Sunday, October 27, 2013

2013-14 NFL Week 8 Picks

Tough week to get these picks out and I missed the first game of the week, although I would have picked the Panthers anyway. 

Carolina @ Tampa Bay - The worst team in the NFL plays the Panthers,...what do you think? How many days left in this Schiano regime again?  Winner - Panthers.

Dallas @ Detroit - This ought to be a good game and I think that Suh gets him some Tony Romo Ribs in this game.  Winner - Lions.

Cleveland @ Kansas City - This will be a good defensive game.  I feel sorry for Jason Campbell that he faces this Chiefs defense in his first game in a while.  Winner - Chiefs.

Miami @ New England - Can we actually feel sorry for the man that has it all, Tom Brady?  He is playing about as good as he has over the past years, but he is throwing the ball to some scrubs.  Yes, Gronk is back for game 2 and there are some other familiar guys coming back for Brady so this ought to provide him with a reason to have a good game.  Winner - Patriots.

Buffalo @ New Orleans - Bills don't have enough offense to keep up with the Saints in the dome.  Winner - Saints.

New York Giants @ Philadelphia - Hmmm,..someone has to win, right?  When was the last tie in the NFL?  I gotta flip a coin on this one.  I do hope that the scoreboard is lit up though.  Winner - Giants

San Francisco @ Jacksonville (London) - Is there even a chance the Jags get close in this game?  Winner - 49ers.

New York Jets @ Cincinnati - C'mon Bengals,...c'mon.  Winner - Bengals.

Pittsburgh @ Oakland - Two bad teams.  I know that these fans remember their golden years, but we're far from that.  Winner - Steelers

Washington @ Denver - High ankle sprain.  That might end up being the one thing that changes not only this game, but the AFC.  There is talk that Manning will be getting injections on his injured ankles and the Redskins are coming to town.  Give me the upset in this one.  Winner - Redskins

Atlanta @ Arizona - Gotta have the Falcons show up in this game.  Maybe the return of Stephen Jackson helps.  Winner - Falcons

Green Bay @ Minnesota - Until the Vikings get a starting QB that can stay on the field, this isn't even close.  Winner - Packers

Seattle @ St. Louis - I expect the Seahawks to feast on whomever the Rams roll out there for their QB.  Winner - Seahawks

Who you wit?!?!?!?!?

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