Wednesday, September 02, 2009

It Always Happens,...

I think I've written out here how these holdouts normally go. Normally you get guys that want to holdout, veterans and rookies alike, because they want a few more dollars. Don't get me wrong, I want them to get all of the money that they can get because these NFL contracts aren't guaranteed (at least the big numbers) like the NBA deals. But, with that said, it's almost like the Madden Curse. Normally these guys hold out and then once they get their money, something bad happens. Our newest case in point is Cincinnati Bengals draft pick Andre Smith. He had already held out during an extended contract negotiation and finally signed earlier this week. Day one in practice, during a non contact drill, he fractures his foot. How you like me now?!?!? The vets on the team are probably more pissed because they won't get a chance to haze him or get his big body on the offensive line, and probably because he gets more money than most of them and hasn't played a down in the NFL yet.

I say all of this to say to all people. Negotiate early and often and try to get your deal BEFORE camp starts. Karma just doesn't seem to work well in these situations for the players. Michael Crabtree, the only unsigned rookie left, should tread lightly and buy as many rabbit's feet as he can.
What is your take on this? Are the Bengals just cursed? Will this guy live up to his draft selection? When does he play?

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