Monday, March 01, 2010

Say it ain't so AI!!!

Chalk it up to something I don’t understand. I got this email not too long ago from SportsbyBrooks. This is an actual party flyer from the CIAA Tournament that was held in Charlotte this past weekend. Allen Iverson has been on leave from his employer, the Philadelphia 76ers, for a few weeks now to attend to his ailing daughter. His daughter is battling a sickness that doctors are having a problem diagnosing. Those with kids (and those without) should understand the fear associated with having a sick child and especially one that you have no definitive answer as to what’s wrong. I have empathy for AI on that point. Here’s the part I don’t understand,….what are you doing at the CIAA, on a flyer for throwing a party? According to many, AI was in the building.

Here’s the question:

Did the man need to ‘get away from it all’ for a while and head off to the club?


Does AI not care what his employer would think WHEN this went very public?

I have long been an AI fan and have always stuck up for him, but this is really pushing it. If you are the Sixers, what would you do when this comes across your desk?


South Loop Social Light said...

He may have been locked into a contract with the party/club promoter and not able to get out of the obligation. He could've needed a break from the stress of having a child in the hospital... or he could just be a tool. lol Who knows...

Inquisitive Mind said...

If that was the case what promoter is going to tell you to leave your sick child? He could have simply given that money back. Truly sad.