Thursday, October 11, 2012

2012-13 NFL Week 6 Picks

Ok,..let me get out the rabbit's feet, the lucky charms or anything else that will help us make sense of Week 6.  Gotta make up some ground and I know that there are teams that I can depend on to make my picks stink. 

First we shall pause for a public service announcement -- Happy Birthday to ME -- Play any birthday song that you deem appropriate, repeat it once more.  Okay, now back to the regularly scheduled program --

Pittsburgh @ Tennessee - Alright, no Polamalu, no Woodley and Big Ben needs 300 yards to pass Bradshaw on the all-time list for the Steelers.  Hmmm, sounds like we'll be throwing the ball tonight.  It would be my luck that Chris Johnson has a breakout performance because I sat him on my fantasy team.  He just might not be enough.  Winner - Steelers.

Kansas City @ Tampa Bay - Someone has to win this game.  The Chiefs Chefs (I said I won't refer to them as Chiefs here anymore this year) may start or play Brady Quinn a significant amount of time in this game.  That's pretty much all I have to say.  Winner - Bucs.

Dallas @ Baltimore - TRAP GAME for the Ravens.  They have played pretty well and they get a Cowboys team that was embarrassed last week on national TV by the Bears.  I expect the 'Boys to play better and I have questions around the Ravens pass rush and their running game.  You guys know 'In Ray I Trust', but for some reason I'm on the fence about this game. C'mon Ravens, make me look good.  Winner - Ravens.

Oakland @ Atlanta - The Falcons get pretty much a gimme on this one, unless Richard Seymour wakes up and has a game from years ago.  He can get to the QB and stop the run from his interior line position and all it takes is one good lick on Matt Ryan and this Falcons team goes from playing for a spot in the NFC playoffs to .500.  Since that won't happen, gimme the.....Winner - Falcons

Cincinnati @ Cleveland - The Battle of Cleveland.  First question I have is how can you have two NFL teams this close together?  Shouldn't there just be one team in Ohio?  Anyway, I've been on the Bengals all year.  Defense will win this game.  Winner - Bengals.

St. Louis @ Miami - Nothing like leaving the midwest and heading to Miami for the weekend.  Much nicer is getting paid to take such a trip.  The joy that the Rams should feel about this trip will hopefully prepare them for a sound Dolphins team.  If the Rams defense plays like it played against the Cardinals then they win easily.  Winner - Rams

Indianapolis @ New York Jets - Two things to ponder. The Colts are 2-2 and in 2nd place in the AFC South.  They are facing a winnable game against the Jets and then after this the rest of their schedule screams that this team will be in contention for possibly a divisional crown.  Take that Peyton Manning. The Jets are in a dark time right now.  When TO is telling you that you are desperate, that's the pot meet kettle moment that we all have sometimes.  How long before Rex is gone?  He's on watch starting at 1pm on Sunday.  Winner - Colts

Detroit @ Philadelphia - It would be hilarious if the Lions got their ship righted with a win at the Linc.  I guess not really if you're an Eagles fan, but as bad as the Lions have played this year (as opposed to last year), this would be the most opportune time to show up.  Mike Vick, if you are reading this, it's simple: Hand the ball off to Shady McCoy, please.  At least 20 times.  Winner - Eagles.

New England @ Seattle - TRAP GAME for the Patriots.  After blowing up Buffalo and beating the Broncos, the Patriots get a limited Seahawks team, but in Seattle.  It may take a 12th man to stop Wes Welker and Tom Brady.  Seattle if you want to win this game, please make sure that you cover the little guy.  Please.  Nothing like another miracle for the USC Trojans Seahawks at home, right?  Winner - Patriots.

Buffalo @ Arizona - Two teams desperate for a win.  I'm sorry, two teams DESPERATE for a win.  Arizona looked turrible last Thursday night and they have had some time to regroup.  Buffalo, well, we know what happened to them.  Winner - Cardinals.

New York Giants @ San Francisco - Clash of the Titans, Round 1.  Alex Smith comes in a little dinged on his hand, Brandon Jacob's comes in a with his feelings a little dinged, and the Giants are coming in hungry.  The question for this game is whether your team is better off with a QB manager (Smith) or a Real QB (E. Manning)?  What do you think?  Winner - Giants.

Minnesota @ Washington - RGIII made it back to practice from a mild concussion, but will he be OK for this game?  I'm not sure I let him play if I'm the Redskins, even though you can't be too overly cautious.  I think this Vikings defense makes some plays and Peterson has one of those 125+ yards rushing games.  Winner - Vikings.

Green Bay @ Houston - The scheduling Gods have not been kind to the Packers.  They come off a tough loss and they go right into Houston where it's not looking good for them.  The Packers defense has got to step it up and they are going to need help from their running game to kick start all of that.  Alex Green the fate of Packer Nation now rests on your legs.  In a surprise,......Winner - Packers.

Denver @ San Diego - Peyton is pissed and this Broncos team should be too.  They had the Patriots on the ropes and then they just let it all go.  They get a Chargers team that may be a little excited with Mathews return (and a decent game last week) and a defense that looked ready to make some noise.  They play at home which is always a tough spot for visiting teams.  This one might be a toss up, but for some reason, I am picking the Manning guy.  Winner - Broncos.

Who you got?!?!?!?!?!?

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