Thursday, November 01, 2012

2012-13 NFL Week 9 Picks

Another Thursday Night game.  I thought these didn't start until late in the season, but I guess that money is giving us 1 a week this year.  Let's get these picks in.

Kansas City @ San Diego - Well, Matt Cassel is getting his starting gig back and I think that it will provide some spark for this team.  They are really sucking this year and who knows, maybe this is his last chance to be a starter for this team.  The Chargers are the Chargers and the only thing is someone will win this game.  Flipping coin on this one.  Winner - Chiefs.

Baltimore @ Cleveland - This Browns team knows how to run the ball and this Ravens team can't stop the run very well.  The Ravens come off a bye and are hopefully healthy.  I think that something positive happened during the bye and I'm going against my better judgement on this pick.  Winner - Ravens.

Tampa Bay @ Oakland - This ought to be a good game because the Bucs need this one.  They were last seen destroying the Vikings with ease, so let's see if they can do it two weeks in a row.  Don't sleep on these Raiders as Carson Palmer is turning his game on as of late.  Winner - Bucs.

Denver @ Cincinatti - I'm riding with Manning and this Denver team.  They have a good balance on offense and as long as they don't turn the ball over, their defense will step it up against a good Bengals passing game.  Winner - Broncos.

Arizona @ Green Bay - Nothing the Cardinals did last week makes me think that they can win this game.  This is all on the Packers to prove they do belong.  The Cardinals offense is suspect and probably exactly what the Packers needed to see.  Winner - Packers.

Chicago @ Tennessee - Bears all day.  Winner - Bears.

Miami @ Indianapolis - After an emotional win over the Jets last week the Dolphins come in Indy riding a little high.  Tannehill is being called the best rookie QB in the game (by his own center of course) so this will probably come down to one of the two rookie QBs.  I got my money on Luck.  Winner - Colts.

Carolina @ Washington - Black QB comparions go ahead and start.  RGIII is not Cam and Cam is not RGIII.  They both bring different pieces to the game both on and off the field.  The only thing they share is melanin and the fact that they both are starting QBs for their teams.  Let them be them.  Winner - Redskins.

Detroit @ Jacksonville - So you mean to tell me that the Lions have their best game last week and now they get the worst team in the NFL.  Winner - Lions

Buffalo @ Houston - Finally,....Mario Williams has come back to Houston (for all of you Rock fans out there).  Should be a bad return for him because they can't stop that Houston offense.  Winner - Texans.  

Minnesota @ Seattle - Like the progression that the Seahawks are making, especially at the QB spot.  Their record may not be the best but they are a few plays from 2 wins.  The Vikings are coming in pissed from the butt whuppin that they received last week.  Take away AP's 70+ yard run and this team did nothing the majority of the night.  They'll be energized and ready, but I like the home team defense too.  Winner - Seahawks.

Pittsburgh @ New York Giants - Game of the Week.  Giants defensive secondary is weak, Pittsburgh has good receivers, and the question is will Big Ben have time to make some decisions.  Winner - Giants.

Dallas @ Atlanta - I'm telling you now that it would turn the world upside down if the Cowboys go into Atlanta and win this game.  I'm talking about right up there with the Mayans being right.  Winner - Falcons

Philadelphia @ New Orleans - If Vick thought he was going to get benched this week, wait and see what he does/doesn't do against the Saints defense.  If the Eagles don't put up 30+, Vick and Andy Reid will be packing their bags.  Winner - Eagles

Who you got?!?!?!?!

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