Sunday, October 04, 2009

NFL Week 4 Picks

Let's get straight into this:

Detroit @ Chicago - Both teams got big wins last week and seem to be on some kind of roll, well the Lions may be on the smallest of rolls, but they played well against a terrible Redskins team last week. This is Stafford's first game at Soldiers Field and it'll be cold and maybe a little damp. The Bears can't lose this game, can they? Winner - Bears.

Cincinnati @ Cleveland - Either Derek Anderson starting is going to make a HUGE difference or this is going to be another win for the Bengals. That's all I could think about with this game. The Bengals have looked decent and Cleveland has yet to show me that they don't belong in the Big Ten when it comes to football. You know if you start picking the Bengals too many times, you end up growing those terrible stripes. Winner - Bengals.

Seattle @ Indianapolis - I picked against the Colts last week right? They get a beat up Seahawks team who played well early against the Bears last week. The good thing for the Seahawks is that the Colts are missing Dwight Freeney for this game and maybe Seneca Wallace will be able to do something without getting hit in the head every passing down. The Seahawks are hurting on defense which is going to be a problem when you face Peyton Manning. Everything says pick the Seahawks in the upset. Winner - Colts.

New York Giants @ Kansas City - I'm going to already starting the body count for the Chiefs in this game. They'll be down 1 QB, 1 offensive lineman, and possibly a skill position player (wr or rb). Mark my words. Winner - Giants.

Baltimore @ New England - This is going to be a great game. This would have been easier to pick if it were in Baltimore, but this is what I'm dealing with. The Patriots haven't shown us that they are back on the same page, but they did get a step closer last week. So the question is will they finally put it all together this week, or will it take a few more? The Ravens have played good football even though they have been giving up points like crazy, but they are winning. Do they finally kick it up a notch or does it take another week? Winner - Ravens.

Tampa Bay @ Washington - This should just be a draw. The Redskins are that terrible, but the Bucs are starting over with 2nd year player Josh Johnson. I don't believe that I am doing this, I may have to seek help afterwards,..... Winner - Redskins.

Tennessee @ Jacksonville - Will the real Titans please stand up? I think they actually will this week. They go into Jacksonville and I think they finally put all the pieces together. As long as no one mentions Albert Haynesworth, I think they'll be ok. Winner - Titans.

Oakland @ Houston - This won't be on national TV, at least I don't think it will be and I'm happy about this. Who should have to suffer as much by watching these two teams? Really the Texans are decent/good, but the Raiders? Winner - Texans.

New York Jets @ New Orleans - Another good game this week. The only question is can the Jets defense stop the Saints enough to give Mark Sanchez and their offense a chance to win this thing? My thoughts, Brees looks normal against this defense who will be sending people from the stands (or at least it'll seem that way) at Brees. Winner - Jets.

Buffalo @ Miami - If one team can score and the other team can't, who wins? Chad Henne will start for the Dolphins with Pennington out. He has a better arm than most, but will he be in sync enough with Ted Ginn Jr. this game? Miami can still play defense, and they are solid on offense. Winner - Dolphins.

St. Louis @ San Francisco - I'll bet you this, IF the 49ers lose this game, Mike Singletary will lose it in the post game press conference. As much as I'd like to see Samurai Mike get at them, there's no way they lose this game. Winner - 49ers.

Dallas @ Denver - I don't know why this will even resemble a good game as most have predicted. Remember last game for the Cowboys, for the first half they let Tony Romo just throw the ball (that yielded 0 points), and then they decided to run the ball in the second half and they win. If the Cowboys stick to this plan, the running plan, they will win. Otherwise, this is going to be a sad game. Winner - Cowboys.

San Diego @ Pittsburgh - The Steelers haven't played well yet. There's a slight chance that they get back Troy Polamalu this week, but that's slight. They need him or an injection of something to get this team going. Big Ben is worried that he is going to lose some money in the near future and they can't run the ball. The Chargers are coming in with a quarterback who is quietly starting to remind people of Drew Brees. Philip Rivers is playing well and the Chargers get back LT. Winner - Chargers.

Green Bay @ Minnesota - The Game of the Week. Favre has a chance to go against his old team, finally!!! This ought to be a shootout, but the Packers have got to step it up this weekend. They are going against one of the better defenses in the league and if they play like they played against the Bengals, Aaron Rodgers won't even be upright to shake Brett's hand after the game. The biggest difference in this game is #28. He gives Favre and the Vikings the ability to beat anyone. I think they help Favre get some revenge on Monday night. Winner - Vikings.

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