Thursday, October 11, 2012

2012-13 NFL Week 4 Wrap Up

Let's catch up a bit,......Week 4 Wrap Up.

Cleveland @ Baltimore - My Ravens made it through and they are relatively healthy.  Still question marks around a pass rush and the viability on the offense to continue to score points.  But we'll take this right now.  Inquisitive Mind 1-0 for the week

Carolina @ Atlanta - Wow,....a nice Hail Mary and the Falcons win.  Matt Ryan with the 'get the f*** off my field' reference at the end of the game shows you how confident this Falcons team is.  Inquisitive Mind 2-0 for the week..

New England @ Buffalo - This game was just the game that the Bills needed and then the 2nd half happened.  The Bills just may be done forever.  Can they move that team to LA or somewhere?  Inquisitive Mind 2-1 for the week.

Minnesota @ Detroit - Can we say that Minny is looking good?  I mean who would have thunk it that this team would have this many wins this early in the year.  Yes, offenses might put up numbers but these defenses are winning games.  Inquisitive Mind 2-2 for the week. 

San Diego @ Kansas City - Obviously my answer from Mr. Charles was a resounding no.  The Chiefs will be referred to as the Chefs from here on out.  But that's not even funny because they are not cooking.  Inquisitive Mind 2-3 for the week.  

Seattle @ St. Louis - Tough game to watch and I'm glad I didn't.  Two bad teams, but the Rams defense showed up.  If people only recognized the greatness that is Steven Jackson.  imagine him on a good team.    Inquisitive Mind 2-4 for the week

San Francisco @ New York Jets - Yeah, this was a butt kicking in every sense of the word.  Inquisitive Mind 3-4 for the week. 

Tennessee @ Houston - Same as above.  Inquisitive Mind 4-4 for the week.

Cincinnati @ Jacksonville - The Bengals are not going away people.  Listen to what I'm saying here.  The Bengals aren't going away.  Inquisitive Mind 5-4 for the week.

Miami @ Arizona - The Cardinals did everything in their power to give this game away.  I mean everything, but they escape with a win.  How does this happen?  When does Skelton come back?  Inquisitive Mind 6-4 for the week.

Oakland @ Denver - Yep, Manning is gearing up for his matchup next week with the Patriots.  This is going to be fun to watch.  Inquisitive Mind 7-4 for the week.  

New Orleans @ Green Bay - Tough game for the Saints.  They played the Packers tough, but in the end they got another loss and they are still defeated so far this year.  It will change for them because they are close,...real close to turning it around.  Inquisitive Mind 8-4 for the week.   

Washington @ Tampa Bay - That RGIII guy is pretty good.  Led his team down the field late to setup the winning field goal.  Inquisitive Mind 8-5 for the week.  

New York Giants @ Philadelphia - I tweeted Mike Vick early this week to tell him that he should audible out to more running plays for Shady McCoy if they wanted to win this game.  Not saying he read the tweet, but I'm glad the Eagles decided that running the ball is good.  Can they keep it up next week?  Inquisitive Mind 9-5 for the week.

Chicago @ Dallas - And that's how you beat the Cowboys.  I like the new stadium but it seems to not provide the team with a home field advantage.  The Bears fans were plentiful at this game and I would have thought the Cowboys would have been ready for them.  Hey, it's not all Tony Romo's fault people.  Inquisitive Mind 10-5 for the week.  

Back to our winning ways and enjoying it.  That brings me to a 31-32 record for the season, which is almost at flipping a coin range.  We have some work to do, but I promise, it gets better. 

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