking about most players.  Yes there are guys that play for 10+ years but there are several more than play for 1 or 2.  These players play a very violent game to the delight of fans everywhere and they sacrifice their bodies to make this happen, so the money they make might be a lot up front, but the residual effect of some of these hits, contusions, concussions, etc. aren't felt until years down the road.  They may actually need that money to care for themselves. 

Only in America can the billionaires (take a look at the owners of these football teams) opt out of a deal with millionaires and the millionaires get blamed.  Here's to football SOOOOON. 

What's your take?!?!  Who's side are you on?  Is the lockout going to end this week?  Are you ready for some football? 

Monday, July 11, 2011

Checking In

Yes, we're still alive and actually a little happier now that it seems like we'll have some football this year outside of the NCAA.  Let's catch up on a few things we missed over the last few weeks.


Everyone seems to be wanting/planning on going overseas if the NBA lockout takes a while.  I'm not sure how I view this one because you have people like Stephen A. who says that it's selfish for guys to do this when they are supposed to be a group supporting each other, and then you get stories like the one on Deron Williams where he articulates that he spoke with the NBAPA and they basically said that they are on board with his decision.  Now you got rumors of Ron Artest playing in Britain, Nicolas Batum playing in France, Malik Hairston going to Italy, Kobe putting together an All-Star team for a trip through China, Tony Parker going to play for ASVEL (France), David Lighty and DaJuan Summers both going to Italy, Will Bynum going back to Maccabi Tel Aviv, and even guys like Matt Janning going to Fastweb Casale (Italy). 

Of course with the NBA, you got silliness with of all people, and no one was surprised, that Michael Beasley was ticketed for the Mary Jane.  Please forgive me as I fake the surprise face. Beasley has all the talent in the world, but they just drafted a kid that can do what you do and you are going to show up in the national headlines for this?  (Getting on my soapbox) If you are a professional talent and need someone to mentor you or provide some real life experience on your journey, please, please please, drop me an email.  We can work out the money (I do have kids I need to put through college, but they're young), I can guarantee that it'll definitely be worth it.  My job will be to keep you out of the papers and doing stupid stuff like 'The Decision'.  Call me. 

LeBron is coming back to Ohio, well kind of.  LeBron, or his image will be coming back to Ohio.  The LeBron Brand will outfit the Ohio State Buckeyes, Kentucky Wildcats, and the University of Miami Hurricanes for the upcoming season. 

We need basketball back just so we can watch the guys on TNT.  Can you imagine how much more fun it'll be with adding Shaw to the lineup with Kenny, Charles, Ernie, and Webber?  Look for the Big Broadcaster to join the TNT team when the lockout ends. 


A guess this is really a bad time for all athletes, Hines Ward was cited for a DUI, which prompted Ray Rice and Ryan Clark to start trash talking on Twitter.  July 21st, please get us some football. 

Another one of those, let me get my surprise face on, Pacman Jones, actually Adam Jones was arrested for drunken disorderly conduct.  Unless he has a twin brother, this guy should just stay at home.  Check the neck brace, this just can't be true. 

Mike Vrabel is retiring to go back and be an assistant at his alma mater, The Ohio State University.  He put in 14 years in the NFL and has some rings to show for it.  He should be a welcome sight at the university with everything going on there. 

Plaxico is being rumored to play for every team in the NFL, and we'll see which GM gives him a chance. 

DeSean Jackson, please see note above about a mentor.  This was a rampant issue in the NBA this year, so why do NFL players feel they'll get a pass?  And on the radio

When Peyton Manning says that he's hurting and needs the Colts training staff, you know the end of the lockout is near.  

That's it for now,....what else is going on?