Sunday, September 27, 2009

NFL Week 3 Picks

Ok, week 3 and a new start. Are the real teams showing themselves or do we still have some Fool's Gold?

Washington @ Detroit - This could be the game Lions fans. The one that gets you off the snide. You have a Redskins team that basically played a baseball score last week against the Rams and you get them at home. Should be a sellout in Detroit. Should be a good game with two bad teams. Winner - Redskins.

Green Bay @ St. Louis - This will be a great game for the Packers to bounce back from after last weeks debacle. The Rams are going to test the Packers offensive line with blitzing from everywhere, but a sound run game should slow them down. Aaron Rodgers just needs some time to make the Rams look like sheep. One note, congrats to Deacon Jones for getting your #75 retired today. Winner - Packers.

San Francisco @ Minnesota - Well, is this Fool's Gold or are the 49ers really good this year with coach Mike Singletary getting them to play? In the end, both teams have a good/great running game, the Vikings have better QB, the Vikings have a better defense, so I gotta go with the favorites. Winner - Vikings.

Atlanta @ New England - This ought to be a good game. The weather should be a little chilly and a little wet. This lends itself to Falcons because of their great ground game and the Patriots haven't shown us that they can run the ball. Wes Welker is a gametime decision and Moss is a little beat up. The Falcons are healthy and hungry. A win against the Patriots will be a big feather in their cap. Winner - Falcons.

Tennessee @ New York Jets - Another good game and wet game. The Jets are getting great play from their rookie QB and their defense that seems to quietly shut people down. Tennessee is struggling to cover people on defense and they aren't looking good at 0-2. Can they turn it around and quickly? Winner - Jets.

Kansas City @ Philadelphia - Hello Mike Vick! Kevin Kolb will start (why?!?!?) Vick will be on the bench and active and will probably see a lot of time. We all know that the Chiefs are terrible and the Eagles need a win. Let's see how Vick performs. Winner - Vick, I mean Eagles.

New York Giants @ Tampa Bay - Justin Tuck is playing so that's good, even though the Giants are deep enough on the defensive line to keep him from hurting that shoulder anymore. The Giants didn't look good at the Cowboys even though they won. Here's their opportunity to put a complete game together. Winner - Giants.

Cleveland @ Baltimore - This isn't even fair for the Browns. Yes, this is a rivalry of sorts, but they get to go Baltimore to play. I bet against Ray Lewis last week and I won't make that mistake this week. Winner - Ravens.

Jacksonville @ Houston - Yes, the Texans are good, but they HAVE to get their running game working. Steve Slaton, please wake up. Jacksonville is 0-2 and they aren't looking good. Winner - Texans.

New Orleans @ Buffalo - Shootout!! This isn't a good game to be playing defense. The Saints are putting up at least 40 a game during the first two weeks and I think they continue that trend this week. Maybe Trent Edwards can 'find' T.O. a little in this game. There's a chance of bad weather. Does that help the Bills or does it hurt the Saints? Winner - Saints.

Chicago @ Seattle - 8 players are out for the Seahawks and the Bears need another win to piggy back last weeks' upset of the Steelers. This should be pretty easy. Winner - Bears.

Miami @ San Diego - When will these teams wake up? Neither is playing the way that we thought they should. This is really going to be a coin flip. Winner - San Diego.

Pittsburgh @ Cincinnati - When will the Steelers run the ball? I think this week would be a great time to start. The Bengals played great defense last week against the Packers, but I think that was an anomaly. Winner - Steelers.

Denver @ Oakland - There aren't too many teams that I would have Denver beating, but in come the Raiders. Who thinks that the Raiders have a chance? I do, and I can't believe that I'm picking them. Winner - Raiders.

Indianapolis @ Arizona - Can the Colts offense keep up with the Cardinals offense? The Colts defense played almost the entire game last week (and still won). Are they still gassed? look for Warner to show Manning a little something in this game. Winner - Cardinals.

Carolina @ Dallas - What's going to happen in game 2 at the new stadium? Can we say pretty much of the same? Dallas will be able to score on the Panthers a little easier. IF they decide to use their running backs, Tony Romo will look like a good QB this week. Let's see what happens. Winner - Cowboys.


GelaTrish said...

I’m looking forward to your week 3 wrap-up. Sunday was a wonderful day, I channel surfed back and forth between the Jets and Giants games then later on I watched the Colts Cardinals game and I was left to wonder if they have to keep Peyton in a cage or something because he was a beast. Plus the formidable rookie Garçon looks like he’s ready for prime time.

BTW I got my first win for my FFL team!

cjames30082 said...

You did better this week but whew! Still having trouble.