Thursday, December 04, 2008

NFL Week 14 Match Up

Well, after a terrible week last week (8-8), I haven't had time to wallow in the mire of my bad week, so I'll just try and forget it and move forward. Here we go, wish me luck.

Oakland @ San Diego - Who freakin cares? I mean two bad teams and I never thought I'd say that about the Chargers. It's on Thursday night and on the NFL Network, I betcha this is one of the lowest rated game of the year. San Diego is better and they are at home. Other than that, I wouldn't know whom to pick. Winner - Chargers.

Jacksonville @ Chicago - A bad team against a so so team. Jacksonville has fallen far from where we thought they would be this year. Chicago has a good offense and their defense has played decently this year but not as dominating as most have wanted. Matt Forte should get some votes for Rookie of the Year. Winner - Bears.

Minnesota @ Detroit - Hmmmm, could it happen this week? The Lions are at home and they play well there. The Williams may be out while they are fighting their suspensions. The biggest question is whether they do play. The Vikings lose a big part of their defense if they don't play, and the Lions just need a break. I can't in good confidence call this game for the Lions. Winner - Vikings.

Houston @ Green Bay - Great game on Monday night Texans. Now you get an all expenses paid trip to Green Bay. The Packers need this game and they love playing at home. You'll probably have some frozen tundra, so let's hope that the Packers can dig one out at home. Winner - Packers.

Cleveland @ Tennessee - I don't see anything good coming out of this game. Nothing at all. Cleveland is signing QBs off the street and they weren't playing well prior to that. Winner - Titans.

Cincinnati @ Indianapolis - Colts. Do I need to say anything else? Winner - Colts.

Atlanta @ New Orleans - This is going to be a good game. One team on the way to the playoffs and the other going home. I feel bad for Duce McAllister, because after this suspension, I'm not sure where he plays next year. Atlanta is playing some good football. Very balanced and if they could make a few more stops on defense, you are looking at a team going very deep in the playoffs. Winner - Falcons.

Philadelphia @ New York Giants - An athlete in trouble with an opportunity to redeem himself. Sounded like McNabb a few weeks ago, but now it's Antonio Pierce. I expect Pierce and the Giants defense to handle their business. The Eagles looked great last game, but I don't think that they have enough left in the tank to make the run that they would need to make to be in the playoffs. Winner - Giants.

Kansas City @ Denver - Can they make it two in a row? Denver is at home and the only thing they do well is offense. It's sad because the thing that the Chiefs do the worst is defense. What's the over under on this one? Gotta go with the Broncos on this one. Winner - Broncos.

Miami @ Buffalo - This ought to be a good game to watch. The Bills have been disappointing to say the least and now they get a team that is always prepared. Can't pick the Bills this week. Winner - Dolphins.

New York Jets @ San Francisco - They better win. They can't go to sleep at the wheel like they did against the Broncos last week. It's a long trip to the Bay Area, but it's the 49ers fellas. Gotta be a win, right? Winner - Jets.

New England @ Seattle - I picked these Pats against the Steelers last week and got killed. The Seahawks aren't the Steelers. Winner - Patriots.

St. Louis @ Arizona - The Rams at least get to travel to exotic places, well if you consider Arizona exotic. Does anyone believe that they can win this game against the Cardinals, even with Stephen Jackson in the game? Part of me says they can. The other part of me remembers last week. Winner - Cardinals.

Dallas @ Pittsburgh - Talk about two different styles. Dallas is the flashy team going against the all business Steelers. I gotta watch this one because it'll be good. How banged up is Big Ben? Willie Parker? It's going to be cold and probably wet this weekend, and the Cowboys may be limited with Marion Barber's hurt foot. I can't pick the Steelers, eventhough it's a home game. Just something telling me go with the Cowboys. Winner - Cowboys.

Washington @ Baltimore - I feel for the entire Redskins team. Everyone is hurt and they have a semi-home game against the Ravens this weekend. Baltimore is going to rip them a new one. Winner - Ravens.

Tampa Bay @ Carolina - Which team shows up for the Panthers? The defensive team we saw early in the year? The lucky team from last week? Which one? Tampa Bay has been as consistent as almost any team this year. They win with their defense and at times Jeff Garcia puts that offense on his back. The Bucs go to North Cakalac for a tough win. Winner - Bucs.
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