Thursday, October 18, 2012

2012-13 NFL Week 7 Picks

Never give up is the motto this week.  It's hard out here on my picks.  Thursday games seem to determine the rest of the week for me, let's all take a moment and just breathe here and get ready for Week 7.

Seattle @ San Francisco - Ok, the Seahawks are on the road (check), they have a decent rookie QB (check), they have a pretty good defense (check), they have a pretty good running back (check), and they are coming off a big win last week (check).  The 49ers got embarrassed by the Giants last week and are trying to prove to the NFL that last week was merely a pot hole in their season.  Everything is screaming 49ers on this one, right?  (Starts to sweat profusely.....) I'm not feeling the 49ers this week but it might be because of bias.  (I need this pick,.....I'm picking them but under protest,...think the Seahawks make this close or possibly win)  Winner - 49ers

New Orleans @ Tampa Bay - The Saints haven't done much this year and yet they have been in most of the games they've played.  That offense works but my 3 year old seems to be a better fit calling the defense plays.  This is the game where the Bucs miss Talib.  Winner - Saints.

Baltimore @ Houston - Ok, the Ravens have lost Ray Lewis and Lardarius Webb and Ngata is hurt.  Yes, Ed Reed is hurt, but he's played that way for years.  I just don't see, barring an outburst from the Ravens offense, how this team can beat the Texans at home.  It's sad to see my Ravens like this even if T-Sizzle is talking about playing.  Is there anyway that we leave Suggs in Baltimore for this game so he can't play?  Need him healthy first.  Winner - Texans.

Tennessee @ Buffalo - Gotta flip a coin on this one.  Yes, I like Merriman back on the Bills defense, but I'm not sure he can make that big of a difference this week.  That Bills offense has got to be consistent and continue to pound the ball with their running backs.  The question for the Titans is whether Chris Johnson shows up.  Winner - Bills.

Washington @ New York Giants - Well, this should be the game of the week.  The surging Redskins taking on division rivals in New York.  Will this be another chapter of the RGIII Coming Out Party, or does this turn into another scary outing for the rookie QB?  I've always liked the Giants defensive front 7 because they can get after the QB and they have the speed to do it.  They did lose to Vick earlier this year and I think that RGIII may be just as dangerous.  Should be a close game but in the end,.....  Winner - Giants.

Dallas @ Carolina - Finally a team that the Cowboys can beat.  The question is will they?  Both teams come into this game with lots to prove and it's funny that both of the people who need to show up are the two QBs.  People have knocked Romo on his inability to win the big one and people are knocking on Cam for immaturity.  Who's your money on?  Winner - Cowboys.

Cleveland @ Indianapolis - Two rookie QBs and two teams that have bright futures.  The Browns have been putting up numbers on the scoreboard lately and the porous Indy defense may assist in continuing that trend.  Andrew Luck is going to have to be on his P's and Q's this weekend as this Browns defense has the ability to play pretty tough.  I can't even believe that I'm about to do what I'm doing.  Winner - Browns.

Green Bay @ St. Louis - Seems like the Packers are back on track and I imagine that they'll put 30+ on the board in this one.  Packers defense has got to stop the run and this one is elementary.  Winner - Packers.

Arizona @ Minnesota - The Vikings lost a tough one last week against the Redskins, but I like the way they play ball.  They are letting that defense dictate and being a bit conservative on offense.  This is a formula that will help them until they run into a better team that can do the same.  Not sold on the Cardinals, although they have the ability to win this one with their defense.  Winner - Vikings.

New York Jets @ New England - Well, this is going to start the swan song for Rex Ryan this weekend.  A few more of these beat downs and he's done.  Will Tim Tebow play is the biggest question in this game.  Winner - Patriots.

Jacksonville @ Oakland - No one travels well coming from the East Coast to the West, right?  I think this game should end in a tie, just to make it interesting.  Winner - Raiders.

Pittsburgh @ Cincinnati - Hmmm,...AFC North game with two teams with a lot on the line since many expect the Ravens to fall out of contention due to injuries.  Neither team has played well although the Steelers have had some injury issue themselves.  I normally ride with the Steelers, but I'm not so sure in this one.  Winner - Bengals.

Detroit @ Chicago - A great game for Monday Night.  Bears are coming off a bye and they should be healthy and ready to go.  Peppers has been hounded by some foot issues, so if he's healed, this defense will feast on the Lions.  Lovie normally has his boys ready, so let's see what happens.  If the Bears find a way to protect Cutler, this is going to be a Superbowl year for the Bears.  Write that down.  Winner - Bears.

Who you got?!?!?!?!?!?


NYSTOM said...

That Jacksonville-Oakland tie: It will be 0-0.

(That has occurred many times in the past, by the way, but the last time was in 1943, almost 70 years ago, when the Giants and Lions tied with both teams being scoreless.)

Inquisitive Mind said...

We got a chance this week to get that 0-0 tie. Two inept offenses. Glad to see you're alive.