Thursday, April 30, 2009

Catching Up with the Eastern Conference

Let's take a look at what I missed in the Eastern Conference NBA Playoffs.

Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Detroit Pistons

Were there ever any doubts? The Cavs destroyed the Pistons and that's all you can say. The Pistons have nothing to look forward to except possibly retooling. Joe Dumars has a lot of work to do. My take on this series was 4-0 Cavaliers and I was right.

Orlando Magic vs. Philadelphia 76ers

This has been a series to watch. Everyone has been saying how much of a spaz Coach Van Gundy is and he's kinda of shown that. His team mimics him and they don't play up to their level of success that they had during the year. The Magic are up 3-2 but have to play game 6 without the suspended Dwight Howard. Yes, Howard should have been suspended because that was a big elbow that could have knocked Dalembert out if he would have been 4 inches closer. What will the Magic do tonight? The big dollar man, Rashard Lewis, has yet to show up and that's troubling. The Sixers have been led by Andre Miller and they have been close in several games. I expect this one to go to game 7. I picked the Magic to win this series 4-3, but I could see it going the other way.

Boston Celtics vs. Chicago Bulls

Talk about a series where neither team deserves to win. The Celtics are just being killed by injuries (KG, Powe) yet they keep playing championship ball. The Bulls are playing tough and they are being led by Ben Gordon (Flash Gordon music playing in the background). His strained hamstring is probably worse than most think, but he toughed it out and played the majority of game 5. He's been able to hit big shots and keep the Bulls in this series. A lot of the baby Bulls (Noah, Thomas, Rose) have stepped up large in this series. You gotta go with the Champions in this series, but the Bulls are right there. I picked the Celtics to win this series 4-3 and I expect it to finish that way. The game tonight will be very exciting.

Atlanta Hawks vs. Miami Heat

After last nights game, I think I've finally gone from Dwayne Wade is a star to Dwayne Wade is an actor. Yes, he goes to the ground quicker than Steve Wojciehowski slaps the court in a Duke basketball game, but in the past I've always thought he was just creating that contact. After last nights, you can just tell he's a bad actor with a penchant for the flamboyant. He's the only reason the Heat are in this series, so why aren't the Hawks trying to take the ball out of his hands. As much as I like Chalmers, Beasley, and Haslem, they aren't going to beat you. Double Wade and get the ball out of his hands. The Hawks have been playing like the lower seed in this series and they are thisclose to being home. Joe Johnson seems to have found his groove (last night) but if Horford is as hurt as he showed last night, the Hawks would be in trouble in the 2nd round (if they make it). I picked the Hawks 4-3 for this series,.......and I'm sticking with them.

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South Loop Social Light said...

Justin and I watched the game on Tuesday night as we were working out at the gym and it had everyone on edge. I actually ran 3.67 miles as I watched the Bulls, once again, blow the game in OT. I'm excited to watch tonight and hope that they can pull out a win.