Wednesday, October 21, 2009

NFL Week 6 Wrap Up

Can I tell you how much I am hating the Eagles right now? We'll get to this shortly, but let's recap the week.

Houston @ Cincinnati - Well, there goes my Bengals pick. The Texans came in and dominated this game on both sides of the ball. The defense held the most recently lethal Cedric Benson to a pedestrian 44 yards. Carson Palmer did what he could, but Matt Schaub stole the show with 392 yards and 4 TDs (1 int). On a separate note, Cedric Benson says that the Bears bad mouthed him and that was the reason it took him so long to catch on with another team. Cedric, you played like a punk when you were in Chicago. Nuff said. Inquisitive Mind 0 - 1 for the week.

Detroit @ Green Bay - The Packers got back into the mix of things and that's what they needed. Then they went out and signed Ahman Green again, can I ask why?!?!?! Inquisitive Mind 1 - 1 for the week.

Baltimore @ Minnesota - I thought for a second there that the Ravens would pull this off at the end. Actually when Ray Rice ran that TD late in the game, I thought it was over and a major upset. Then the old man, Favre, moved his team down the field and took the lead. The missed field goal at the end of the game just provided more drama. All in all a good game and a sad end for the Ravens. They have lost 3 games in a row, and have allowed two backs to run for consecutive 100 yard games. What's going on in Baltimore? Inquisitive Mind 2 - 1 for the week.

New York Giants @ New Orleans - I guess $100M doesn't get you much these days. People said this game would go to the better QB and they were right. Eli looked average (that's what I've been saying) and Drew Brees looked like Tom Brady. The funniest part was watching Eli yell at Ahmad Bradshaw for missing a blitz pickup. Ahmad should have smacked him in his mouth for all of the receivers he missed during the game. Inquisitive Mind 3 - 1 for the week.

Cleveland @ Pittsburgh - The Steelers can't close. That's it, that's all. They should have blown that Browns team out by close to 30. Instead they made it close the entire game. Note to Brady Quinn, if you can't start in front of a guy who completed 2 passes the game before, might need to pack your bags. Inquisitive Mind 4 - 1 for the week.

Carolina @ Tampa Bay - That NFC South used to be a good division, now it sucks. This game was another close one and the Panthers eeked this one out. Is Julius Peppers still playing football? Inquisitive Mind 5 - 1 for the week.

Kansas City @ Washington - Somebody had to win and the Chiefs are bad, but they aren't as bad as the Redskins. I actually feel sorry for Jim Zorn because he is being humiliated by the organization by having a bingo caller come out of retirement to be his offensive coordinator. He maybe should have walked out. Inquisitive Mind 6 - 1 for the week.

St. Louis @ Jacksonville - Why is it these Jaguars can't have two good games in a row? I mean you get the Rams at home and you go to overtime to beat them? Inquisitive Mind 7 - 1 for the week.

Arizona @ Seattle - Why is it these Seahawks can't have two good games in a row? (deja vu) The Seahawks got pummelled by the Cardinals. This wasn't even close. They just didn't show up. Inquisitive Mind 7 - 2 for the week.

Philadelphia @ Oakland - You're kidding me right? That score was reversed right? The Eagles didn't just go to Oakland and lose to a JaMarcus Russell led team? Donovan McNabb didn't get outplayed by the aforementioned QB too did he? I mean what the fuqq? This was supposed to be a blowout by the Eagles with fantasy football points just overflowing by Eagles players. I guess this is why they play the games. Inquisitive Mind 7 - 3 for the week.

Tennessee @ New England - Wow. 59 points. All types of records and all in the snow. The Titans are done. Jeff Fisher it has been nice seeing you coach over the years, but good luck with the next gig. Inquisitive Mind 8 - 3 for the week.

Buffalo @ New York Jets - Senior Sanchez had his worst game of his life (I think). He threw for 5 INTs against the Bills. I mean he only completed 10 passes to his teammates and then 5 to the other team. That's not a good ratio. The Jets had an opportunity to rebound but they left this one out on the field. Inquisitive Mind 8 - 4 for the week.

Chicago @ Atlanta - You know what, you can't win a game if you get in the red zone 4 times and can't finish. The Bears don't look good right now. They need a #1 receiver and if anyone says they have that in Devin Hester, you need to wake up. Why isn't Hester just returning kicks to help the Bears win the field position game? Why not spend some money or make a trade to acquire a receiver? Congrats to Cutler for his extension, basically 2 years/$20 million. Inquisitive Mind 9 - 4 for the week.

Denver @ San Diego - Break them up now. The Chargers are done. Last year they came back and made the playoffs, but this team is done. I just can't explain not getting any pressure on Kyle Orton the entire game and letting the Broncos just run all over them. Eddie Royal, you are a bad, bad, bad man. Inquisitive Mind 9 - 5 for the week.

Well, it seems we're stuck on this 9-5 thing. I gotta make some headway here. Any advice for me? Maybe that's what I need to be doing from here on out. Asking for help. For the season I am 57-33.


GelaTrish said...

LOL @ your Giants commentary. I agree, the Giants recievers should be yelling at Eli for missing his targets. I swear he misses his recievers almost as much as his brother hits his own. *smh* I love my Giants but every time I see that #10 I reach for a bottle of something strong. Brees showed himself to be deserving of the elite class of QB's.

My FFL team suffered greatly with a poor Giants' defense and Peyton being on his bye week. It was the worst score ever...59 to my opponents 95! :-(

GelaTrish said...
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