Thursday, October 31, 2013

2013-14 NFL Week 9 Picks

On a plane, trying to make it happen let's see what we got this week.

Cincinnati @ Miami - We get arguably the best defense in the league right now and a Dolphins team that seems to be taking multiple steps backwards. Home team should have some juice, but not enough for a win.  Winner - Bengals. 

Kansas City @ Buffalo - Chiefs go into Buffalo and stay undefeated.  Winner - Chiefs.

Minnesota @ Dallas - The Vikings shouldn't be in this game.  I mean Ponder gets the start and they play the Cowboys in Dallas.  AP can't beat them by himself,....this should be a cakewalk for the Cowboys. Beware Cowboys fans.  Winner - Cowboys.

Tennessee @ St. Louis - I will guarantee that this will be an ugly game.  At least the weather won't impact it.  Winner - Rams.

New Orleans @ New York Jets - I hope Geno plays well, but the Saints are too good to hit a road bump here.  Winner - Saints.

San Diego @ Washington - Should be a good bounce back game for the Redskins.  I think the first team to 30 wins this one.  Winner - Redskins

Atlanta @ Carolina - As bad as the Falcons have been playing this would be the game where they show up and make the Panthers look bad.  Fighting the urge to pick the Falcons.  Winner - Panthers.

Philadelphia @ Oakland - Coin flip on this one.  I hope it ends in a tie.  Winner - Raiders

Tampa Bay @ Seattle - It's about time for the Seahawks to start a game fast.  Winner - Seahawks.

Baltimore @ Cleveland - First team to 13 wins this game.  Winner - Browns.

Pittsburgh @ New England - Two wounded teams with two good QBs.  Gotta go with the home team.  Winner - Patriots.

Indianapolis @ Houston - I hope the Colts are gentle with the Texans,...very gentle.  Winner - Colts.

Chicago @ Green Bay - No Cutler and Green Bay is rolling.  Unless the Bears defense show up, it's gonna get embarrassing for the Bears.  Winner - Packers
Who you wit?!?!?!?

Sunday, October 27, 2013

2013-14 NFL Week 8 Picks

Tough week to get these picks out and I missed the first game of the week, although I would have picked the Panthers anyway. 

Carolina @ Tampa Bay - The worst team in the NFL plays the Panthers,...what do you think? How many days left in this Schiano regime again?  Winner - Panthers.

Dallas @ Detroit - This ought to be a good game and I think that Suh gets him some Tony Romo Ribs in this game.  Winner - Lions.

Cleveland @ Kansas City - This will be a good defensive game.  I feel sorry for Jason Campbell that he faces this Chiefs defense in his first game in a while.  Winner - Chiefs.

Miami @ New England - Can we actually feel sorry for the man that has it all, Tom Brady?  He is playing about as good as he has over the past years, but he is throwing the ball to some scrubs.  Yes, Gronk is back for game 2 and there are some other familiar guys coming back for Brady so this ought to provide him with a reason to have a good game.  Winner - Patriots.

Buffalo @ New Orleans - Bills don't have enough offense to keep up with the Saints in the dome.  Winner - Saints.

New York Giants @ Philadelphia - Hmmm,..someone has to win, right?  When was the last tie in the NFL?  I gotta flip a coin on this one.  I do hope that the scoreboard is lit up though.  Winner - Giants

San Francisco @ Jacksonville (London) - Is there even a chance the Jags get close in this game?  Winner - 49ers.

New York Jets @ Cincinnati - C'mon Bengals,...c'mon.  Winner - Bengals.

Pittsburgh @ Oakland - Two bad teams.  I know that these fans remember their golden years, but we're far from that.  Winner - Steelers

Washington @ Denver - High ankle sprain.  That might end up being the one thing that changes not only this game, but the AFC.  There is talk that Manning will be getting injections on his injured ankles and the Redskins are coming to town.  Give me the upset in this one.  Winner - Redskins

Atlanta @ Arizona - Gotta have the Falcons show up in this game.  Maybe the return of Stephen Jackson helps.  Winner - Falcons

Green Bay @ Minnesota - Until the Vikings get a starting QB that can stay on the field, this isn't even close.  Winner - Packers

Seattle @ St. Louis - I expect the Seahawks to feast on whomever the Rams roll out there for their QB.  Winner - Seahawks

Who you wit?!?!?!?!?

Thursday, October 17, 2013

2013-14 NFL Week 7 Picks

Quick turnaround again this week. 

Seattle @ Arizona - Things have been quiet this week from the normally boisterous Seahawks, but I still expect them to win a good game this week. R. Wilson needs to throw the ball this week. Winner - Seahawks

Tampa Bay @ Atlanta - I am pulling against my Bucs, but I blame Schiano for this. The Falcons should bounce back in this game  they have to show people that they have some heart. Atleast a little. Winner - Falcons

Cincinnati @ Detroit - Two pretty evenly manned teams and both with good defenses. Megatron plays so that should help the Lions and I'm still waiting for a great performance from Andy Dalton. Winner - Bengals

Buffalo @ Miami - Whichever team gets to 20 first wins this game. Winner - Dolphins

New England @ New York Jets - The return of the Gronk. He's been practicing a lot so expect a lot of plays for him in this game. Wonder how many he catches. Finally the Jets win a shoot out. Winner - Jets

Dallas @ Philadelphia - Should be a good game and I can't see the Eagles losing this one at home. Foles should play well and I think the Eagles defense finally plays a solid game. Winner - Eagles

Chicago @ Washington - The Bears get to take this evolving offense on the road, but hopefully they pack up their D too. RGIII looked good running the ball last week and he will probably look better this game. Should be another shootout. Winner - Redskins

St. Louis @ Carolina - After last week the Panthers looked to have turned the corner, so the question begs, which Cam newton shows up this weekend?  Winner - Panthers

San Diego @ Jacksonville - Yes, I'm getting on the upset bandwagon here. After seeing the Jaguars slow down the Broncos last week, I think they have a great opportunity to win this game this week. Winner - Jaguars

San Francisco @ Tennessee - Titans should give the 49ers some problems but should be a a good win. Winner - 49ers

Cleveland @ Green Bay - Rodgers is going to be throwing the ball to some people he's probably not used to playing with, but it's going to be tougher if they can't get that run game going. I don't want to write that the Browns will win this game in Green Bat,...I just can't. Winner - Packers

Houston @ Kansas City - 3rd string QB starting for the Texans against that Chiefs defense. Yeah, right. Winner - Chiefs

Baltimore @ Pittsburgh - Normally a good game but with the Steelers this bad, not so much. Winner - Ravens 

Denver @ Indianapolis - Game of the week. Peyton returns to Indy to face the new face of the Colts. Broncos were kept in check last week. Look for the scoreboard to be lot up. Winner - Broncos

Minnesota @ New York Giants - How many people are actually going to watch this game?  Not even sure Giants fans will watch to see the Giants get their first win. Yes, I said get their first win. Winner - Giants

Who you wit?!????

Monday, October 14, 2013

The Tally from NFL Week 1 - Week 5 Picks

Well, we always like to keep a count of how we did each week, but time hasn't been permitting me that opportunity.  After going back and looking at everything, maybe it was best that I didn't look at the numbers of W's and L's with my picks.  If you followed them and bet any money, you're probably in the unemployment line by now. 

Week 1: 8-8

Not bad for starting out.  Lots of teams and lots of unknowns on the first weekend of the season.  Trends aren't setting in yet. 

Week 2: 9-7

Hmmmm, game better, but it's always nice to jump ahead of the mendoza line.  Let's see if we can make another incremental step forward next week. 

Week 3: 6-10

What in the he77 is going on out there?  I think my kids could have picked better than 6-10 by just picking their favorite colors.  Daddy has definitely got to put them down and start paying attention to what's important (couldn't find the sarcasm font). 

Week 4: 6-9

Well, there was 1 fewer game so at least I bested my Week 3 picks die to just good luck.  Maybe it's time to let this idea of being a handicapper go.

Week 5: 9-5

Whew,....just when you think it's darkest outside, the light peeks through.  9-5 is good, but not helping me catch any ground.  But positive is positive, right? 

So for the first 5 weeks, that puts me at a solid 38-39.  Week 6,...please be a positive week.  I need you to be a positive week. 

I normally test myself against the pundits so my 38-39 mark puts me squarely in last place, far.  Send help.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

2013-14 NFL Week 6 Picks

New York Giants @ Chicago - Bears can't lose this game to an 0-5 team. That is just not acceptable. Winner - Bears.

Cincinnati @ Buffalo - The Bengals were supposed to be an up and rising team since beating the Packers a few weeks ago, but they've looked terrible since.  This should be a good win for them.  Winner - Bengals.

Detroit @ Cleveland - I would normally go with Detroit but that defense is only going to carry them so far.  Megatron is a game time decision and if he doesn't play, that Browns defense is going to be a monster.  Winner - Browns.

Oakland @ Kansas City - Hmmmm,...release Matt Flynn in the during the week and you bring in the hated Chiefs.  Can Pryor lead his team to a win against this tough Chiefs defense?  Not putting money on this one.  Winner - Chiefs.

Carolina @ Minnesota - Cam Newton has been playing terribly this year after tearing up the league at the beginning of last year.  Now he faces a tough Vikings defense at home and it's not looking good for him.  I wonder who starts for the Vikings this week at QB.  Winner - Vikings

Pittsburgh @ New York Jets - The Steelers need a win and they had the week off.  They have to regroup and do something.  Something. Winner - Steelers.

Philadelphia @ Tampa Bay - I am all for controversy in Philly, so I'll take the Eagles in this one with a good/great performance from Foles.  Oh, and did I mention that I want Chip Kelly to put a 50 spot on Schiano?  Winner - Eagles.

Green Bay @ Baltimore - This ought to be a good one as the Packers go to Maryland.  The Ravens haven't given up a TD at home all season?  Can high powered offense  beat a solid defense?  Winner - Ravens.

St. Louis @ Houston - I'm sure this is the last thing that Matt Schaub wants, a game at home.  If he comes out and plays bad, I think someone might run on the field and try and take him out (not a Rams defensive player either).  This is a winnable game for both teams, but I gotta think that Schaub stands up and plays well in this one.  Winner - Texans.

Jacksonville @ Denver - We all just want to know if the Jaguars will cover the spread, that would be a win for them.  Winner - Broncos.

Tennessee @ Seattle - The Seahawks have an opportunity to get some home cooking instead of traveling across the country and that's all this defense needs.  Winner - Seahawks.

Arizona @ San Francisco - Big game for the 49ers because they are trying to catch the Seahawks and this is a NFC West battle.  I don't think the Cardinals have enough, but you just never know.  Winner - 49ers.

New Orleans @ New England - Can this Saints offense keep up their scoring?  The Patriots don't look to have Gronk again this week so they will be undermanned.  Winner - Saints.

Washington @ Dallas - A good Sunday night game and the Cowboys are coming off an epic game against the Broncos.  Can they repeat the offensive success of their last game, minus the late INT? Are the Redskins finally ready to play this season?  Their bye last week was probably a good thing for RGIII as his preseason is over and his season 'starts' tonight.  Winner - Redskins.

Indianapolis @ San Diego - This is a tough Colts team that's built like those old NFC East teams of years ago.  They run the ball, they pass when needed, but they are solid all the way around.  The Colts are actually a 'tough' team that will hit you in the mouth.  I like their chances going out to San Diego.  Plus, Rivers is going to pull a Romo for the Chargers, trust me.  Winner - Colts.

Who you wit?!!?!?

Thursday, October 03, 2013

2013-14 NFL Week 5 Picks

Quick turn around this week. Lets see what we got.

Buffalo @ Cleveland - The Browns have made all of us look silly by winning their last two since trading Richardson. Can they get 3 in a row?  The Browns have been playing some good tough defense and I expect much of the same.  Winner -  Browns 

New Orleans @ Chicago - After last weeks debacle in Detroit, I'm hoping that Cutler spent all week getting comfortable with the color of the Bears jerseys this week.  He can't have a 4 turnover performance and expect this team to win.  This could be an upset in the rain on a field with thick grass,...but I gotta get these picks right. Winner - Saints.

New England @ Cincinnati - This should be a good game.  We get to see what changes the Patriots will make without Vince Wilfork being in the mix.  Still no Gronk, but somehow Brady makes this happen.  Can the Bengals continue to mask Andy Dalton's up and down play at QB? Winner - Bengals.

Detroit @ Green Bay - This game had a 6.5 point spread earlier in the week and I thought that said more about the lack of respect for the Packers than anything else.  The Packers are coming in off a bye week and they get this talented defensive line.  I think this game plays out similar to the Bears game last week, but the Packers have a better QB.  Winner - Packers.

Kansas City @ Tennessee - Can someone stop this Chiefs team? If so, I doubt it's the Titans.  Winner - Chiefs.

Seattle @ Indianapolis - Last week the Seahawks traveled across the country and didn't start playing until the second half.  They can't do that this weekend.  We'll see how good Luck is against this Seahawks defense.  Winner - Seahawks.

Jacksonville @ St. Louis - Not much to say about this one.  Winner - Rams.

Baltimore @ Miami - I think this becomes a field goal kickers shootout.  Winner - Ravens.

Philadelphia @ New York Giants - Someone has to win, right? Giants need a win, but they've needed a win the last 4 weeks.  I have a scary feeling that tom Coughlin becomes the fall guy if the Giants lose this game.  Winner - Giants.

Carolina @ Arizona - Look for a dominating display from this Carolina defense.  Winner - Panthers.

Denver @ Dallas - I guess we'll find out just how well the scoreboard works in Jerryland.  Cowboys said they were tired of 'talking' about Peyton Manning so we'll see what happens after this game.  Winner - Broncos.

Houston @ San Francisco - If Matt Schaub thought that his treatment after last game was bad, wait until he throws a pick 6 in this game.  Winner - 49ers.

San Diego @ Oakland - Philip Rivers just might continue to show out and lead this Chargers team to a few more wins.  He's always been an interesting kind of guy, but if he continues to play like this, he might change some people's perception of him (including mine).  Winner - Chargers.

New York Jets @ Atlanta - Jets are beat up and they get to go to the dome in the ATL.  Looking for the Falcons to bounce back after last week.  Winner - Falcons.
Who you got?!?!?