Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hello NBA!!!!

The season kicks off tonight!!!! Finally some NBA basketball to go with the NFL. Lots of moves have been made over the summer and now it's time to see if any of them were good, bad, or indifferent. Tonights' schedule:

Boston @ Cleveland - The Return of KG. The Appearance of Shaq in Cleveland. This is going to be a great game. LeBron gets his first game with a motivated Shaq, but minus a wayward Delonte West. I like Anthony Parker as a pickup for this team, watch him. Rasheed and (Marquis) Daniels provide a big lift over the bench the Celtics had last year too. But the man to watch is Shelden Williams. He hasn't done much but marry Candace Parker and maintain an NBA job, but I think that he can give this team quality minutes off the bench. I'm a Duke apologist people, what can I say. Winner - Cavaliers.

Washington @ Dallas - A rested Nowitzki and a rejuvenated Gilbert Arenas. The Mavericks are part of the Western playoff picture and the Wizards have been a bad punchline for a long time. The Wizards have a lot of talent, but they have to make it work. Gilbert is back. Winner - Wizards.

Houston @ Portland - No Yao, no T-Mac, no chance. Trevor Ariza, I hope that paycheck keeps you warm at night because that feeling of winning that you had last year is gone. The Blazers should run away with this game. Word on the street is that Greg Oden is healthy (amazing) and motivated, Winner - Trailblazers.

LA Clippers @ LA Lakers - The Clippers seem to have their normal luck with the injury of Blake Griffin (out for 6 weeks with a fractured knee cap). Baron, have fun with this team. The Lakers are stacked!!! I mean stacked. Artest, Kobe, Gasol, Bynum, Fisher, Odom, and then their benchmob. Not the team I want to play. Winner - Lakers.

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