Thursday, May 07, 2009

NBA Playoffs - Western Conference 2nd Round

The first round wasn't that exciting with the exception of the Rockets vs. Blazers series. With the Hornets, Trailblazers, Jazz, and Spurs at home, we have some better matchups in the semis. Here's my take on the series for the 2nd round, and yes, I have already had the opportunity to see two Game 1's, and some Game 2's but this won't effect my predictions.

Los Angeles Lakers vs. Houston Rockets

Prediction: 4-3 Los Angeles Lakers

Well, it's 1-1 and there was a lot of bs going on in the game last night. The Lakers may be with out Derek Fisher for Game 3 and the Rockets have to watch the combustible Ron Artest (who shouldn't have been thrown out last night). This series is going to go 6 or 7 games because the the Lakers have yet to show me that they can consistently play defense. They can outscore anyone, but they better get a few stops or it's going to end like it did last year, a loss in the Finals.

Denver Nuggets vs. Dallas Mavericks

Prediction: 4-1 Denver Nuggets

This series is 2-0 Nuggets and I expect more of the same. The Nuggets are just too good for the Mavs. The Mavs were able to beat the Spurs, but let's admit this, the Spurs had no Ginobli, 1/2 of Tim Duncan, and an on fire Tony Parker, but that's it. Dirk has picked up his play, but the Nuggets have the bigs that at least make him scoring that much more of a chore. Billups is running this team like a well oiled machine and when you add in Carmelo and JR Smith, the points just keep coming. I said this a while ago, but I'll do it again. The Lakers don't want to see the Nuggets in the playoffs. The Nuggets are 2 games away, what are the Lakers going to do?

West Conference Finals Prediction: Lakers vs. Nuggets and it'll be a barn burner.

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