Thursday, October 15, 2015

2015-16 NFL Week 6 Picks

Atlanta @ New Orleans

The Saints are struggling to put point ms on the board eventhough they recently beat the Cowboys. Colston is out and that's gonnaake things tough. Brees gonna need game of his life tonight. 

The Falcons are undefeated and they are looking good. The defense should feast on this Saints team and the offense should put together some pretty good drives to get this win. 

Winner - Falcons

Thursday, October 01, 2015

2015-16 NFL Week 4 Picks

Running behind this week but trying to get these picks in.  Let's go.

Baltimore @ Pittsburgh

The Steelers bring out their rusty dusty backup in Michael Vick after Big Ben's injury.  This will be a test against a wounded Ravens team so we'll have to see how well Vick plays.  I'm rooting for you Vick.

The Ravens need a win, nothing more nothing less.  Last week they were thisclose to pulling off a win against Cincinnati but,...well A.J. Green happened.  The Steelers defense is hobbled but making strides so here's hoping that the Ravens can put up some points and watch their defense get after Vick.

Winner - Ravens

New York Jets @ Miami (London)

Seems like each week we are waiting on the real Dolphins team to show up. I'm talking about the one that many thought would win the AFC East. We're all eyes Dolphina, all eyes. 

The Jets have proven that they can probably stop anyone but their problem is going down the field with their QB. Is it time for Geno?!?

Winner - Jets

Jacksonville @ Indianapolis

Welp, no Andrew Luck and that isn't a good. This Colts team was already struggling and without their best player this is going to be ugly. 

Jacksonville, this is your chance to get a win. Like, really, you're playing a team without their best player and you had some good moments lately. 

Winner - Jaguars

New York Giants @ Buffalo

Tyrod Taylor and this Bills defense have been the keys. Looking for the ball to keep bouncing and this team to continue to play well. 

The Giants will still be without Victor Cruz so it looks like another big day for OBJ and probably another loss for the Giants. 

Winner - Bills

Carolina @ Tampa Bay

I never thought the Bucs would be this bad. Yes, they have a rookie QB, but the defense was supposed to step up and help. Divisional game on deck, let's see who steps up. 

Let's see if the Cam Newton show can keep rolling. 

Winner - Panthers

Philadelphia @ Washington

Not sure what to say about this one. The Redskins, on paper, should be able to ground the smallish Eagles into submission but we know that's not how it always works. Washington will mess this up. 

The Eaglea need to get their offense going so they can impose their will  it hasn't looked good as of late and I think they struggle a little more but they get it going. 

Winner - Eagles

Oakland @ Chicago

The only way the Bears have a chance is if Cutler plays. If he doesn't it's gonna take a miracle. 

The Raiders can't give up points to this wounded team. They can score but this defense can give up some yards and points to be as attacking as they are. 

Winner - Raiders

Houston @ Atlanta

The Falcons are riding high with their offense and rejuvenated defense. This team is due for a letdown and this game could provide the trap. 

The Texans need a QB to go with this defense. Until then, we can all just say what if?

Winner - Falcons

Kansas City @ Cincinnati

The Bengals are rolling along and this might be their first big test.  Can Andy Dalton continue his good play? Can someone slow down AJ Green?

The Chiefs come into this game with many still questioning Alex Smith and whether he's the right QB to lead this offense. I'm not a fan of Smith but I actually think he's pretty decent. They just need to play within their system and stay until he lead. 

Winner - Chiefs

Cleveland @ San Diego

I hope Philip Rivera has his arm rested because I expect him to be slinging the ball around the field today. Defense just needs to make some stops. 

The Browns need to figure out who they want at QB and just ride them out. I don't think either of their top 2 give them a good chance to winany games, but his is a sad situation. 

Winner - Chargers

Green Bay @ San Francisco

The 49ers looked like shit last week and most of that was Kaep. I said they had changed that offense to look more like a college offense but it was too simple last week.

The Packers continue to roll as long as Rodgers is lining up at QB. They find a way to win and that defense hides its weaknesses just enough to make some plays. 

Winner - Packers

St. Louis @ Arizona

The Cardinals may be the best team in the NFL and they keep chuggin along. Seems like the health of Carson Palmer will be the reason this team plays well or not. It's good to see Palmer finally playing healthy. 

The Rams need their offense to wake up. This defense should give the Cardinals some problems, but will it be enough?

Winner - Cardinals

Minnesota @ Denver

Another. Janice for people to question Manning's arm strength and another chance for this Broncos defense to turn it up. 

When will we see the improved Teddy Brisgewater that we were promised?  He's going to need to show up to keep the pressure off of AP. 

Winner - Broncos

Dallas @ New Orleans

An injured Drew Brees going up against a limping Cowboys team. I'm hoping for some vintage Brees. 

The Cowboys would be smart to run the ball on every occasion and keep Weeden from throwing too much. They should salt this one away, if they play smart. 

Winner - Cowboys

Detroit @ Seattle

The Seahawks are finding their groove. Nothing like beating the sorry Bears to make the week look better. Still need to get their new TE involved in the passing game more, but I think that will happen. 

The Lions have Stafford. As I've said before he is just someone I don't trust. He can't make mistakes against this defense or it'll be over quick. 

Winner - Seahawks