Thursday, November 08, 2012

2012-13 NFL Week 10 Picks

Not a lot of time, but gotta get my pick in for tonight.  Let's go,.....

Indianapolis @ Jacksonville - I have no faith in the Jags but they aren't giving up with everything that's happened to them. I expect this to be a moderately watched and close game with the Andrew Lucks squeaking one out.  Winner - Colts

New York Giants @ Cincinnati - Giants should win this one with their defense.  The offense needs to step up and figure out a way to get back on track.  Last week was really a let down against the Steelers. Winner - Giants.

Tennessee @ Miami - Can't trust the Titans. Winner - Dolphins.

Detroit @ Minnesota - If the Lions run the ball like they did last week, then this is a quick game before the Vikings fold.  Winner - Lions.

Buffalo @ New England - Patriots all day.  I picked the Bills in Week 4 and they were up 21-7 at one point and then they just let me down.  Winner - Patriots.

Atlanta @ New Orleans - Could be an upset, but the Saints defense is getting better, but they are still bad.  Should test the scoreboard workers' ability to add, but in the end, the better all around team should win.  Winner - Falcons.

San Diego @ Tampa Bay - I'm not sure which team shows up for the Bucs, but I don't trust the Chargers.  Winner - Bucs.

Denver @ Carolina - Get Cam some help.  Winner - Broncos.

Oakland @ Baltimore - Yes, Palmer is playing pretty good this year, but the ghost of Ray Lewis will pull this Ravens team through.  Winner - Ravens.

New York Jets @ Seattle - Can Russell Wilson get some votes for Rookie of the Year?  Winner - Seahawks.

Dallas @ Philadelphia - Both teams need this win.  Both QBs are struggling.  Both defenses are struggling.  Both coaches are fighting for their jobs.  Winner - Cowboys.

St. Louis @ San Francisco - Winner - 49ers.

Houston @ Chicago - I am on the fence on this one.  The weather will dictate how it's played as it'll be windy and somewhat cold here in the Chi.  The Bears have to protect Cutler and the Texans have to find a way to keep that Bears defensive line occupied.  Should be a good game,...and in the end, I think we get a mild upset.  Winner - Bears.

Kansas City @ Pittsburgh - Are the Chiefs still and NFL team?  Winner - Steelers. 

Who you got?!?!?!?

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