Thursday, October 25, 2012

2012-13 NFL Week 8 Picks

Good week last wee so we need to keep this trend going. I'm running today so I will get in my Thursday Night picks and then the rest tomorrow. Enjoy.

Tampa Bay @ Minnesota - The Bucs looked good last week but I attribute that to the defense that they played against. Vincent Jackson had a 200+ yard game and will need a game like that to help his team get a win in Minny. The Vikings have made their plan simple all year long: Run the ball, make a few plays in the air and play defense. Tampa should find the road a little tougher in Minny this week and that's why I gotta go with.....Winner - Vikings.

Carolina @ Chicago - This is a tough time for Cam Newton with all of the losing going on in Carolina and then to make things worse he's coming to the Chi to take on the best defense in the NFL.  That doesn't add up to success for me, eventhough the Panthers have given the Bears fits in the past, the Bears are just clicking on all cylinders right now.  Winner - Bears.

San Diego @ Cleveland - This ought to be interesting.  The Browns have played well and they are putting up points in their wins.  They are playing a Charger team that as of late is turning the ball over an inordinate amount.  If the turnovers continue for the Chargers, this one is going to get out of hand quickly.  Browns playing at home,......Winner - Browns.

Seattle @ Detroit - After the game last week, the Lions are just trying to figure out how they gave the game away to the Bears.  If they kick field goals and not turn the ball over, they win that game.  This Lions team was on fire last year on offense and that allowed their defense to pin their ears back and get after teams because they had to pass.  That isn't happening this year and if they don't fix it soon, they will have no chance.  Winner - Seahawks.

New England @ St. Louis - I think that even with a hobbled offense, the Patriots win this game easily.  Winner - Patriots.

Miami @ New York Jets - There has been a lot of talk between these two teams and I'm not sure that's good.  I mean how does the trash talking go? We don't suck as much as you do?  Look for the Dolphins to play well against a limited Jets team.  Winner - Dolphins.

Atlanta @ Philadelphia - The Eagles have done nothing to warrant me picking them, but I'm telling you, I gotta feeling that they are going to wake up from the slumber they are in.  This is going to be a tough game, but even I like Andy Reid after a bye.  Weather is going to play a major factor in this game.  Winner - Eagles.

Washington @ Pittsburgh - Interesting matchup here.  The Steelers may not be the Steelers of old on either side of the ball, but this defense is going to have to matchup against these receivers and get to RGIII if they hope to slow this Redskins team down.  The Steelers will have to run the ball more to keep themselves in this game, they can't get into a shootout.  Winner - Steelers.

Jacksonville @ Green Bay - No chance for the Jaguars.  Winner - Packers.

Indianpolis @ Tennessee - The Titans are going to need Chris Johnson to run against this pourous Indy defense and the Colts gotta find a way to stop the run and make Hasselbeck beat them.  Who you got your money on?  Winner - Titans.

Oakland @ Kansas City - I have to pick one of these teams?  I just don't think the Raiders are that good and the Chiefs are starting Brady Quinn.  Winner - Raiders.

New York Giants @ Dallas - The Giants have proved to me that they should be on top on the NFC East and this game gives them an opportunity to repay that butt whuppin that the Cowboys gave them in Week 1 in their home stadium.  Revenge is best served cold and on the opposing teams' home field.  Winner - Giants

New Orleans @ Denver - Well both QBs in this game are the draw.  The question is which defense would you bet could slow down the opposing QB?  Winner - Broncos

San Francisco @ Arizona - The Cardinals show up about every other game and so it sounds like they should show up in this one.  The issue is if they show up, I still don't think that they can beat the 49ers on their best day.  Winner - 49ers.

Who you got?!?!?!?!?!?

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