Thursday, September 26, 2013

2013-14 NFL Week 4 Picks

Getting ready for Week 4 and trying to get these picks in.  Let's see what happens. 

San Francisco @ St. Louis - This is simple, we need a pulse from these 49ers.  They have to show up and play, forget that, win this game.  They are 0-3 and they are struggling.  They've been hit with injuries, but this is a divisional game and they are going to need this W.  I'm picking the team that I'm pulling for in this one.  Winner - 49ers.

Baltimore @ Buffalo - Ravens have bounced back since that Week 1 debacle in Denver and it's the Bills, right?  Winner - Ravens.

Cincinnati @ Cleveland - The Bengals have played well thus far and their defense is actually leading them.  The Browns won the first game of the Hoyer era in Cleveland, so something has got to give.  Winner - Bengals.

Chicago @ Detroit - I have been thinking about this game since Week 2.  I like Detroit's defensive line and their ability to disrupt offenses.  Yes, Suh is there, but that Fairley guy is pretty dayum good in his own right.  But they have some injuries on the edges of that defense and they haven't really stopped a team yet.  The Bears are spreading the ball out and will need to continue to do that, but I think their defense is going to have to make a few stops.  Paging anyone on the Bears D-line, your team needs at least 3 sacks from you this week.  Going with the homer pick.  Winner - Bears.  

New York Giants @ Kansas City - The only questions I have are for the Giants.  Are you going to show up this week?  I mean, your pride should be on the line after the butt whuppin you took last week against the Panthers. Andy Reid is laughing at you, what are you going to do?  Winner - Giants.

Arizona @ Tampa Bay - I should pick the Cardinals just because the Bucs benched their QB and I really don't see why.  Free Josh Freeman!!!!!  Winner - Cardinals.

Indianapolis @ Jacksonville - Do they have to play this game? I mean really, give the Colts another bye week.  I guess they essentially already have.  Winner - Colts.

Seattle @ Houston - The Seahawks have looked good and now they get a chance to test the moxy of Matt Schaub.  I don't think this ends well for the Texans. Like, I think this goes very wrong for them.  Winner - Seahawks.

Pittsburgh @ Minnesota - Are they really trying to create NFL fans in England?  Might want to start with some better matchups.  Winner - Steelers.

New York Jets @ Tennessee - This ought to actually be a good game.  I wonder if Chris Johnson will ever show up.  Winner - Titans.

Washington @ Oakland - We'll have to see who the starting QB will be, but I guess does it really matter.  The Skins defense has played terribly, but they should be able to stop the Raiders, right?  Winner - 

Philadelphia @ Denver - So Andy Reid comes into the Linc and beats the Eagles and then the Eagles have 10 days to prepare for Denver.  Something about this screams upset if the Eagles offense decides to work this week.  Smart money says Broncos, but I think I'm going out on the limb, butt nekkid in the cold on this one.  Winner - Eagles.

Dallas @ San Diego - This will be interesting.  The Chargers are playing inspired football and they have a Cowboys team visiting them.  Which QB would you trust the most?  Winner - Cowboys

New England @ Atlanta - Everyone is talking about how crippled the Patriots are and yes, they are missing some key parts to their team, but as long as that dude is back there (Tom Brady), they are ok.  Atlanta is a little beat up, but I still give them the edge in this one because of the talent.  Will Gronk play this weekend?  If he does, I expect him to pick right up where he left off.  Winner - Falcons.

Miami @ New Orleans - I hope the scoreboard works in the Mercedes Benz dome because I imagine that the Saints will test it out often.  I just don't think the Dolphins have the firepower to make this a fight.  Winner - Dolphins.

Who you with?!?!?!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

2013-14 NFL Week 3 Picks

Here we go for Week 3.  Better week last week, but still looking for perfection.

Kansas City @ Philadelphia - We knew that the NFL would schedule this game at some point, and they put it on a Thursday night with nothing else to distract you from it.  The Eagles need a performance from their defense if they are going to win this game.  The offense should do well as long as Vick decides to be more of a facilitator and take fewer hits.  He left the game briefly last week and I still think he only plays about 10 games this year.

The Chiefs bring in not only Andy Reid to his once cozy confines, but they bring in their own new look offense.  I have not been an Alex Smith supporter in anyway and I will continue that mindset until I see something better.  Smith has weapons on offense and the Chiefs defense is something that bears watching.  This all adds up to fun in Philly.  Winner - Chiefs.

Green Bay @ Cincinnati - This one is actually going to be a good game.  The Packers are the Packers with Rodgers (Mr. Discount Double Check) and that offense and the question will be if the defense will be ready to stop a potent Bengals offense.  Winner - Packers.

St. Louis @ Dallas - Tony Romo is 100% healed, but can they pull off this game at home?  The Rams are a dangerous team and I'm not sure that the Cowboys on offense will be able to keep up.  Jerry Jones doesn't want to see this team early in the season.  I'm looking for a big game for Tavon Austin.  Winner - Rams.

San Diego @ Tennessee - I not a fan of either of these teams, I think I'm flipping a coin.  Winner - Chargers.

Cleveland @ Minnesota - So let me understand this, you trade your best player for the hope of getting a good player next year and you're not guaranteed to get one of the good QBs out of college?  Winner Vikings.

Tampa Bay @ New England - Well, the Bucs didn't want to see the Patriots, even if the Patriots are hobbled with injuries.  I figured with another week of practice the young Patriots receivers have had more time to gel with Tom Brady.  Look for them to play well in this game.  Winner - Patriots.

Arizona @ New Orleans - Will Fitzgerald play? Will the winner of this game score fewer than 32 points? Will Palmer look even more comfortable in this Cardinals offense?  The Saints defense is getting better and we will see if the Cardinals defense can make Drew Brees sweat.  Winner - Saints.

Detroit @ Washington - The Redskins are coming in and hopefully someone will tell them that the start time for this game is 11am (EST) because they have started terribly their last two games.  Their second halfs have been much better.  That offense needs RGIII to run a little more and against this Detroit defense, I'm a little scared for him.  If he gets hit by one of these big boys upfront from Detroit, that could be problematic.  But, that's why these guys are paid big bucks.  Winner - Redskins.

New York Giants @ Carolina - This Giants team has not only let me down, but also their fans.  Note to Eli Manning, I'm gonna need you to ball out today.  Brandon Jacobs, I'm gonna need for you to tip toe over to the bench and stay.  The Panthers need this win for their coach or they might be introduced to their new head coach by the end of the week.  (Dear Lovie, I hope you've gotten a lot of rest over the past few months being out of the NFL.  Please make sure that you're ready to report to Charlotte within the next week or two.  Thanks - Carolina Fans).  Winner - Giants.

Houston @ Baltimore - No Ed Reed, No Ray Rice.  This might be fun game to watch.  The Texans should win this game, but for some reason I think the Ravens are going to show out.  I might be wrong.  Winner - Texans.

Atlanta @ Miami - Well we know the Miami club scene was alive last night with these Falcons in the building, but this game probably won't be as exciting when they get on the field.  Falcons should walk all over this Dolphins team.  Winner - Falcons.

Buffalo @ New York Jets - This should be a great game, well, for the Bills this should.  Two rookie QBs going at each other and whoever plays best should win this game.  EJ, please no crying this weekend.  Winner - Bills.

Indianapolis @ San Francisco - Welcome Trent Richardson to the Colts.  I wonder how much he plays this week.  Probably mostly on rushing downs (may not be ready to pick up the different calls/blitzes for the offense yet).  This is going to end up being a great trade for the Colts.  The 49ers are ready and Harbaugh schemes against his former protege.  I think the 49ers defense will be up for the test.  Winner - 49ers.

Jacksonville @ Seattle - This is a hard pick to make.  Winner - Seahawks.

Chicago @ Pittsburgh - The Bears are going to wet and rainy Pittsburgh for their first road game test.  Some people are saying the Bears shouldn't be 2-0 and they should be 0-2, but I like this Bears team so far.  I think they keep it up against a reeling Steelers team.  Winner - Bears.

Oakland @ Denver - Terrell Pryor, I'm sorry but these are the games you learn from.  Winner - Broncos.

Who you with?!?!?!?!??!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

2013-14 NFL Week 2 Picks

Bad week last week and I'm still a little pissed so I haven't even done my wrap up for last week yet.  It'll be short, but it's coming up.  Let's turn it around this week.  I'm going to jump in since I have to get Thursday's pick up.  Leh go,......

New York Jets @ New England - The Jets ride in after their first win of the season and everyone can kind of exhale now.  Geno Smith was OK in his , but with Sanchez reportedly out for the rest of the season, at least this team knows it's going with Geno (barring an injury). 

The Patriots took everything they had to beat the Bills last week with a rookie QB and Danny Amendola is already hurt and most likely out of this game. Shane Vereen broke his wrist and he's out for this game. That leaves this team with Tom Brady and the Patriots, without him they'll never go platinum or win too many games. Some are predicting a Jets win against the hobbled Patriots. I'm feeling froggy so I'm jumping on with them. Winner - Jets

(Had to get these in quick, so we'll cut to the chase.)
St. Louis @ Atlanta - Should be a good game, higher powered offense (Falcons) going against a very good defense (Rams). Both of the starting WRs for the Falcons are gametime decisions, but I expect them to play.  Winner - Rams.

Carolina @ Buffalo - The Panthers need to bounce back from last week and I think they are in a better position than the Bills.  EJ Manuel gets another start and we're watching you young Manuel, we're watching you.  Winner - Panthers

Minnesota @ Chicago - The Bears host the Vikings and they have to be scared about facing AP.  Yes, I said scared.  AP got held in check last week (outside of one big run) and he's gonna be looking to make up from that performance.  Add in the rain in Chicago and this ought to be a good one.  Winner - Bears.

Washington @ Green Bay - The Redskins want to play a lot better than they did in the first half of their first game.  The Packers just played possibly the best team in the league last week.  Someone is going to be very upset after losing this game.  Winner - Packers.

Miami @ Indianapolis - What's the over/under on the number of times Mike Wallace blows up during and after this game?  The line is 3 and I'm taking the over.  Winner - Colts.

Dallas @ Kansas City - How about dem ribs?  We know Romo is banged up and we know the Chiefs are going to go after him.  Will he last? Will the Cowboys run the ball?  Winner - Chiefs.

Cleveland @ Baltimore - C'mon Ravens, this is the Browns.  Winner - Ravens.

Tennessee @ Houston - Everything about this game screams Texans, but they have to prove something to me.  Let's hope they put a complete game together.  Winner - Texans.

San Diego @ Philadelphia - I guess we'll see Chip Kelly's offense for the second time.  I hope Vick takes fewer hits this game or he won't make it through this season.  Winner - Eagles.

Detroit @ Arizona - Hmmm, Suh got suspended last week, so how will he respond with his play?  Still think that the Lions have more to show on offense this week, but this should actually turn into a very good game.  Winner - Cardinals.

New Orleans @ Tampa Bay - How many points will the Saints score is really the only question in this one.  Winner - Saints.

Jacksonville @ Oakland - It's sad that Jacksonville is this bad.  Winner - Raiders.

Denver @ New York Giants - If the Giants don't get pressure on Peyton, this Manning Bowl is going to the elder Manning.  Winner - Giants.

San Francisco @ Seattle - Wet weather, big offensive line, and a great running back.  That's who'll win.  Winner - 49ers.

Pittsburgh @ Cincinnati - Can the Steelers piece together enough people to play in this game.  The defense supposedly got pissed off during the week and should be ready to play, but can they score points too?  Winner - Bengals.

Who you with?!?!?!?

Thursday, September 05, 2013

2013-14 NFL Week 1 Picks

The start of the 2013-14 NFL season is upon us.  As usual I will be making my picks for each of the games each week and posting them with some of my personal insight and thoughts.  As always feel free to agree or disagree in the comments section.  I have joked in the past that I was practicing this for my new career as a Vegas betting man, but I’m not so sure, based on my previous experience.  If you by chance do use my picks and make some money, send a check.  Let’s get to some football,……

Baltimore @ Denver – First game of the season and lots of question marks for both teams.  Baltimore comes in as the reigning Super Bowl champs but they have been stripped down from retirements, defections, business decisions and injuries.  Interestingly enough this team is all Joe Flacco’s now. No Ray Lewis (no matter what you think of his speeches) and no Ed Reed now give this team a more ‘offensive’ feel. Flacco has got to be consistently good this year although he’s going to be lacking in talent around him.  Dumervil was a Bronco, but after a contract miscue, he became a Raven. I imagine that he should have a pretty good game against his old mates, but will it be enough.  

The Broncos have been hit with numerous issues over the off-season from management issues to losing players, to both injury and suspension.  The bright spot is that Manning is still under center and has some more weapons on the offensive side of the ball.  They have even joked about running some run option stuff with Manning as the QB (every defensive end in the league salivated when they heard that).  Manning and his offense will have to carry this team for a few weeks and he’s used to that, so it’ll come down to whether the defense can stop the Ravens.  Tony Carter is going to have to step up at CB and help stop Torrey Smith (DRC might take him the entire game).  But I also look for Shaun Phillips to show us whether he needs to hang it up or if he can be a solid fill in until Von Miller returns. Winner – Ravens.

Tampa Bay @ New York Jets – No Sanchez, so the rookie Geno Smith gets the start.  Geno’s ankle should be fully healed and that should allow him to be at his best.  What is his best might be the question.  Every rookie QB needs a running game, but the Jets really don’t have a stud in the backfield.  Don’t really have any receivers because I’m not expecting Holmes to play,…and it just doesn’t sound good for the rookie.  To me his only hope is to keep them in this game for as long as he can and make some plays with his legs.  They aren’t going up against a juggernaut, but this should be tough sledding for the Jets.

Tampa Bay is a few years removed from actually being that team on the upswing.  Josh Freeman seems to have taken several steps backwards in his growth and it hurts my heart because the kid has talent.  He’s also got some pieces on offense that can help him out, so it’s really about getting them the ball and making good decisions.  Josh Freeman, I need for you to step it up this year, in a big way.  Winner – Bucs.

New England @ Buffalo – Now this ought to be good.  The Patriots have retooled on both sides of the ball, but they still have that dude under center that makes it that much easier to keep winning no matter what.  Brady will have a slew of young receivers and will be without both of his start tight ends.  The funny thing is that I’m not sure that even matters that much.  Brady will be Brady and usually that’s enough to get the Patriots a win. 

The Bills were contemplating starting me at QB for week 1, but I’ll be in church early that morning and wouldn’t be able to make it to the field on time.  In my stead, EJ Manuel gets his first start (of many) for the Bills.  EJ has looked good in pre-season and again, will rely on his two running backs Spiller and Jackson to make his first soirĂ©e into the NFL a good one.  The Patriots on defense normally scheme well and try and take something away from you, so I expect them to concentrate on the run and make the rookie beat them with his arm.  Should be fun to watch.  Winner – Patriots.  

Cincinatti @ Chicago – This is the year for the Bears.  Seems like half the team are free agents after this year with the #1 priority on Jay Cutler.  Cutler isn’t the best QB, but he’s better than what the Bears have had in years.  He’s also in a good position; let’s call it the Flacco position, of being in the final year of his deal.  The Bears have a decision to make, pay Cutler that approximately $20M per year or blow it up and start all over again.  The Bears are cheap, but I doubt they blow it up and start all over.  Look for a big year from not only Cutler, but Forte too. 

The Bengals come into this game as the favorites and they should be a team to be reckoned with this year.  They have a good defensive line, they are pretty solid everywhere else on their defense and they have an offense that can put up some numbers (Green) or pound you to death (BGE).  Can the Bengals put it together this year, especially with the Steelers hurting?!!?  Good place to start would be in Chicago.  Winner – Bengals.

Miami @ Cleveland – Miami has some new duds and some new dudes, but will it matter at the end of the day? Tannehill at QB makes this team average at best and add to that, they really have no offensive talent, except for Wallace.  I do like the right side of this Dolphins defensive line in Soliai and Wake, but we’ll see who else steps up.  The addition of Ellerbee makes this defense solid.  Can they score enough points to stay in a game? 

The Browns are,…well the Browns.  Weeden made strides last season but to me he’s limited as far as his ceiling is concerned, but he always looks better when he has Richardson running well.  I do wonder who will step up as the Browns 3rd receiver, well actually their 2nd receiver too, but that’s another issue.  Browns defense really has no holes and should be one of the better ones in the league this year.  Winner – Browns.  

Atlanta @ New Orleans – The Falcons were thisclose to making it to the Super Bowl and they should be on a mission again this year.  They didn’t lose much and they actually picked up Seven Jackson who still has some tread on his tires.  The bad of that is that Jackson looks like he’s become one with some of that southern cooking and looks to have put on some pounds.  Matt Ryan has a full complement of receiving targets and he’s one of those guys that should have an easy road paved to at least an MVP, lots of weapons. 

Drew Brees and the Saints are back yet again.  We know that as long as they keep Brees upright and protected he can put up some points.  The receiving corp is a little beat up but hopefully some of the young guns (Toon, Tanner and Stills) and the return of Meachem can solve that problem.  *Homer Alert* I am wishing my cousin (Nick Toon) a fruitful and successful year in NO and may he catch at least 50 balls this year from that Drew Brees guy.  Winner – Falcons. 

Tennessee @ Pittsburgh – A few years ago this would have been a good matchup but right now both of these teams are struggling and going in the opposite direction.  The Titans come in with a young Jake Locker under center and a few pieces on offense that he can really count on.  Britt doesn’t start the year off suspended and Chris Johnson may be all the way back and ready for a 2000 yard rushing season, just maybe.  Defense should be solid, but this year the Titans ride or die on Locker.  If he can make teams pay for putting extra in the box to stop Johnson, this team should scare some people. 

The Steelers are looking like they are going downhill.  They are getting older and if pre-season is any foreshadowing of the future, Big Ben won’t be around much this year.  That offensive line has played horribly and all I can see in my mind is Ben taking some big hits.  Even if the line gets it together, the Steelers running game, normally a staple, just isn’t there.  When you pick up Felix Jones late in the pre-season and he could possibly start for you, that pretty much says it all.  Steelers need Heath Miller healthy soon and maybe this can all turn around quickly.  Winner – Steelers.

Minnesota @ Detroit – I will leave all of the city of Detroit slander out of this.  The Lions have retooled and have spry looking Reggie Bush who has said that this team could win it all.  I guess he’s not lying because I could hit the lottery, but what are the odds.  Stafford needs to stay healthy and some WR besides Calvin Johnson needs to have more than 50 receptions this year.  The defense will be a threat as long as they have those two big boys upfront in Fairley and Suh, and I do like the pickup of former Bears DE Idonije.  Let’s just say that I wouldn’t want to be an offense facing this defense in too many 2nd or 3rd and long situations. 

The Vikings are, Adrian Peterson.  As good as he is and as well as he has played since being in the league, it’s really not up to him as it relates to this team winning games.  That falls squarely on on Christian Ponder.  If the Vikings can get some quality starts out of the kid, then APs 1950 yard season (see what I did there) won’t go to waste.  We are going to see if Greg Jennings to help Ponder and be that possession receiver he needs.  On the defensive side of the ball the Vikings are solid and Jared Allen is saying he’s pain free, so we’ll see if he can get back in that sack race this year.  Winner – Lions.

Oakland @ Indianapolis – This has been a long time coming, but for some the Terrelle Pryor Era starts in Oakland this Sunday.  Hey, I hoping the kid plays well, but he’s got a long way to go to be a regular NFL starter.  He’s got legs which will keep him alive behind that offensive offensive line (see what I did there?), but he’s going to have to use his arm.  He has a rather young receiving corp, but I think he has some talent to work with.  Unfortunately the Raiders defensive side of the ball doesn’t look that much better.  I like the additions of Roach and Woodson (how old is Woodson again?), but they need some help or some people to really step up.  

The Colts are one of the feel good teams from last year and they seem to be ready to take another step ahead.  I think last year it came down to consistency and I think another year under center will be a better one for Luck.  He’ll have his favorite blanket in Reggie Wayne, but he also has other options in Heyward-Bey and watch out for that T.Y. Hilton kid.  This offense could be explosive this year.  On defense Robert Mathis is still in the trenches and the defense may not wow many, but they are a solid crew.  Winner – Colts.

Seattle @ Carolina – This one sounds like it’ll be a good game.  The Seahawks, led by their 2nd year QB Russell Wilson will fly cross country to meet the Panthers.  Seattle brings a multi-faceted offense that has enough wrinkles in it to scare just about any defensive coordinator and a defense that can provide just as many problems.  I hope (for fantasy reasons) that Wilson finds Sidney Rice a little more this year.  Rice can be a mismatch in short yardage or near goal line situations because of his height and leaping ability, so let’s try and leverage those skills, please.  (Funny Note: One of my boys made a bet with a group of us that within 3 years the Seahawks will be looking for a new QB because Wilson isn’t the long term answer. Just waiting to collect on this one)

The Panthers are in a good spot with young Cameron at QB.  With that said, he’s got to be more consistent and he’s going to have to lead this team.  Cam probably played as well as he could last year for the first few games, but then something went wrong, and no I don’t believe that the defenses ‘figured’ him out.  The addition of Tedd Ginn may provide Cam with another target that can make some things happen for this team.  On defense the Panthers will have one of the better defensive lines in football.  Yes, one of the better ones.  If the offense can get clicking, this should be a very interesting game.  Winner – Seahawks.

Kansas City @ Jacksonville – The Andy Reid Era starts in KC (that will mean a lot of pass plays on 3rd and short, I’m just saying).  The good, well Jamal Charles will probably be a fantasy beast and some people actually think that Smith will be good this season, so the Chiefs, along with a good defense should be pretty good this year.  The bad, well, Alex Smith is their QB.  I don’t trust him, never have and never will. (A joke I saw on twitter comes to mind: I trust (insert QB name) about as much as I trust a stripper with paw print tattoos on her bottom. This is sage advice here).  The offense should be fun to watch if Smith can make some things happen.  If he doesn’t there’s always Chase Daniel. 

Jacksonville is….just a city in Florida and someone needed a tax write off.  Of course there is MJD, but I’m not sure which QB is better between Gabbert (Yo Gabba Gabba) and Henne.  The question I have is will this be Justin Blackmon’s breakout year or will we be waiting for this to happen next year?  Can anyone name 4 starters on defense for the Jaguars without googling the info? You can get two easily, but the others,….well,….we’ll see how they play.  Winner – Chiefs.

Arizona @ St. Louis – Teams are doing a good job reclaiming old QBs and bringing them in for their final few years.  So the Cardinals brought in Carson Palmer who I think still has some tread on his tires and now he has a #1 guy to throw to in Fitzgerald.  If this team can protect Palmer and find some semblance of a running game, they could be decent.  On defense the Cardinals are going to be rather solid because of Dansby, Acho, Peterson, and Docket. 

The Rams are a new look team.  They have a stingy defense but now add Tavon Austin to the mix to help Bradford make this passing game more exciting.  If Bradford can stay healthy, watch out for this team.  They could be one of the sleepers in the NFC.  Winner – Cardinals.

Green Bay @ San Francisco – I would love to see this game late in the season with the playoffs on the line.  Instead we get this game 1 and it still should be a good one.  The 49ers come off of a close loss to the Ravens in the Superbowl, but they come back fully loaded and no concern about who will be the starting QB.  Kaepernick will have a target on his back from not only his off-season wardrobe choices, but he’ll also be trying to prove that this whole new breed of QB is here to stay.  He gained a weapon from that Ravens team in Boldin, but they were already loaded.  Did I mention that the 49ers offensive line is still bigger than most, if not all, in the NFL.  Defense is going to be outrageous.

Green Bay is lucky enough to have one of the QB gawds in Rodgers under center, so they’ll probably be ok as long as this crippled offensive line keeps his jersey clean.  I also dare to say that the Packers have a threat in Eddie Lacy, although a rookie, at the RB spot.  They haven’t had a complete back like that in a while.  Scary to think that their entire year could largely depend on his production and ability to pick up blitzes.  Packers defense is best when they play from ahead, so let’s hope that the offense can keep scoring points.  Winner – 49ers.

New York Giants @ Dallas – I always start the year, well at least for the last few, where I point out just how good the Giants front 4 (or 7) really is.  Then they go out and make me look bad by not performing.  Because I’m a glutton for punishment I am going to go out on a limb again this year and tell you that the Giants have one of the top 3 defensive lines in the NFL.  With Cullen Jenkins able to get pressure from the interior, that makes Tuck, Herzlich and Kiwanuka that much tougher to block. On offense they have the steady Eli manning the ship and that’s enough for 9 wins, at least.

The Romo led Cowboys start the year again with so many expectations and actually they have a pretty scary team.  As usual, it’s all on Romo.  He’s a good player for the majority of a game, but then when you need him, he makes those one or two mistakes that make you want to hunt him down and hurt him.  They may not even be ‘his’ mistakes, but they sure do look bad when they do happen.  He’s got Austin, Murray, Witten and Bryant, so he’s got people around him that can pick up the slack and make plays for him.  Limit the bad decisions and he just may be the MVP of the league.  Winner – Giants.

Houston @ San Diego – This is the other Monday Night Game,….ho hum.  The Texans are the team that some are saying are headed to the Super Bowl this year for the AFC. I’m not sold on that just yet.  Their offense is Johnson and Foster and the health of Matt Schaub.  Seemed like last year the Texans just had too many injuries to really to make a move late in the season and for some reason, I just think that they will go through the same thing again.  I am not wishing it on them, but that’s what I see for them. 

The Chargers are somewhat starting over, but it’s nice to ‘start over’ with Mathews and Rivers as options.  The offense has not really been the problem in the past for the Chargers, but Rivers uncanny ability to snatch victory out of the jaws of defeat with some turnovers just leaves this team in tough situations from time to time.  Can they fix this and stay consistent?  I’m just not sure and I’m not betting with Rivers.  Winner – Texans.

Philadelphia @ Washington – This is the game everyone is waiting for.  The new look Eagles against the hopefully healthy Washington team (I’m all for not mentioning that name until they change it).  The Eagles are on the last ride for Vick and not just his contract but his legacy.  If he falters, he’ll get cut by the beginning of next year, but if he shows out, it puts the Eagles in a tougher spot as it relates to backups.  Chip Kelly’s offense will get a tough test but if they can keep Vick clean and he uses that blessed arm he has, this could be a magical ride for the Eagles.

The team from Washington gets a healthy RGIII back and I think they pick up where they started off last year.  Decent running game, which includes RGIII, but a good passing game and some health is what they really need.  The defense is getting older, but Kerrigan and Arakbo will be able to make plays this year if Cofield and Bowen can get pressure up front.  The team from Washington will be more than solid and should look for playoff berth.  Winner – Eagles.

Who ya with?!?!?!?!?

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Getting Back in the Saddle

Well it's been a minute but as the NFL season approaches, it's time for me to get back to this blogging thing.  Lots has happened over my brief hiatus, but like the quote from above, I'm back to give you guys hell and enjoy myself the entire time.  Maybe this time away made me better.  We'll see.  Buckle up and get your popcorn ready, sports are about to kick back into high gear with the NFL, the NBA, and the MLB playoffs coming (had to throw that in there for my Pittsburgh Pirates peeps).  See you on the field,.............