Saturday, October 31, 2009

NFL Week 8 Picks

What I learned last week (in Fantasy Football) is never give up, never ever give up. I was only up about 7 points going into Monday night and the team I was facing had the Giants defense playing on Monday night. I just knew I lost, but hung on to win and take my record to 3-4 for the year. But, this isn't about Fantasy Football, so let me get back to it.

I want a perfect week.

Houston @ Buffalo - This is probably going to be a wet game and I have no confidence in the Bills. They have a good running game, but so do the Texans. Let's go with the visitors. Winner - Texans.

Cleveland @ Chicago - (Joe it was great talking with you this week and I agree with you) The Bears are in trouble because they can't seem to do anything right on the offensive line. Olin Kreutz is getting killed and that hurts the running game. It's going to be wet and the Bears defense hasn't had 'one' of those games yet. Winner - Bears.

Seattle @ Dallas - I don't think the Cowboys are that good. I don't trust Romo and they get a Seahawks team that's beat up on the defensive side of the ball. Part of me says go with the Cowboys because they have shown that their defense is starting to get it right. I can see the Seahawks keeping up in what I expect to be a shootout, but I digress. Winner - Cowboys.

St. Louis @ Detroit - This is the game the Rams need, a chance to really win. Stafford and (Calvin) Johnson are back. That doesn't bode well for the Rams. Winner - Lions.

Denver @ Baltimore - At Baltimore, that's the rub. The Ravens defense has, let's face it, sucked over the past two weeks. Is this the week they turn it around and make Kyle Orton look like the QB that many of us thought he was? I like the Ravens at home, they play very well there. The defense has to play or they won't win a shootout. Winner - Ravens.

San Francisco @ Indianapolis - Alex Smith will make this game interesting. Peyton Manning will make it a walk in the park for the Colts. Winner - Colts.

Miami @ New York Jets - Miami won Round 1. Can the Jets stop a gimmick offense? Will they make good on their coaches claims? Tough game to pick. I don't think the Dolphins are that good, but they play well enough to give themselves a chance to win most weeks. Go with the home team. Winner - Jets.

New York Giants @ Philadelphia - Well, maybe the Eagles can do better than the Phillies. The Giants are coming off of two bad outings and this is a battle in the NFC East that normally is exciting. No Westbrook for the Eagles (or if he does, someone should be held accountable for putting him on the field. If I'm Andy Reid and I have any doubts, sit him at least a week). Tough game for the Eagles at home, but Donovan will find a way. Winner - Eagles.

Jacksonville @ Tennessee - What took them so long to start VY? I mean you are 0-6 and you're debating with the owner about starting VY? Let's just say that Jeff Fisher just wants to punish this kid for walking away from the team last year. Fisher, start the kid and pray for your job. Winner - Titans.

Oakland @ San Diego - Ok Chargers, you see your destiny right in front of you. This is the closest thing to a guaranteed win. You get the Raiders at your home. I'm looking for complete domination. Winner - Chargers.

Carolina @ Arizona - For some reason I think that Jake Delhomme doesn't make the plane back home after this game. I'm thinking that the Panthers leave him after he throws about 2 INTs. The Cardinals need this one after that big win against the Giants last week to keep the momentum rolling. Winner - Cardinals.

Minnesota @ Green Bay - THE GAME OF THE WEEK. The Vikings won Round 1. The Vikings can't win this year with Favre throwing 51 times. Just not going to work. The Vikings have to find a way to get AP loose. I want Favre in the 20-25 attempts range. Winner - Vikings.

Atlanta @ New Orleans - This will be an entertaining game if you like points. The Saints are for real and I have no indication that they are going to stop anytime soon. What's the over/under on the number of points in this game? I would say something in the 65+ range. Winner - Saints.

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