Tuesday, October 30, 2012

2012-13 NFL Week 8 Wrap Up

Let's jump right in and see what we've got this week. 

Tampa Bay @ Minnesota - Wow, this was a butt kicking at home for the Vikings.  Although not too far out of the realm of possibility.  Not many expected to see the Vikings this good this early in the year but they've overachieved.  The Bucs ran all over this defense that looked anemic for the most part.  Still didn't expect them to play this bad.  Inquisitive Mind 0-1 for the week.

Carolina @ Chicago - The Bears have got to be the happiest team in the league this week.  They stole this win.  I liked what I saw from Cam in this game and he did what he needed to do, for the most part.  This Panthers team had multiple 10+ play drives against this Bears defense.  I will say this again, the only thing keeping the Bears from the Superbowl is their left tackle situation.  The first half proved that.  Inquisitive Mind 1-1 for the week.  

San Diego @ Cleveland - I'll take it.  A 7-6 game is good anytime you can get one.  Norv, pack your bags my friend, it's been a long time coming.  Inquisitive Mind 2-1 for the week.  

Seattle @ Detroit - Who would've thought the Lions would wake up and win a game?  Stafford had the best game of the season and the Lions don't look that bad all of a sudden.  Inquisitive Mind 2-2 for the week. .

New England @ St. Louis - This was embarrassing.  At least it wasn't done on American soil.  Inquisitive Mind 3-2 for the week.  

Miami @ New York Jets - Rex, pack your bags my friend.  Time for some change in NY and I'm not sure if we're talking Tebow either.  Inquisitive Mind 4-2 for the week.  .

Atlanta @ Philadelphia - I am officially breaking up with the Eagles as of today.  I just can't anymore.  Forget all of this change at QB isht, change the coach.  I know it's going to be tough for Banner to get rid of Reid, but it's past due.  Inquisitive Mind 4-3 for the week.  .

Washington @ Pittsburgh - Jailbird uniforms and all, the Steelers did what they needed to do by beating the Redskins.  Inquisitive Mind 5-3 for the week.  .

Jacksonville @ Green Bay - The Jags actually had a chance, but came up short.  At least they didn't quit.  Inquisitive Mind 6-3 for the week.  .

Indianpolis @ Tennessee - The Titans let me down too.  Chris Johnson, me and you gonna meet in a closet soon and talk about how you are killing my fantasy team.  Inquisitive Mind 6-4 for the week.  

Oakland @ Kansas City - How about everyone just gets a W if you have the chiefs on your schedule for the rest of the year?  That's how they are playing.  Inquisitive Mind 7-4 for the week.  .

New York Giants @ Dallas - Blow up the Cowboys.  Really blow them up, sell the stadium and start over.  Cowboy fans should get their money back for the cruel and unusual punishment that they have to endure watching this team implode.  Inquisitive Mind 8-4 for the week.   

New Orleans @ Denver - And Peyton Manning looked like a real G out there on Sunday night.   Inquisitive Mind 9-4 for the week.   

San Francisco @ Arizona - Alex Smith had a helluva game and I still doubt that he can lead this team to the Super Bowl.  Call me a cynic.  Inquisitive Mind 10-4 for the week.  

Another good week, let's keep this going.  66-52 for the season.  Need a few of these back to back to keep pace. 

2012-13 NFL Week 7 Wrap Up

I know this is late, but let's see what happened.  This was a good week, I think.

Seattle @ San Francisco - Good game, but 49ers came out on top.  This is one they should have lost, but good teams win these games.  Inquisitive Mind 1-0 for the week.   

New Orleans @ Tampa Bay - The Bucs almost pulled this one off,......wow!!!  Good game.  Inquisitive Mind 2-0 for the week.  

Baltimore @ Houston - We know what happened.  Inquisitive Mind 3-0 for the week.  

Tennessee @ Buffalo - The Bills,..arrrgh.  Inquisitive Mind 3-1 for the week.  

Washington @ New York Giants - Inquisitive Mind 4-1 for the week.  

Dallas @ Carolina - The Cowboys almost allowed this game to be taken from them.  Inquisitive Mind 5-1 for the week. 

Cleveland @ Indianapolis - The week I pick the Browns and they do this to me.  Inquisitive Mind 5-2 for the week.  

Green Bay @ St. Louis - Closer than it needed to be.  Inquisitive Mind 6-2 for the week.  

Arizona @ Minnesota - Inquisitive Mind 7-2 for the week.  

New York Jets @ New England - Inquisitive Mind 8-2 for the week.  

Jacksonville @ Oakland - Inquisitive Mind 9-2 for the week.  

Pittsburgh @ Cincinnati - Bengals let me down.  Had a great opportunity here, but blew it.  Inquisitive Mind 9-3 for the week.  .

Detroit @ Chicago - Inquisitive Mind 10-3 for the week.  

Great week and that gets us somewhat back in the swing of things.  56-48 for the year.  We need another week like this. 

Thursday, October 25, 2012

2012-13 NFL Week 8 Picks

Good week last wee so we need to keep this trend going. I'm running today so I will get in my Thursday Night picks and then the rest tomorrow. Enjoy.

Tampa Bay @ Minnesota - The Bucs looked good last week but I attribute that to the defense that they played against. Vincent Jackson had a 200+ yard game and will need a game like that to help his team get a win in Minny. The Vikings have made their plan simple all year long: Run the ball, make a few plays in the air and play defense. Tampa should find the road a little tougher in Minny this week and that's why I gotta go with.....Winner - Vikings.

Carolina @ Chicago - This is a tough time for Cam Newton with all of the losing going on in Carolina and then to make things worse he's coming to the Chi to take on the best defense in the NFL.  That doesn't add up to success for me, eventhough the Panthers have given the Bears fits in the past, the Bears are just clicking on all cylinders right now.  Winner - Bears.

San Diego @ Cleveland - This ought to be interesting.  The Browns have played well and they are putting up points in their wins.  They are playing a Charger team that as of late is turning the ball over an inordinate amount.  If the turnovers continue for the Chargers, this one is going to get out of hand quickly.  Browns playing at home,......Winner - Browns.

Seattle @ Detroit - After the game last week, the Lions are just trying to figure out how they gave the game away to the Bears.  If they kick field goals and not turn the ball over, they win that game.  This Lions team was on fire last year on offense and that allowed their defense to pin their ears back and get after teams because they had to pass.  That isn't happening this year and if they don't fix it soon, they will have no chance.  Winner - Seahawks.

New England @ St. Louis - I think that even with a hobbled offense, the Patriots win this game easily.  Winner - Patriots.

Miami @ New York Jets - There has been a lot of talk between these two teams and I'm not sure that's good.  I mean how does the trash talking go? We don't suck as much as you do?  Look for the Dolphins to play well against a limited Jets team.  Winner - Dolphins.

Atlanta @ Philadelphia - The Eagles have done nothing to warrant me picking them, but I'm telling you, I gotta feeling that they are going to wake up from the slumber they are in.  This is going to be a tough game, but even I like Andy Reid after a bye.  Weather is going to play a major factor in this game.  Winner - Eagles.

Washington @ Pittsburgh - Interesting matchup here.  The Steelers may not be the Steelers of old on either side of the ball, but this defense is going to have to matchup against these receivers and get to RGIII if they hope to slow this Redskins team down.  The Steelers will have to run the ball more to keep themselves in this game, they can't get into a shootout.  Winner - Steelers.

Jacksonville @ Green Bay - No chance for the Jaguars.  Winner - Packers.

Indianpolis @ Tennessee - The Titans are going to need Chris Johnson to run against this pourous Indy defense and the Colts gotta find a way to stop the run and make Hasselbeck beat them.  Who you got your money on?  Winner - Titans.

Oakland @ Kansas City - I have to pick one of these teams?  I just don't think the Raiders are that good and the Chiefs are starting Brady Quinn.  Winner - Raiders.

New York Giants @ Dallas - The Giants have proved to me that they should be on top on the NFC East and this game gives them an opportunity to repay that butt whuppin that the Cowboys gave them in Week 1 in their home stadium.  Revenge is best served cold and on the opposing teams' home field.  Winner - Giants

New Orleans @ Denver - Well both QBs in this game are the draw.  The question is which defense would you bet could slow down the opposing QB?  Winner - Broncos

San Francisco @ Arizona - The Cardinals show up about every other game and so it sounds like they should show up in this one.  The issue is if they show up, I still don't think that they can beat the 49ers on their best day.  Winner - 49ers.

Who you got?!?!?!?!?!?

Thursday, October 18, 2012

2012-13 NFL Week 7 Picks

Never give up is the motto this week.  It's hard out here on my picks.  Thursday games seem to determine the rest of the week for me,.....so let's all take a moment and just breathe here and get ready for Week 7.

Seattle @ San Francisco - Ok, the Seahawks are on the road (check), they have a decent rookie QB (check), they have a pretty good defense (check), they have a pretty good running back (check), and they are coming off a big win last week (check).  The 49ers got embarrassed by the Giants last week and are trying to prove to the NFL that last week was merely a pot hole in their season.  Everything is screaming 49ers on this one, right?  (Starts to sweat profusely.....) I'm not feeling the 49ers this week but it might be because of bias.  (I need this pick,.....I'm picking them but under protest,...think the Seahawks make this close or possibly win)  Winner - 49ers

New Orleans @ Tampa Bay - The Saints haven't done much this year and yet they have been in most of the games they've played.  That offense works but my 3 year old seems to be a better fit calling the defense plays.  This is the game where the Bucs miss Talib.  Winner - Saints.

Baltimore @ Houston - Ok, the Ravens have lost Ray Lewis and Lardarius Webb and Ngata is hurt.  Yes, Ed Reed is hurt, but he's played that way for years.  I just don't see, barring an outburst from the Ravens offense, how this team can beat the Texans at home.  It's sad to see my Ravens like this even if T-Sizzle is talking about playing.  Is there anyway that we leave Suggs in Baltimore for this game so he can't play?  Need him healthy first.  Winner - Texans.

Tennessee @ Buffalo - Gotta flip a coin on this one.  Yes, I like Merriman back on the Bills defense, but I'm not sure he can make that big of a difference this week.  That Bills offense has got to be consistent and continue to pound the ball with their running backs.  The question for the Titans is whether Chris Johnson shows up.  Winner - Bills.

Washington @ New York Giants - Well, this should be the game of the week.  The surging Redskins taking on division rivals in New York.  Will this be another chapter of the RGIII Coming Out Party, or does this turn into another scary outing for the rookie QB?  I've always liked the Giants defensive front 7 because they can get after the QB and they have the speed to do it.  They did lose to Vick earlier this year and I think that RGIII may be just as dangerous.  Should be a close game but in the end,.....  Winner - Giants.

Dallas @ Carolina - Finally a team that the Cowboys can beat.  The question is will they?  Both teams come into this game with lots to prove and it's funny that both of the people who need to show up are the two QBs.  People have knocked Romo on his inability to win the big one and people are knocking on Cam for immaturity.  Who's your money on?  Winner - Cowboys.

Cleveland @ Indianapolis - Two rookie QBs and two teams that have bright futures.  The Browns have been putting up numbers on the scoreboard lately and the porous Indy defense may assist in continuing that trend.  Andrew Luck is going to have to be on his P's and Q's this weekend as this Browns defense has the ability to play pretty tough.  I can't even believe that I'm about to do what I'm doing.  Winner - Browns.

Green Bay @ St. Louis - Seems like the Packers are back on track and I imagine that they'll put 30+ on the board in this one.  Packers defense has got to stop the run and this one is elementary.  Winner - Packers.

Arizona @ Minnesota - The Vikings lost a tough one last week against the Redskins, but I like the way they play ball.  They are letting that defense dictate and being a bit conservative on offense.  This is a formula that will help them until they run into a better team that can do the same.  Not sold on the Cardinals, although they have the ability to win this one with their defense.  Winner - Vikings.

New York Jets @ New England - Well, this is going to start the swan song for Rex Ryan this weekend.  A few more of these beat downs and he's done.  Will Tim Tebow play is the biggest question in this game.  Winner - Patriots.

Jacksonville @ Oakland - No one travels well coming from the East Coast to the West, right?  I think this game should end in a tie, just to make it interesting.  Winner - Raiders.

Pittsburgh @ Cincinnati - Hmmm,...AFC North game with two teams with a lot on the line since many expect the Ravens to fall out of contention due to injuries.  Neither team has played well although the Steelers have had some injury issue themselves.  I normally ride with the Steelers, but I'm not so sure in this one.  Winner - Bengals.

Detroit @ Chicago - A great game for Monday Night.  Bears are coming off a bye and they should be healthy and ready to go.  Peppers has been hounded by some foot issues, so if he's healed, this defense will feast on the Lions.  Lovie normally has his boys ready, so let's see what happens.  If the Bears find a way to protect Cutler, this is going to be a Superbowl year for the Bears.  Write that down.  Winner - Bears.

Who you got?!?!?!?!?!?

Monday, October 15, 2012

2012-13 NFL Week 6 Wrap Up

Can we say that this was a tough week for all NFL teams?  I mean there were some good wins this week, but at what price? Lots of injuries this week and the question is whether this impacts the rest of the year. 

Pittsburgh @ Tennessee - So the Titans figure out that they can run the ball and they give the Steelers a smack in the face and win this game.  The Steelers actually outplayed the Titans in every facet of the game except rushing (56 yds to 94 yds).  Big Ben needed 287 to pass Bradshaw and he got that, but he also got that 'L'.  Where are the Steelers that I used to know?  Inquisitive Mind 0-1 for the week. .

Kansas City @ Tampa Bay - With the suspension of Talib, I just thought maybe I should go back and change this pick, but I rode with it.  Josh Freeman (15 of 26 for 328, 3 TDs, 1 INT), where have you been all year long? Great game for the young QB and great game for this defense.  Yes, it was the Chefs, but someone had to win.  Why is Brady Quinn in the league?  Inquisitive Mind 1-1 for the week.

Dallas @ Baltimore - 'TRAP GAME for the Ravens' is what I called this for the Ravens and they almost fell for it.  This game leaves me with lots of questions for both teams.  Can the Ravens stop the run? Is Ray Lewis gone for the year? Will the Raven's other injuries doom their season?  Are the Cowboys done as they are presently constructed?  How do you fix the Cowboys without getting rid of the owner?  The Cowboys missed a long field goal by thismuch and the Ravens go into the bye week 5-1.  4-0 at home and looking good if they can duct tape this group together.  Inquisitive Mind 2-1 for the week. 

Oakland @ Atlanta - You mean to tell me that this is the Falcons team that everyone loves?  The Raiders  jumped on the Falcons early but took a late interception (for a TD) and field goal to win the game?  Yes, the good teams win these close games, but The Falcons are pretty much playing down to their competition lately.  Where's the running game?  45 yards for the team ain't gonna get it when the the elements change and you gotta take time off the clock.  Falcons fan, you better make some calls down to the ATL and talk to Michael Turner about getting ready to bear the load rushing for the rest of the year.  Inquisitive Mind 3-1 for the week.   

Cincinnati @ Cleveland - I wasn't totally wrong when I said defense wins this game, I just thought it'd be a lower scoring affair with the Bengals coming out on top.  The Browns broke an 11 game losing streak against the Bengals and put up points for the second week in a row.  The Browns put up 21 in the 4th, think about that and Trent Richardson got hurt.  Inquisitive Mind 3-2 for the week.  

St. Louis @ Miami - Ok, the Rams crushed the Dolphins in passing (300 yds to 173 yds), rushing (162 yds to 19 yds) but still lost.  This was an ugly game and this final even pissed me off more.  hey, at least Reggie Bush got someone other than Kim Kardashian pregnant.  That's something good, right?  Inquisitive Mind 3-3 for the week.   

Indianapolis @ New York Jets - Have you ever seen Bad Boys II, where Will Smith is imploring Martin Lawrence to start shooting the criminals,.'Now that's how you shoot a m********', well this is how I feel about the Jets.  That's how you beat a team.  You pound the ball (252 yds rushing), make a few plays in the passing game (Sanchez: 11 of 18 for 82 yds, 2 TDs) and you win.  This is the blueprint for the Jets.  It's who they are.  They are a limited team who wins with defense and an offense that can grind it out.  Great game and at least we don't have to hear about Tebow starting for another week.  Rex got a stay of execution after this one.  I think it lasts 2 weeks.  Inquisitive Mind 4-3 for the week.   

Detroit @ Philadelphia - I am done. When are the Eagles going to get an offensive line?  I mean, Vick is getting hit on handoffs ladies and gentlemen, freakin handoffs.  Yes, he made some bad decisions, but he wasn't the only one.  How many times has this team given up leads in teh 4th quarter this year?  Forget theDreamteam or whatever this team nickname is,....it's over.  Eagles are done.  Vick lasts maybe 6 more games this year.  How much the Eagles payin him?  Inquisitive Mind 4-4 for the week.  

New England @ Seattle - 'TRAP GAME for the Patriots' and they got caught with their pants down.  Way too much talking for both teams prior to this game, but in the end it was the Seahawks who were talking after this upset.  Brady was off a little and the defense was what was expected (how do you let Rice get between and past not 1, but 2 safeties?).  Nevertheless, Russell Wilson finally had a decent outing (from a yards standpoint, 293 yds, 3TDs) and this team looks like they are ready to make some noise.  Inquisitive Mind 4-5 for the week. 

Buffalo @ Arizona - Yes, two teams desperate for a win and I pick the sorriest of the two.  Inquisitive Mind 4-6 for the week. .

New York Giants @ San Francisco - I just knew this was coming.  49ers started chirping a little too much this week too and got handled by the Giants.  In what two I thought would be a defensive clash, the 49ers defense didn't really show up.  In the long run I think these two teams meet again, but I just don't trust Alex Smith.  Inquisitive Mind 5-6 for the week.  

Minnesota @ Washington - 'RGIII made it back to practice from a mild concussion, but will he be OK for this game?' Obviously the answer to my question was 'he's quite alright'.  RGIII (17 of 22 for 182 yds, 1 TD, 1 INT, 13 car for 138 yds, 2 TDs) had another coming out party and clinched the game with a 76 yd TD run.  Why did it seem like he got it after his first concussion?  RGIII was running out of bounds, sliding, and outside of the one TD dive avoid hits.  Mike Vick, please learn from the young dude.  Inquisitive Mind 5-7 for the week. 

Green Bay @ Houston - 'Wake up sleeping Daddy' is something that my middle child sometimes yells at me when she wants me to wake up and do something with her.  I think this was similar to what happened to the Packers and all of the 'noise' about whether they were done.  I think Aaron Rodgers answered that question with his 6th TD last night.  The Packers defense shut down a good Texans team and this was what the Packers needed to stay in the hunt in the NFC.  Inquisitive Mind 6-7 for the week.  

Denver @ San Diego - If you went to sleep at halftime of this game you woke up this morning in disbelief.  The Broncos must have changed uniforms or something because they came out and destroyed the Chargers.  Almost like the Chargers expected someone to come out and say that the 21 point rule was in effect.  Peyton Manning looked like 'the old' Peyton Manning and was running the hurry up and hitting all of his receivers.  he drew the Chargers off-sides and made sure to have his team run the ball.  We even some some athleticism from Manning as he jumped over 1 defender and moved to his left to avoid another; then tossed a 8 yard completion. My only question is why is Norv still the head coach of the San Diego Chargers?  Inquisitive Mind 7-7 for the week*.  

A .500 week brings us to 46-45 for the year.  I think I'm going to have to find a new hobby. 

*I purposely didn't mention how poorly Philip Rivers played in the second half out of sympathy for someone that I know that has a love affair with him (maybe she reads this and gets a laugh).  BUT, he played TURRIBLE. 

Thursday, October 11, 2012

2012-13 NFL Week 6 Picks

Ok,..let me get out the rabbit's feet, the lucky charms or anything else that will help us make sense of Week 6.  Gotta make up some ground and I know that there are teams that I can depend on to make my picks stink. 

First we shall pause for a public service announcement -- Happy Birthday to ME -- Play any birthday song that you deem appropriate, repeat it once more.  Okay, now back to the regularly scheduled program --

Pittsburgh @ Tennessee - Alright, no Polamalu, no Woodley and Big Ben needs 300 yards to pass Bradshaw on the all-time list for the Steelers.  Hmmm, sounds like we'll be throwing the ball tonight.  It would be my luck that Chris Johnson has a breakout performance because I sat him on my fantasy team.  He just might not be enough.  Winner - Steelers.

Kansas City @ Tampa Bay - Someone has to win this game.  The Chiefs Chefs (I said I won't refer to them as Chiefs here anymore this year) may start or play Brady Quinn a significant amount of time in this game.  That's pretty much all I have to say.  Winner - Bucs.

Dallas @ Baltimore - TRAP GAME for the Ravens.  They have played pretty well and they get a Cowboys team that was embarrassed last week on national TV by the Bears.  I expect the 'Boys to play better and I have questions around the Ravens pass rush and their running game.  You guys know 'In Ray I Trust', but for some reason I'm on the fence about this game. C'mon Ravens, make me look good.  Winner - Ravens.

Oakland @ Atlanta - The Falcons get pretty much a gimme on this one, unless Richard Seymour wakes up and has a game from years ago.  He can get to the QB and stop the run from his interior line position and all it takes is one good lick on Matt Ryan and this Falcons team goes from playing for a spot in the NFC playoffs to .500.  Since that won't happen, gimme the.....Winner - Falcons

Cincinnati @ Cleveland - The Battle of Cleveland.  First question I have is how can you have two NFL teams this close together?  Shouldn't there just be one team in Ohio?  Anyway, I've been on the Bengals all year.  Defense will win this game.  Winner - Bengals.

St. Louis @ Miami - Nothing like leaving the midwest and heading to Miami for the weekend.  Much nicer is getting paid to take such a trip.  The joy that the Rams should feel about this trip will hopefully prepare them for a sound Dolphins team.  If the Rams defense plays like it played against the Cardinals then they win easily.  Winner - Rams

Indianapolis @ New York Jets - Two things to ponder. The Colts are 2-2 and in 2nd place in the AFC South.  They are facing a winnable game against the Jets and then after this the rest of their schedule screams that this team will be in contention for possibly a divisional crown.  Take that Peyton Manning. The Jets are in a dark time right now.  When TO is telling you that you are desperate, that's the pot meet kettle moment that we all have sometimes.  How long before Rex is gone?  He's on watch starting at 1pm on Sunday.  Winner - Colts

Detroit @ Philadelphia - It would be hilarious if the Lions got their ship righted with a win at the Linc.  I guess not really if you're an Eagles fan, but as bad as the Lions have played this year (as opposed to last year), this would be the most opportune time to show up.  Mike Vick, if you are reading this, it's simple: Hand the ball off to Shady McCoy, please.  At least 20 times.  Winner - Eagles.

New England @ Seattle - TRAP GAME for the Patriots.  After blowing up Buffalo and beating the Broncos, the Patriots get a limited Seahawks team, but in Seattle.  It may take a 12th man to stop Wes Welker and Tom Brady.  Seattle if you want to win this game, please make sure that you cover the little guy.  Please.  Nothing like another miracle for the USC Trojans Seahawks at home, right?  Winner - Patriots.

Buffalo @ Arizona - Two teams desperate for a win.  I'm sorry, two teams DESPERATE for a win.  Arizona looked turrible last Thursday night and they have had some time to regroup.  Buffalo, well, we know what happened to them.  Winner - Cardinals.

New York Giants @ San Francisco - Clash of the Titans, Round 1.  Alex Smith comes in a little dinged on his hand, Brandon Jacob's comes in a with his feelings a little dinged, and the Giants are coming in hungry.  The question for this game is whether your team is better off with a QB manager (Smith) or a Real QB (E. Manning)?  What do you think?  Winner - Giants.

Minnesota @ Washington - RGIII made it back to practice from a mild concussion, but will he be OK for this game?  I'm not sure I let him play if I'm the Redskins, even though you can't be too overly cautious.  I think this Vikings defense makes some plays and Peterson has one of those 125+ yards rushing games.  Winner - Vikings.

Green Bay @ Houston - The scheduling Gods have not been kind to the Packers.  They come off a tough loss and they go right into Houston where it's not looking good for them.  The Packers defense has got to step it up and they are going to need help from their running game to kick start all of that.  Alex Green the fate of Packer Nation now rests on your legs.  In a surprise,......Winner - Packers.

Denver @ San Diego - Peyton is pissed and this Broncos team should be too.  They had the Patriots on the ropes and then they just let it all go.  They get a Chargers team that may be a little excited with Mathews return (and a decent game last week) and a defense that looked ready to make some noise.  They play at home which is always a tough spot for visiting teams.  This one might be a toss up, but for some reason, I am picking the Manning guy.  Winner - Broncos.

Who you got?!?!?!?!?!?

2012-13 NFL Week 5 Wrap Up

Off of a good 10-5 week and I go back in the dungeon.  This is scary, in a bad way. 

Arizona @ St. Louis - The Cardinals defense didn't show up but the Rams did.  Add to that a sprinkling of Steven Jackson and the Rams end up with the win. Inquisitive Mind Blog 0-1 for the week

Long weekend with the kids so we making this the abbreviated version.(Probably should have been drinking as I watched these games.  Something hard, and something that would make me forget all of Sunday). 

Cincinnati - The Bengals just let me down.  You let the Dolphins steal a game from you in the AFC.  This loss will come back to haunt them.  Yes, I was up on the Bengals last week, still like them, but this was disappointing.  Inquisitive Mind 0-2 for the week.

Green Bay - Andrew Luck, welcome to the NFL.  People compare him to Peyton, but let him be him.  He brought his team back and won this game against one of the big boys in the league.  I said that the Seahawks game would haunt the Packers later in the year, but add this one to the list.  Inquisitive Mind 0-3 for the week

Baltimore - A freakin 9-6 game?  At least it's a win and the first right one for me this week.  Baltimore I'm gonna need some more 'O'.  Inquisitive Mind 1-3 for the week

Washington - RGIII gets knocked out so that should give me a mulligan on this pick, right?  For all of you that are on this Cousins stuff about replacing RGIII, go back to sleep.  Inquisitive Mind 1-4 for the week

New York Giants - Thank you Eli for making my pick look good.  Inquisitive Mind 2-4 for the week

Philadelphia - Tough loss for the Eagles, but Mike Vick, if you remember it's about Shady and not you to win these games.  Remember your good years in ATL, you had a running back that helped significantly and you stayed healthy.  Wash, Rinse, Repeat.  Inquisitive Mind 2-5 for the week

Seattle - Figured the Panthers would lose a tough game.  Leave your young QB alone Panthers fan.  Inquisitive Mind 3-5 for the week.

Chicago - The Bears are back.  I mean they are really back and if this offense can find a way to protect Cutler, they just might head to the Superbowl.  I'm saying that right now!!  Inquisitive Mind 4-5 for the week.

Minnesota - Is it too late to wear my purple gear in honor of the most surprising team in the NFL?  The Vikings are winning on defense and special teams.  How long will it last?  Inquisitive Mind 5-5 for the week

Denver - Yes, Peyton Manning, you did all you could and it wasn't you, but you guys sucked late in this game.  The defense finally got some stops, but too many miscues on offense doomed this game.  The sideline pictures of Peyton's forehead pretty much said it all.  BTW, can they find a helmet that fits him a little better?  Inquisitive Mind 5-6 for the week.

San Francisco - Butt whuppin, but we will have to watch this injury to Alex Smith.  Not a fan of his, but him being hurt may impact this team.  Inquisitive Mind 6-6 for the week

New Orleans - Finally, the Saints won a game.  I think Andy Reid somehow got the Chargers radio frequency and started making some play calls for them.  Something happened because the Chargers started the game pretty well, but then it all went bad.  Inquisitive Mind 7-6 for the week

Houston - Good game against a game Jets team.  The Jets pulled every trick in the book and they still came up short.  To Tebow or Not to Tebow is the question and it really doesn't matter much because I'm not sure he can change the funk this team is in.  Rex Ryan, you may want to keep your bags packed because it's not looking food for you.  Inquisitive Mind 8-6 for the week

We have done worse than an 8-6 week, but you must accentuate the positives, eliminate the negatives, and latch on to the affirmative. That brings us to a 39-38 record for the season.  Let's just say we're going to need a few perfect weeks here to catch up.   

2012-13 NFL Week 4 Wrap Up

Let's catch up a bit,......Week 4 Wrap Up.

Cleveland @ Baltimore - My Ravens made it through and they are relatively healthy.  Still question marks around a pass rush and the viability on the offense to continue to score points.  But we'll take this right now.  Inquisitive Mind 1-0 for the week

Carolina @ Atlanta - Wow,....a nice Hail Mary and the Falcons win.  Matt Ryan with the 'get the f*** off my field' reference at the end of the game shows you how confident this Falcons team is.  Inquisitive Mind 2-0 for the week..

New England @ Buffalo - This game was just the game that the Bills needed and then the 2nd half happened.  The Bills just may be done forever.  Can they move that team to LA or somewhere?  Inquisitive Mind 2-1 for the week.

Minnesota @ Detroit - Can we say that Minny is looking good?  I mean who would have thunk it that this team would have this many wins this early in the year.  Yes, offenses might put up numbers but these defenses are winning games.  Inquisitive Mind 2-2 for the week. 

San Diego @ Kansas City - Obviously my answer from Mr. Charles was a resounding no.  The Chiefs will be referred to as the Chefs from here on out.  But that's not even funny because they are not cooking.  Inquisitive Mind 2-3 for the week.  

Seattle @ St. Louis - Tough game to watch and I'm glad I didn't.  Two bad teams, but the Rams defense showed up.  If people only recognized the greatness that is Steven Jackson.  imagine him on a good team.    Inquisitive Mind 2-4 for the week

San Francisco @ New York Jets - Yeah, this was a butt kicking in every sense of the word.  Inquisitive Mind 3-4 for the week. 

Tennessee @ Houston - Same as above.  Inquisitive Mind 4-4 for the week.

Cincinnati @ Jacksonville - The Bengals are not going away people.  Listen to what I'm saying here.  The Bengals aren't going away.  Inquisitive Mind 5-4 for the week.

Miami @ Arizona - The Cardinals did everything in their power to give this game away.  I mean everything, but they escape with a win.  How does this happen?  When does Skelton come back?  Inquisitive Mind 6-4 for the week.

Oakland @ Denver - Yep, Manning is gearing up for his matchup next week with the Patriots.  This is going to be fun to watch.  Inquisitive Mind 7-4 for the week.  

New Orleans @ Green Bay - Tough game for the Saints.  They played the Packers tough, but in the end they got another loss and they are still defeated so far this year.  It will change for them because they are close,...real close to turning it around.  Inquisitive Mind 8-4 for the week.   

Washington @ Tampa Bay - That RGIII guy is pretty good.  Led his team down the field late to setup the winning field goal.  Inquisitive Mind 8-5 for the week.  

New York Giants @ Philadelphia - I tweeted Mike Vick early this week to tell him that he should audible out to more running plays for Shady McCoy if they wanted to win this game.  Not saying he read the tweet, but I'm glad the Eagles decided that running the ball is good.  Can they keep it up next week?  Inquisitive Mind 9-5 for the week.

Chicago @ Dallas - And that's how you beat the Cowboys.  I like the new stadium but it seems to not provide the team with a home field advantage.  The Bears fans were plentiful at this game and I would have thought the Cowboys would have been ready for them.  Hey, it's not all Tony Romo's fault people.  Inquisitive Mind 10-5 for the week.  

Back to our winning ways and enjoying it.  That brings me to a 31-32 record for the season, which is almost at flipping a coin range.  We have some work to do, but I promise, it gets better. 

Thursday, October 04, 2012

2012-13 NFL Week 5 Picks

Another week and we're back up in this thing. Week 4 was better, so let's build on this. As I have noticed, when I pick the Thursday night game wrong the rest of the week goes wrong. So, with that said,....let's go.

Arizona @ St. Louis - Cardinals all day. Defense way too good to not find a way to win.

Long weekend with the kids so we making this the abbreviated version.


Green Bay



New York Giants






San Francisco

New Orleans


Who you got?!?!?