Monday, October 15, 2012

2012-13 NFL Week 6 Wrap Up

Can we say that this was a tough week for all NFL teams?  I mean there were some good wins this week, but at what price? Lots of injuries this week and the question is whether this impacts the rest of the year. 

Pittsburgh @ Tennessee - So the Titans figure out that they can run the ball and they give the Steelers a smack in the face and win this game.  The Steelers actually outplayed the Titans in every facet of the game except rushing (56 yds to 94 yds).  Big Ben needed 287 to pass Bradshaw and he got that, but he also got that 'L'.  Where are the Steelers that I used to know?  Inquisitive Mind 0-1 for the week. .

Kansas City @ Tampa Bay - With the suspension of Talib, I just thought maybe I should go back and change this pick, but I rode with it.  Josh Freeman (15 of 26 for 328, 3 TDs, 1 INT), where have you been all year long? Great game for the young QB and great game for this defense.  Yes, it was the Chefs, but someone had to win.  Why is Brady Quinn in the league?  Inquisitive Mind 1-1 for the week.

Dallas @ Baltimore - 'TRAP GAME for the Ravens' is what I called this for the Ravens and they almost fell for it.  This game leaves me with lots of questions for both teams.  Can the Ravens stop the run? Is Ray Lewis gone for the year? Will the Raven's other injuries doom their season?  Are the Cowboys done as they are presently constructed?  How do you fix the Cowboys without getting rid of the owner?  The Cowboys missed a long field goal by thismuch and the Ravens go into the bye week 5-1.  4-0 at home and looking good if they can duct tape this group together.  Inquisitive Mind 2-1 for the week. 

Oakland @ Atlanta - You mean to tell me that this is the Falcons team that everyone loves?  The Raiders  jumped on the Falcons early but took a late interception (for a TD) and field goal to win the game?  Yes, the good teams win these close games, but The Falcons are pretty much playing down to their competition lately.  Where's the running game?  45 yards for the team ain't gonna get it when the the elements change and you gotta take time off the clock.  Falcons fan, you better make some calls down to the ATL and talk to Michael Turner about getting ready to bear the load rushing for the rest of the year.  Inquisitive Mind 3-1 for the week.   

Cincinnati @ Cleveland - I wasn't totally wrong when I said defense wins this game, I just thought it'd be a lower scoring affair with the Bengals coming out on top.  The Browns broke an 11 game losing streak against the Bengals and put up points for the second week in a row.  The Browns put up 21 in the 4th, think about that and Trent Richardson got hurt.  Inquisitive Mind 3-2 for the week.  

St. Louis @ Miami - Ok, the Rams crushed the Dolphins in passing (300 yds to 173 yds), rushing (162 yds to 19 yds) but still lost.  This was an ugly game and this final even pissed me off more.  hey, at least Reggie Bush got someone other than Kim Kardashian pregnant.  That's something good, right?  Inquisitive Mind 3-3 for the week.   

Indianapolis @ New York Jets - Have you ever seen Bad Boys II, where Will Smith is imploring Martin Lawrence to start shooting the criminals,.'Now that's how you shoot a m********', well this is how I feel about the Jets.  That's how you beat a team.  You pound the ball (252 yds rushing), make a few plays in the passing game (Sanchez: 11 of 18 for 82 yds, 2 TDs) and you win.  This is the blueprint for the Jets.  It's who they are.  They are a limited team who wins with defense and an offense that can grind it out.  Great game and at least we don't have to hear about Tebow starting for another week.  Rex got a stay of execution after this one.  I think it lasts 2 weeks.  Inquisitive Mind 4-3 for the week.   

Detroit @ Philadelphia - I am done. When are the Eagles going to get an offensive line?  I mean, Vick is getting hit on handoffs ladies and gentlemen, freakin handoffs.  Yes, he made some bad decisions, but he wasn't the only one.  How many times has this team given up leads in teh 4th quarter this year?  Forget theDreamteam or whatever this team nickname is,'s over.  Eagles are done.  Vick lasts maybe 6 more games this year.  How much the Eagles payin him?  Inquisitive Mind 4-4 for the week.  

New England @ Seattle - 'TRAP GAME for the Patriots' and they got caught with their pants down.  Way too much talking for both teams prior to this game, but in the end it was the Seahawks who were talking after this upset.  Brady was off a little and the defense was what was expected (how do you let Rice get between and past not 1, but 2 safeties?).  Nevertheless, Russell Wilson finally had a decent outing (from a yards standpoint, 293 yds, 3TDs) and this team looks like they are ready to make some noise.  Inquisitive Mind 4-5 for the week. 

Buffalo @ Arizona - Yes, two teams desperate for a win and I pick the sorriest of the two.  Inquisitive Mind 4-6 for the week. .

New York Giants @ San Francisco - I just knew this was coming.  49ers started chirping a little too much this week too and got handled by the Giants.  In what two I thought would be a defensive clash, the 49ers defense didn't really show up.  In the long run I think these two teams meet again, but I just don't trust Alex Smith.  Inquisitive Mind 5-6 for the week.  

Minnesota @ Washington - 'RGIII made it back to practice from a mild concussion, but will he be OK for this game?' Obviously the answer to my question was 'he's quite alright'.  RGIII (17 of 22 for 182 yds, 1 TD, 1 INT, 13 car for 138 yds, 2 TDs) had another coming out party and clinched the game with a 76 yd TD run.  Why did it seem like he got it after his first concussion?  RGIII was running out of bounds, sliding, and outside of the one TD dive avoid hits.  Mike Vick, please learn from the young dude.  Inquisitive Mind 5-7 for the week. 

Green Bay @ Houston - 'Wake up sleeping Daddy' is something that my middle child sometimes yells at me when she wants me to wake up and do something with her.  I think this was similar to what happened to the Packers and all of the 'noise' about whether they were done.  I think Aaron Rodgers answered that question with his 6th TD last night.  The Packers defense shut down a good Texans team and this was what the Packers needed to stay in the hunt in the NFC.  Inquisitive Mind 6-7 for the week.  

Denver @ San Diego - If you went to sleep at halftime of this game you woke up this morning in disbelief.  The Broncos must have changed uniforms or something because they came out and destroyed the Chargers.  Almost like the Chargers expected someone to come out and say that the 21 point rule was in effect.  Peyton Manning looked like 'the old' Peyton Manning and was running the hurry up and hitting all of his receivers.  he drew the Chargers off-sides and made sure to have his team run the ball.  We even some some athleticism from Manning as he jumped over 1 defender and moved to his left to avoid another; then tossed a 8 yard completion. My only question is why is Norv still the head coach of the San Diego Chargers?  Inquisitive Mind 7-7 for the week*.  

A .500 week brings us to 46-45 for the year.  I think I'm going to have to find a new hobby. 

*I purposely didn't mention how poorly Philip Rivers played in the second half out of sympathy for someone that I know that has a love affair with him (maybe she reads this and gets a laugh).  BUT, he played TURRIBLE. 

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