Tuesday, September 15, 2009

NFL Week 1 Wrap Up

Tennessee @ Pittsburgh - Not the game I expected, but the Steelers won. What happened to the Steelers running game? Polamalu hurt? Big Ben playing a hell of a game. We'll see how this win will effect the rest of their season. The Titans played well and kept this close. Many say they won't miss Haynesworth, but I think that's just wrong. The Titans did a lot of blitzing to cover up that run defense. Two good teams, a good game, and at least the Titans looked respectable. Inquisitive Mind 1-0 for the week.

Miami @ Atlanta - This was a sloppy game for the Dolphins, which you normally don't get with Tuna run teams (yes, he's not the coach, but trust me he's pulling strings). Two fumbles by Antohony Fasano (he killed me in Fantasy this week) and they just couldn't keep it together. The Falcons played well by running the ball and trusting that big tight end that they just got. Atlanta is going to surprise some people this year. I liked what I saw. Inquisitive Mind 2-0 for the week.

Denver @ Cincinnati - This was my first trip up of the week. What happened fellas? The Bengals were supposed to play this year. Well, I at least feel good that this game came down to a miraculous catch by Brandon Stokley. On a pass that was for Brandon Marshall, the ball was tipped and found Stokely wide open for a touchdown. Palmer played well, Ochocinco played well, and even Cedric Benson played well. Just bad luck. Inquisitive Mind 2-1 for the week.

Minnesota @ Cleveland - Am I good or what? Peterson was only 20 yards off of my prediction. The Vikings started slowly, but they really came on at the end. Favre wasn't extraordinary, but he doesn't have to be. He needs to manage the game and hand the ball off to #28. Inquisitive Mind 3-1 for the week.

Jacksonville @ Indianapolis - This was a tougher game for the Colts than I thought. They played ok, but where is the running game for the Colts? Manning and your defense isn't going to do it all year long. Reggie Wayne had a great game, and the defense stopped a 2 point conversion that would have tied the game late. MJD played well for the Jaguars, but didn't look as explosive. I think that leg is bothering him. That'll be something to watch over the next few weeks. Inquisitive Mind 4-1 for the week.

Detroit @ New Orleans - 6 TDs? Drew Brees looked great and maybe we saw a re-emergence of Jeremey Shockey. Shockey caught two TDs last night. Reggie Bush was a ghost, but they didn't need him this week. Stafford didn't look too bad (outside of the 3 INTs), but slow getting the ball out of his hands at times. Calvin Johnson had 90 yards on only 3 catches. Inquisitive Mind 5-1 for the week.

Dallas @ Tampa Bay - Congrats to Carnell Williams for looking good in this game. Many thought he'd never play again in the leagues, but thanks to a Dallas front 7 that got abused, he was able to get his 97 yards and a TD (this is in no way a slap to Williams). Byron Leftwich is not going to win you many games throwing the ball 41 times. For Dallas, Romo looked great. This could be good or bad. The Good, he had 353 yards and 3 TDs on 27 attempts. The Bad, no Cowboy had more than 100 yards rushing. If Romo thinks that he's Drew Brees and the Cowboys let him sling the ball up and down the field, they are going to miss the playoffs. Write it down, right now. Inquisitive Mind 6-1 for the week.

Philadelphia @ Carolina - I expected the Eagles to win (and for Vick to be the starter soon, but we'll talk about that later), but not like this. It just so happened I entertained a Panthers fan on Saturday and he was pissed that the Panthers didn't get Cutler, supposedly because of money, but then re-upped Delhomme for some big money shortly after the Cutler trade to Chicago. The short of this is that Delhomme had 4 INTs and a fumble lost, terrible!!! The Eagles won the game but may have lost their starting QB for a a few weeks. McNabb has a cracked rib, and I think we all know that Kevin Kolb isn't the answer. With Mike Vick having to wait one more week before he is the starter, they are looking for a new QB for 2-3 games. Inquisitive Mind 7-1 for the week.

Kansas City @ Baltimore - This looked bad for my pick half way through the game. The Ravens defense was lit up for for 24 points and by Brodie Croyle. That should make Ray Lewis want to retire. Ray Rice looked great for the Ravens while getting 108 yards. This ground game is going to be lethal for the Ravens as both McGahee and McClain both got TDs and averaged over 3.3 yards per carry. The Ravens put up 38 points. Trust me you'll be able to count the times that happens on one hand by the end of the year and you'll have a few fingers left over. Inquisitive Mind 8-1 for the week.

New York Jets @ Houston - Didn't see this one coming. Mark Sanchez looked like a veteran out there. He didn't look flustered and he showed some moxy for a rookie. They can't let him throw 31 times, but they tried to balance the attack with 20 carries by Thomas Jones and 15 carries by Leon Washington. That'll help any QB, ask Jay Cutler (more on this later). Inquisitive Mind 8-2 for the week.

Washington @ New York Giants - I told you that this Giants defense is going to hurt 4 QBs by the end of the year. Jason Cambell narrowly missed being the first. Justin Tuck and Umenyiora both had great games. Eli Manning looked average. Inquisitive Mind 9-2 for the week.

San Francisco @ Arizona - This must be part of the curse of losing in the Superbowl. The Cardinals came out flat and never looked to be in this game. Shaun Hill is the starter for the 49ers and he led his team. We knew that the 49ers couldn't handle a shootout, so their defense got 2 INTs from Kurt Warner, sacked him 3 times, and hit him often (8 times). Good win for Mike Singletary's team. Inquisitive Mind 9-3 for the week.

St. Louis @ Seattle - The Seahawks actually ran the ball in this game and looked great. Julius Jones had 117 yards on 19 carries, while Hasselbeck threw for 279 yards, 3 TDs, and 2 INTs. The Rams were never in this from the beginning and it's just sad how badly this team is right now. The bad side of this is that the Seahawks lost their two starting LBs in this game, both with hamstring/groin issues. If these injuries are bad, it could mean the reverting of the Seahawks' defense to the sieve that they were two years ago. Inquisitive Mind 10-3 for the week.

Chicago @ Green Bay - I'll bet you that my Panther's friend wasn't too excited about getting Cutler based on this game. I have said it before,...Cutler is better than any QB the Bears have had in the several years, but he is a risk taker and it showed last night. He ended the game with 4 INTs, but on one possession he had 3 INTs dropped. I mean the Packers DBs had the ball in their hands and dropped them. The Bears not only lost this tough game, they lost Brian Urlacher who is having surgery this morning on a dislocated wrist. He'll be out for at least 2 weeks. Why did the Bears give this guy more money? Two words for Lovie, OFFENSIVE LINE. Or Cutler and Forte will be asking for trades soon. (Urlacher is now OUT FOR THE SEASON, just reported. Sad.) Inquisitive Mind 11-3 for the week.

Buffalo @ New England - Tom Brady is back. He was rusty at the beginning of the game, but he brought the Patriots back from an upset against the Bills. Two touchdowns by Ben Watson won the game. The Bills looked as thought they were going to get a win and catch Brady on an off night. The Bills were able to run the ball effectively and their defense played pretty well. This one really hurt if you're a Bills fan. Inquisitive Mind 12-3 for the week.

San Diego @ Oakland - What's with these close games? The Raiders, yes the Raiders had the Chargers on the ropes. The Raiders surprised everyone by pounding on the Chargers by running the ball right down their throats. I only have a few things to say about this game: 1) Is this the Chargers team that's supposed to go to the Superbowl this year? Why is Sproles playing more than LT in crunch time? Can Richard Seymour bring that defense to a higher level all by himself? Is Norv Turner the worst head coach ever? Inquisitive Mind 13-3 for the week.

Okay boys and girls, this week is done. I ended at 13-3 which isn't a bad start of the season. Let's see if we can keep it up next week.


South Loop Social Light said...

After hearing much buzz about Cutler I was excited to watch him in action. I hadn't seen any of the pre-season games but was assured by various friends that "it really means nothing". I'm assuming that Cutler didn't do anything too impressive during this time. Last night I watched as the Bears played a relatively lack luster game. As for Cutler, I think he looks like he's been hitting the bars up North a bit too much. What NFL quarterback has a double chin? On top of looking like the spawn of Alec Baldwin or Oil Heir Brandon Davis, Cutler looks as if he's on a steady diet of cigarettes and beer! Lord... I'm clueless as to how much money he's making but can someone throw in a Kanye Workout plan because he's not easy on the eyes. lol...

On a bright note, that Lance Briggs is quite the looker :) lol...

cinco said...

Go Pats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Inquisitive Mind said...

@ SLSL - Briggs? Must be a thick neck thing!! hahahahaha

@ cinco - Go Pats? Oh my goodness, one of those folks? How can you root for the Pats.