Tuesday, May 12, 2009

NBA Playoffs - Eastern Conference 2nd Round

Lots going on here. I have been loving these games, with two issues with two teams (1 East and 1 West). Let's talk about the Eastern side of the playoff brackets.

Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Atlanta Hawks

I'm with Charles Barkley on this one, the Hawks were admiring LeBron as he was destroying them. LeBron has scored almost a point per minute he has played this entire series. He doesn't even have any bruises and he put up 47 points in Game 3. The Hawks just disappointed this year. I for one thought that they would have given the Cavs some run, but I guess after Horford got hurt, it was pretty much over. The Cavs are waiting to see who they play next. I had the Cavs winning in 5 games, but they mercifully ended this series early.

Boston Celtics vs. Orlando Magic

This is one team that I have issues with. The Magic are a more talented and better team than the Celtics (with KG and Leon Powe out), but they don't know how to play the game. They have been up for the majority of the games in this series but have had problems closing out the reigning champs. My biggest issue with them is around their biggest player. Stan Van Gundy, please pay attention, I have a game plan for you: GIVE DWIGHT HOWARD THE BALL. The Celtics don't have anyone who can cover Howard. I mean I like Perkins, but he is struggling with a hurt shoulder and he's rather foul prone. When Howard is tired of shooting (he should have 25 attempts each game) then you go to Rashard Lewis. Let him post up whomever wants to cover him. By heeding this advice, the Magic would end this series quickly but now they are heading back to Orlando down 3-2.

Is anyone else wondering why the Magic aren't killing the Celtics? The Celtics are short handed and they still find ways to beat the Magic. Is it coaching? Is it toughness? What's the problem?

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Yao Out

The Lakers got a great Mother's Day gift. Yao Ming has a hairline fracture in his foot and will miss the rest of the playoffs. The Lakers and the Nuggets should be meeting in the Western Conference Finals in a few days.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

NBA Playoffs - Eastern Conference 2nd Round

The Eastern conference playoffs are pretty much sewn up for Cleveland. The only drama in the east is how long is it going to take the Celtics to beat the Magic. LeBron got his MVP trophy and he's aiming to get some more hardware this year. Let's take a look at the East.

Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Atlanta Hawks

Prediction: 4-1 Cavaliers (I'm hedging my bets against Atlanta, they could win 1 game)

Well, I don't have much to say about this. The Cavs are clearly a better team and LeBron didn't do like most MVP candidates the night they receive the trophy (they normally go out and play a stinker of a game). The Cavs are balanced and if worse comes to worst, they have LeBron. The Hawks are just perplexing. I love the talent they have, but for some reason they just don't bring it on a nightly basis. I mean they have Joe Johnson, Al Horford, Mike Bibby, Josh Smith, Marvin Williams, and they have a decent bench, but these guys are too relaxed. Maybe it's coaching, maybe it's desire, but they have some things to work on this summer. This summer being something that they'll be starting in 3 more games.

Boston Celtics vs. Orlando Magic

Prediction: 4-3 Celtics

I don't get this series. The Magic race out to a 20+ lead in Game 1 and they survive to win. In Game 2, they just let Boston beat them. I mean they didn't even put up a speed bump against the Celtics. Eddie House had 31 pts. That pretty much says it all right there. The Magic are clearly better in the paint, but for some reason they continue to shoot a lot of 3's and jumpers. Didn't they see what the Bulls did in the earlier series? Note to Coach Van Gundy: Pound the Celtics, if you want to win. I still think the Magic are a year away.

Eastern Conference Finals: Cavaliers vs. Celtics

Sports Conversations

From time to time, I discuss sports topics with friends of mine (some actually visit the site, the others,...well I don't know if we'll be friends anymore). Last night happened to be one of those nights and I figured I'd give you all some insight to the craziness that comes out of people's mouths.

Topic #1: LeBron and the Cavaliers (conversation with T)

Now we're talking about the NBA (2009) playoffs and T tells me that he doesn't understand how the Cavs an be so good because they have a mishmash of talent outside of LeBron. He's telling me that the Cavs aren't that good and they have a group of misfits like Joe Smith, Big Z, etc. I told him he was crazy because the Cavs have a team, and each person does what they need in order to win.

Topic #2: Comparing JJ Barea and Ty Lawson (UNC) (conversation with T)

We both agree that the Mavs have no chance against the Nuggets, but that we like JJ Barea coming off the bench for the Mavs. Now T starts comparing JJ Barea with Ty Lawson. I'm thinking there's not much to compare other than both of them play basketball and they both play point guard. T insists that they are very similar, I don't see it.

Topic #3: LeBron James or 2 or 3 players (years ago with Bostic)

We were talking about the money that LeBron would be getting from the Cavs. We were talking about approximately $100M and whether LeBron was worth that. At the time Bostic was saying that he would rather get two or three people instead of giving LeBron $100M. He was saying that he would give Al Harrington almost $60M because he can give you some of the same things that LeBron could give you and you would save $4oM to get some other players. We never got to what other players because I couldn't believe that he let that out of his mouth.

So, these are just some of the conversations that we have. I know that some of you have the same kind of conversations with your friends, but I decided to fill you in on some of our convos. Do you think the Cavaliers are a garbage team (outside of LeBron)? What are the similarities between JJ Barea and Ty Lawson? What would you do with $100M, LeBron or 2 or 3 other players?

NBA Playoffs - Western Conference 2nd Round

The first round wasn't that exciting with the exception of the Rockets vs. Blazers series. With the Hornets, Trailblazers, Jazz, and Spurs at home, we have some better matchups in the semis. Here's my take on the series for the 2nd round, and yes, I have already had the opportunity to see two Game 1's, and some Game 2's but this won't effect my predictions.

Los Angeles Lakers vs. Houston Rockets

Prediction: 4-3 Los Angeles Lakers

Well, it's 1-1 and there was a lot of bs going on in the game last night. The Lakers may be with out Derek Fisher for Game 3 and the Rockets have to watch the combustible Ron Artest (who shouldn't have been thrown out last night). This series is going to go 6 or 7 games because the the Lakers have yet to show me that they can consistently play defense. They can outscore anyone, but they better get a few stops or it's going to end like it did last year, a loss in the Finals.

Denver Nuggets vs. Dallas Mavericks

Prediction: 4-1 Denver Nuggets

This series is 2-0 Nuggets and I expect more of the same. The Nuggets are just too good for the Mavs. The Mavs were able to beat the Spurs, but let's admit this, the Spurs had no Ginobli, 1/2 of Tim Duncan, and an on fire Tony Parker, but that's it. Dirk has picked up his play, but the Nuggets have the bigs that at least make him scoring that much more of a chore. Billups is running this team like a well oiled machine and when you add in Carmelo and JR Smith, the points just keep coming. I said this a while ago, but I'll do it again. The Lakers don't want to see the Nuggets in the playoffs. The Nuggets are 2 games away, what are the Lakers going to do?

West Conference Finals Prediction: Lakers vs. Nuggets and it'll be a barn burner.