Sunday, October 11, 2009

NFL Week 5 Picks

We'll see if we can finally get this thing turned around this week.

Cleveland @ Buffalo - This is the week ladies and gents, TO finally becomes the reason that the Bills win a game. I expect him to show out and watch as that Bills defense eats up a terrible Browns offensive unit. By the way, who's starting today for the Browns? It really doesn't matter. Winner - Bills.

Dallas @ Kansas City - Finally a team I can say with confidence the Cowboys can beat. Hold on now,...the Chiefs have no offense except being able to run the ball and the Cowboys can't seem to stop the run. I should be scared of this game if I am a Cowboy. We haven't been able to put two games together this season where we play well. Last week was a stinker, so,..... Winner - Cowboys.

Minnesota @ St. Louis - Hello 100+ yard game for Adrian Peterson. The Rams suck and they get to go against a potent Vikings offense. What's the over under on the number of times Kyle Boller gets hit today? I'm saying somewhere in the teens. Winner - Vikings.

Oakland @ New York Giants - No chance, chance in hell. Winner - Giants.

Tampa Bay @ Philadelphia - Everyone is saying this is an easy win for the Eagles and that's why they're bringing Donovan back this game. I'm not so sure that this is an easy win. The Eagles defense will cause some problems, but if the Bucs are able to put together a few offensive series, this could be a tighter game than expected. Winner - Eagles.

Pittsburgh @ Detroit - We'll see if the Steelers defense is back on track. They need a big effort here to give them some confidence. Stafford shouldn't play (he's your future Detroit, don't get him killed early), so in the end this should be a cake walk for the Steelers. Winner - Steelers.

Washington @ Carolina - One of these teams has to win, right? I never thought that Carolina would be playing this badly. The Panthers have way too much talent in the backfield to have to settle for Delhomme throwing the ball a lot. Washington hasn't shown us anything yet. What's even sadder is their new offensive coordinator/consultant was just recently calling bingo games in an old folks home. That's a smack in the face to head coach Zorn. If the Redskins lose this game, he'll be at home next week watching football games with friends. Winner - Panthers.

Cincinnati @ Baltimore - Not what the Bengals needed. Has Ochocinco been quiet this week? He did promise a Ricky Bobby celebration if he gets in the endzone. Why would you want to enrage this Ravens defense? Winner - Ravens.

Atlanta @ San Francisco - The 49ers have been playing great with Shaun Hill at QB, but this is the week that it stops. The Falcons need this win badly and without the venerable Frank Gore, I'm not sure that 49ers offense clicks again as well. Winner - Falcons.

Jacksonville @ Seattle - The Jaguars are still running the ball and that's what makes them a better team. They get a cross country trip to Seattle and they also get a defense that is still missing quite a few starters. The Seahawks have some hope since Matt Hasselbeck will start, but I think he's one good hit away for being out another few weeks. I guess I go with the hotter team here. Winner - Jaguars.

Houston @ Arizona - This ought to be a shootout. Neither team has cemented themselves as good/great yet. The Cardinals played in the Superbowl last year and the Texans are stocked full with talent. With the Cardinals, it's all about keeping Kurt Warner in a vertical position. If Mario Williams can apply some pressure (he seems to be the only Texan that can) then this is going to be a long day for Warner. This is really about which team protects their QB better. Coin flip please. Winner - Cardinals.

New England @ Denver - The mentor against one of his mentees. How are the Broncos 4-0? Defense. With that said, I think they'll be able to play defense against this Patriots team to make it tough for them. It'll be cold and we may even see some snow. The Patriots are going to have to run the ball and then spread this Denver defense out. Welker, Moss, and Watson should all have pretty decent days. Winner - Patriots.

Indianapolis @ Tennessee - The Titans can't stop the pass and they get a Peyton Manning led team. This ought to be a blow out. The Titans are staring 0-5 in the face and they will at least fight this one to the end. Winner - Colts.

New York Jets @ Miami - Great Monday night game. The Jets are reeling from their loss last week and they go into Miami with both sides doing a lot of talking. The Dolphins are starting Chad Henne at QB, but are giving people a lot of the wildcat to supplement that offense. The Jets are running the ball well and letting their rookie Matt Sanchez play within himself, while the Jets defense has been shutting people down. So, when two defensive minded teams play who do you pick? Winner - Jets.

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