Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fantasy Football Wrap Up Week 3

FINALLY!!!! A win and it came down to the Monday night game with the Cowboys. I'll take you through this win.

My starters were (points):

Ben Roethlisberger (19.34)
Greg Jennings (10.30)
T. J. Houshmandzadeh (1.5)
Anquan Boldin (14.30)
Adrian Peterson (9.90)
LenDale White (8.70)
Anthony Fasano (0.0)
Kris Brown (5.0)
San Diego (15.0)

TJ did a lot of talking and then he caught a pass and fumbled the dayum thing. So his point production scared me. AP didn't have a monster day, so again, I was a little stressed. LenDale White finally did something, and Anthony Fasano is now on the trading block because he has done NOTHING all year long. I was able to pick up the Chargers defense which ended up playing some dividends.

The team I played against (points):

Eli Manning (15.34)
Larry Fitzgerald (7.60)
Calvin Johnson (5.80)
Louis Murphy (2.50)
Ahmad Bradshaw (10.40)
Pierre Thomas (24.60)
Jason Witten (7.70)
Nick Folk (5.0)
Pittsburgh (3.0)

Pierre Thomas almost beat me by himself as he had AP numbers. This game really came down to last night when the Cowboys had a few chances to kick field goals (Folk missed one). Witten had a great first half and I don't think he touched the ball the rest of the game. I was as happy as I could be when the Cowboys intercepted that Kurt Warner pass and ran it back for a TD. That meant the Cowboys offense would never see the field again.

In the end, I won the 84.04 - 81.94. It's the first one of a long season. Here's to many more.

@ Gela Trish - Congrats on your win too.

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Congrats to you too. Now let's go out there and make it two in a row! LOL *crosses fingers*