Thursday, April 16, 2009

Catching Up

It's been a long day today. A lot going on. Let's see what happened:
Boston Celtics - Well it seems that KG is REALLY hurt and won't play during the playoffs. This is a major blow to the Celtics championship aspirations. Without KG, the Celtics just don't have the depth to get past the Cavs. They might have some problems with a young and energetic Bulls team (my father-in-law already called about the Bulls winning at least 2 games in this series). Although there is hope that KG might play, he hasn't been ruled out and we know as the playoffs start, KG will get that itch.
Boston Celtics - With the news about KG being broadcast this morning, Danny Ainge went and had a (minor) heart attack. Well, some may say that's a cruel joke, but Danny Ainge DID have a heart attack today. I hope he is resting now, they say that he'll recover and be ok. Get yourself checked out. If you haven't seen a doctor in a while (men are stubborn), go and see one.

Football - John Madden is turning in his microphone and retiring from football announcing. No more 'Boom', 'Bam', or 'Turducken'. We all must truly pause for a moment to let this sink in. Madden has been the face of football announcing for years and he is a Super Bowl winning coach (Superbowl 11). The game just wasn't a game unless Madden was announcing it, even though he had to travel by bus due to his fear of flying. John, we will miss you.
Football - Former running back, Travis Henry (yes he of the many kids, about 11 at the present time) has pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to possess cocaine with the intent to distribute. Two other charges are going to be dropped, but Henry is facing a mandatory 10 years to life in prison AND a $4M fine. Talk about piling it on. His kids are the ones that really lose out on this.

Duke/Michgan/Everyone - Ok, we all know I'm a Duke homer, but what is all this fuss over a kid who hasn't played football in 4 years? Paulus turned out to be a decent point guard, but who thinks that he can just come back and pick up a football and act likehe hasn't missed a beat? I certainly don't. Even Duke offered him a chance to play football but only as a wide receiver. Michigan has supposedly offered this kid a scholarship to play football this year for them. What are people drinking? I wish Paulus well, but go work on your game for the NBA draft.

Did I miss anything? What else, of note, happened today?

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