Sunday, May 15, 2011

Eastern Conference Finals - Chicago Bulls vs. Miami Heat

The NBA can say one thing, these playoffs have been some of the best ever.  The Chicago Bulls closed out an Atlanta Hawks team, that has underperformed for years, with several MVP worthy games by Derrick Rose.  The Miami Heat closed out a suddenly very old Boston Celtics team.  This is the series that everyone wanted to see, the '3 Amigos' Heat against the up and coming Bulls.

Chicago Bulls:

Well, the Bulls showed in Game 6 that maybe they aren't just the Derrick Rose show.  This Bulls team is built on Rose's ability to get to the basket and the team being able to play defense.  Carlos Boozer played his best game of the playoffs and it showed that if Rose and Boozer both get going, this team has it all.  I liken Rose to one or two people, a taller version of Allen Iverson or the LeBron of point guards.  Rose can score and has the quickness of AI and the offense in Chicago is built around him scoring.  Or, he just gets his points because he's just bigger, faster, and more powerful than the other point guards.  Fair assessment?  Either way, Rose will be pivotal in this matchup, but he's going to need help and that will fall on the two ex-Dukies (Boozer and Deng). 

Miami Heat:

This is what happens when you get 3 of the better/best players in the league all on one team.  The Heat exercised the demon that was the Boston Celtics with LeBron finally showing us that he can finish a game.  Yes, LBJ and Wade are wing players that need the ball in their hands to be the most effective, but in the end of the day, I don't mind either of them having the ball in their hands.  The Heat have played pretty well in these playoffs and maybe they've finally found their 'game'.  They'll be tested against a very good Bulls defensive squad and they will have to find a way to rebound and run. 


Bulls - Carlos Boozer and Ronnie Brewer/Bench Mob guards.  Rose is going to be Rose, but he has to find a way to get his teammates involved because he can't do it himself.  Carlos Boozer is the biggest X-factor for the Bulls.  If he plays like he did in Game 6 against the Hawks, the Bulls will probably win this series.  Ronnie Brewer was brought in for his defense, and anything that he provides on that side of the ball with limiting Wade will help the Bulls a lot.  I know that the Bulls are going to rotate lots of people on Wade, but playing Bogans more than 5 minutes a game in this one is going to be dangerous.  If Wade looks up and sees Korver on him, he might get 50. 

Heat - Chris Bosh, the Heat bigs, and Bibby/Chalmers.  Bosh has got to play ball for this to go well for the Heat.  Boozer has power over him but I am sure that he can exploit Boozer off the dribble.  The issue is going to be Taj Gibson, because he matches up better against Bosh than Boozer does.  He's quick, can rebound well, and he's been ballin as of late.  The Heat bigs are going to have to keep Noah, Asik, Gibson, and Kurt Thomas off the boards.  The more rebounds the bigs get, the faster they can get out and run and test this Bulls defense.  Bibby and Chalmers have to form a combo that will give Rose fits.  Chalmers has the quicks, but Bibby has the smarts and the shooting.  They both are going to have to maximize their talents to make this easier on the Big 3. 

Prediction: This is for the opportunity to represent the East in the NBA Finals.  I imagine that this will be as exciting as the rest of the playoffs have been.  People are saying that the Bulls don't have a chance, but I think they have as good a chance as anyone.  When it comes down to it, who do you think will get more calls?  LBJ/Wade or Rose?  I go with the Heat tandem.  Heat 4-2.
Side note: Thanks to my father-in-law, we'll get to see Game 2 in Chicago.  I'll see what kind of pictures I can get, but I expect it to be outrageous since the Bulls haven't had excitement like this since the Jordan years.  So, thanks again to my father-in-law.


South Loop Social Light said...

Mr. Brooks comes in with the tickets!! That's a sweet treat.

Looking forward to seeing the pics from the game. I think this series will be very exciting and you never know, the Bulls could surprise us all and win things! Boozer really needs to get his mind right and play consistently.

Sidebar: "The Heat exercised the demon that was the Boston Celtics..." Love that quote.

Inquisitive Mind said...

If the Heat decide to go 'small' against this Bulls team like they did yesterday, this series will be over in 4 games. They got me questioning my pick now. Pat Riley must be rolling over in his grave (and he's still alive).