Sunday, October 18, 2009

NFL WEek 6 Picks

Ok, this is late, but it's been a long weekend. Here we go.

Houston @ Cincinnati - The Bengals are actually good this year, huh? Palmer seems to be fully recovered from his blown knee and the surprise of the year is Cedric Benson is running the ball like he should be doing. Houston comes in with an offense that can put points on the board, but I'm not sure if they can pull this one off. Winner - Bengals.

Detroit @ Green Bay - Look for Duante Culpepper to play because Stafford's knee needs this week and the bye before he comes back. There won't be any snow and I don't think the tundra will be frozen, but the Packers defense is going to be ready. Winner - Packers.

Baltimore @ Minnesota - This is a rough game to pick. The Ravens offense has performed in every game except the last one and now they are going against a great defense in the Vikings. I don't expect them to perform much better. I think the Ravens defense is going to bring it, but I think the Vikings have too many weapons. This one hurts to pick. Winner - Vikings.

New York Giants @ New Orleans - Talk about a shootout. This one should be exciting too. The Giants go into New Orleans and face a hot Drew Brees. People are saying that Manning is just as good, but I just don't trust him. Sorry. Love the Giants defense, love Drew Brees,.....Winner - Saints.

Cleveland @ Pittsburgh - Derek Andersen completed two passes last week and they won. Two passes. Won't happen against the Steelers. Winner - Steelers.

Carolina @ Tampa Bay - I think the Panthers are turning it around now. Good win against a bad team last week (Redskins), but they looked good in the 2nd half when they came back. Winner - Panthers.

Kansas City @ Washington - Someone has to win. Washington is terrible and I don't have confidence in the Redskins. I think that I banned myself from picking the Redskins for the rest of the year after they lost to the Lions. Winner - Chiefs.

St. Louis @ Jacksonville - Another, someone has to win. The Jags had a let down, in my opinion, last week by getting blown out by the Seahawks. This is their bounce back game. Winner - Jaguars.

Arizona @ Seattle - The over under on the combines score should be about 70 for this game. The Seahawks are trying to continue their winning ways, so I expect Hasselbeck to shine in this game. Winner - Seahawks.

Philadelphia @ Oakland - Pretty sure everyone will get this one right. This is a fantasy owners dream if you have any Eagles players. Winner - Eagles.

Tennessee @ New England - The Titans are struggling and it doesn't seem to get better this week. The Patriots are getting close to clicking and this may be the week. Winner - Patriots.

Buffalo @ New York Jets - I feel sorry for the Bills. The Jets played terribly last week and lost on Monday night. The first thing out of my mouth, was I feel for their opponent next week. Winner - Jets.

Chicago @ Atlanta - I love the pick up of Gaines for the Bears, but why can't they seem to get a player that helps them on offense? The Bears look decent, but I think that the Falcons win this one at home on Sunday night. Winner - Falcons.

Denver @ San Diego - No one wants to pick the Chargers in this, right? Can they pull it together this week? I'm going out on a limb with this one, Give me the San Diego 'Super' Chargers!!!! Winner - Chargers.

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GelaTrish said...

My FFL team this week was DISMAL to put it mildly. What a way to come off a 3-game winning streak.