Thursday, May 07, 2009

Sports Conversations

From time to time, I discuss sports topics with friends of mine (some actually visit the site, the others,...well I don't know if we'll be friends anymore). Last night happened to be one of those nights and I figured I'd give you all some insight to the craziness that comes out of people's mouths.

Topic #1: LeBron and the Cavaliers (conversation with T)

Now we're talking about the NBA (2009) playoffs and T tells me that he doesn't understand how the Cavs an be so good because they have a mishmash of talent outside of LeBron. He's telling me that the Cavs aren't that good and they have a group of misfits like Joe Smith, Big Z, etc. I told him he was crazy because the Cavs have a team, and each person does what they need in order to win.

Topic #2: Comparing JJ Barea and Ty Lawson (UNC) (conversation with T)

We both agree that the Mavs have no chance against the Nuggets, but that we like JJ Barea coming off the bench for the Mavs. Now T starts comparing JJ Barea with Ty Lawson. I'm thinking there's not much to compare other than both of them play basketball and they both play point guard. T insists that they are very similar, I don't see it.

Topic #3: LeBron James or 2 or 3 players (years ago with Bostic)

We were talking about the money that LeBron would be getting from the Cavs. We were talking about approximately $100M and whether LeBron was worth that. At the time Bostic was saying that he would rather get two or three people instead of giving LeBron $100M. He was saying that he would give Al Harrington almost $60M because he can give you some of the same things that LeBron could give you and you would save $4oM to get some other players. We never got to what other players because I couldn't believe that he let that out of his mouth.

So, these are just some of the conversations that we have. I know that some of you have the same kind of conversations with your friends, but I decided to fill you in on some of our convos. Do you think the Cavaliers are a garbage team (outside of LeBron)? What are the similarities between JJ Barea and Ty Lawson? What would you do with $100M, LeBron or 2 or 3 other players?

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