Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Things I Don't Understand

Lamar Odom is crazy. I'm sorry. I've been trying to understand this story and to also find someone to tell me that it's all a bad joke. Lamar and Khloe got married this past weekend. Information about a prenup has been floating around, but nothing confirmed.
Here are my points:
1) Lamar has known Khloe for 4 weeks. 4 freakin weeks. I guess 'love is a powerful drug'. I just don't get this, sorry.
2) She's not even the best looking Kardashian. They go in order: Kim, Kourtney, and then possibly Khloe.
3) No prenup. Are you kidding me? Lamar makes about $9M a year and no prenup?!?!? Where are his boys? Who did he talk to? What does she do? I mean really, where's her W-2?
I still hope this is a bad joke, but if it's not, Ron Artest isn't the craziest Laker. If this is true, I give this the basketball season. If they make it that long, I'd be surprised.

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