Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Catching Up - Bigtime!!!!!

Ok, it’s been a long while but here we go:


My Duke Blue Devils won the NCAA tournament. It’s about time. No the program wasn’t going downhill, but they needed this win badly. I’m looking for a repeat. Yes, a repeat next year. Can anyone touch the ACC? I mean really?


Donovan McNabb – Traded to the Redskins. Redskin Nation should be VERY excited about this, BUT (and you know it’s bad when you throw a but in there) if the Redskins don’t get an offensive line, it ain’t gonna matter who they put back there. They have a trio of running backs and a good QB, let’s protect them, please!!!!!!

Carlos Rodgers – Sad story. Rogers was the 2nd pick in the 2003 NFL Draft and really didn’t pan out. He ended up getting hooked on drugs. He had a signing bonus of $9.1M but a US District Judge sided with the Detroit Lions and Rodgers has to repay $6.1M of that signing bonus. We know this is money they aren’t going to get (I’m assuming that Rodgers is broke), so it’s just another sad story.


LeBron – IS THE MAN. Bron has all but tied up his second MVP, and the Cavs are just waiting for the playoffs to start. I hope that the Cavs don’t get Boston in the 1st or 2nd round because I actually see a fight happening. Write it down, let it marinate. How many of you have LeBron and Kobe battling for the title? Still on track.

Chris Bosh – Wow, a broken face/nose with the playoffs in sight. You could have heard the cheering from Chicago when this happened. No, no one wanted to see him hurt, but this makes the Bulls chances of making the playoffs/getting slaughtered by the Cavs much more than just a dream. Bosh, take the rest of the year off and come to Chicago as a free agent next year.

Charlotte Bobcats – You know that this is a dangerous team, right? They seem to be clicking on all cylinders and they’re actually playing good basketball right now. I’m not sure that I want to see them in the 1st round if I’m any team in the East.

Milwaukee Bucks – Heart broken. Can you deal with this? You’ve been playing great ball and then your center (who’s actually played ball after signing that big extension last year) goes down for 6 weeks. The Bucks were going to be a tough out in the 1st round also, but maybe not so much with Bogut out.

NYSTOM – More stuff coming from him.


Baseball season is upon us. We here at MeltingPotThoughts are trying earnestly to bring in an MLB correspondent. JL, if you read this, we need you man. Bring your knowledge to the table. We’re begging, well not begging, but we’re asking very nicely. I promise to stop bugging you when you agree to come on board.


Return of the Tiger – Well, he’s back. Tiger is teeing off tomorrow at Augusta at 1:47pm (EST). I’ll bet you every one of Tiger’s women and detractors are going to be watching him to see how he performs. I for one hope he destroys the field. Yes, destroys the field. Nothing like taking any confidence that anyone has developed since he’s been on his self induced hiatus. Go Tiger!!!!!


Bernard Hopkins vs. Roy Jones Jr. – What year is this? When are these old men going to get it in their heads that they need to start doing something else besides box each other? This is akin to Grandpa fighting Col. Stinkmeaner from the Boondocks. I personally didn’t see the fight, but all reports say that the WINNER of the fight was really starting to look into retirement. That should tell you something.

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