Tuesday, October 30, 2012

2012-13 NFL Week 8 Wrap Up

Let's jump right in and see what we've got this week. 

Tampa Bay @ Minnesota - Wow, this was a butt kicking at home for the Vikings.  Although not too far out of the realm of possibility.  Not many expected to see the Vikings this good this early in the year but they've overachieved.  The Bucs ran all over this defense that looked anemic for the most part.  Still didn't expect them to play this bad.  Inquisitive Mind 0-1 for the week.

Carolina @ Chicago - The Bears have got to be the happiest team in the league this week.  They stole this win.  I liked what I saw from Cam in this game and he did what he needed to do, for the most part.  This Panthers team had multiple 10+ play drives against this Bears defense.  I will say this again, the only thing keeping the Bears from the Superbowl is their left tackle situation.  The first half proved that.  Inquisitive Mind 1-1 for the week.  

San Diego @ Cleveland - I'll take it.  A 7-6 game is good anytime you can get one.  Norv, pack your bags my friend, it's been a long time coming.  Inquisitive Mind 2-1 for the week.  

Seattle @ Detroit - Who would've thought the Lions would wake up and win a game?  Stafford had the best game of the season and the Lions don't look that bad all of a sudden.  Inquisitive Mind 2-2 for the week. .

New England @ St. Louis - This was embarrassing.  At least it wasn't done on American soil.  Inquisitive Mind 3-2 for the week.  

Miami @ New York Jets - Rex, pack your bags my friend.  Time for some change in NY and I'm not sure if we're talking Tebow either.  Inquisitive Mind 4-2 for the week.  .

Atlanta @ Philadelphia - I am officially breaking up with the Eagles as of today.  I just can't anymore.  Forget all of this change at QB isht, change the coach.  I know it's going to be tough for Banner to get rid of Reid, but it's past due.  Inquisitive Mind 4-3 for the week.  .

Washington @ Pittsburgh - Jailbird uniforms and all, the Steelers did what they needed to do by beating the Redskins.  Inquisitive Mind 5-3 for the week.  .

Jacksonville @ Green Bay - The Jags actually had a chance, but came up short.  At least they didn't quit.  Inquisitive Mind 6-3 for the week.  .

Indianpolis @ Tennessee - The Titans let me down too.  Chris Johnson, me and you gonna meet in a closet soon and talk about how you are killing my fantasy team.  Inquisitive Mind 6-4 for the week.  

Oakland @ Kansas City - How about everyone just gets a W if you have the chiefs on your schedule for the rest of the year?  That's how they are playing.  Inquisitive Mind 7-4 for the week.  .

New York Giants @ Dallas - Blow up the Cowboys.  Really blow them up, sell the stadium and start over.  Cowboy fans should get their money back for the cruel and unusual punishment that they have to endure watching this team implode.  Inquisitive Mind 8-4 for the week.   

New Orleans @ Denver - And Peyton Manning looked like a real G out there on Sunday night.   Inquisitive Mind 9-4 for the week.   

San Francisco @ Arizona - Alex Smith had a helluva game and I still doubt that he can lead this team to the Super Bowl.  Call me a cynic.  Inquisitive Mind 10-4 for the week.  

Another good week, let's keep this going.  66-52 for the season.  Need a few of these back to back to keep pace. 

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