Tuesday, November 11, 2008

NFL Week 11 Matchup

So we're a little above the half way mark with our picks, 92-53 for the year, and we're still in search of an undefeated week (making all the right picks). So here we go.

York Jets @ New England - Is this the week? This is the second time these teams meet and the Jets are coming off a blowout win. The Patriots are coming off a win against the Bills. I hate this game. It's a home game for the Patriots who are playing without Adaelus Thomas, and this defense is what's runs this team. I gotta go with the homer pick here and I've been waiting for a defining moment from this Jets team. Thursday night could be just that moment. Winner - Jets

Denver @ Atlanta - I keep thinking about the way Jay Cutler played last week and how he willed that team to a win (with a lot of help from the Browns). Can he do it again? I just doubt it. The Atlanta defense slowed/stopped the Saints offense last week and I think they can do the same against the Broncos. The Falcons keep moving along with a good ground game and steady play from their rookie QB. Winner - Falcons

Philadelphia @ Cincinnati - This would be a terrible game for the Eagles to lose, especially after playing the Giants so close last week. The Bengals make this a game, but I think the Eagles pull this one off. Looking for a big game from Westbrook. Winner - Eagles

Chicago @ Green Bay - Who's playing QB for the Bears? That's the biggest question. I am not a Rex Grossman fan and if he is in fact the starter, this game gets ugly quickly. Why do I have to make this pick so early in the week? I doubt that ankle is healed on Orton, and I know that he wants to play, but the Bears have to think about the rest of the season. With Grossman as your starter, those thoughts turn scary. Winner - Packers

Houston @ Indianapolis - This is the worst time for the Texans to come to Indy. The Colts played well and came from behind to win last week. I think they'll jump out in front and coast to a victory this week. More Manning. Winner - Colts

New Orleans @ Kansas City - Can this be an upset when both teams (not you Drew Brees) suck? This is a good game for (gulp) Tyler Thigpen to show that he can play in the NFL since he's going against the sorry Saints secondary. For the Saints, I'm not sure what to say. Drew Brees is just the best player on a bad team. He was en route to a Dan Marino record, right? Winner - Chiefs

Oakland @ Miami - Another game where both teams, well at least the Raiders suck. The Dolphins are transforming right in front of our eyes. I gotta roll the dice and go with the fish yet again, because they are playing at home and no one worth their salt loses to the Raiders. Winner - Dolphins

Baltimore @ New York Giants - This will be which team, well let me say defense imposes their will. Right now, I don't know which one is better. I love the Ravens and hate picking against them, but they are limited on offense and that explosion of points that they had last week will have them wishing they saved some for this week. Winner - Giants

Minnesota @ Tampa Bay - The Bucs sometimes have problems with the run because of their size up front, but they Vikings have to hope that all they'll need to do is run in order to beat the Bucs. This Vikings team can stop the run well, but they lack in the secondary. Will Jeff Garcia be able to navigate this mine field and pull his team to a victory? Winner - Bucs

Detroit @ Carolina - After an uninspiring win last week, the Panthers get game 2 of Daunte Culpepper's return. I expect much of the same results from week one of that experiment. Daunte will be able to produce next week. Winner - Panthers

St. Louis @ San Francisco - Such a close game on Monday night for the 49ers and then they get the game that should put them on the board with their new coach. These two teams are evenly matched, but if the 49ers come out with the same emotion that they did against the Cardinals, then I'm on board. Winner - 49ers

Arizona @ Seattle - The Cardinals almost gave the game away to the 49ers and this one won't be easy for them. I still think that the Cardinals have everything that they need, except consistency to be a team in the running for the playoffs. Hasselbeck gets his first start of the year at home, that could spell problems for the Cardinals. Still going with the birds on this one. Winner - Cardinals

San Diego @ Pittsburgh - I don't even know why I have problems with this game. As terrible as the Chargers have played this could go either way. Willie Parker is hurt for the Steelers and I have a bad suspicion that Big Ben is hurt too. I can NOT pick the Chargers, because they haven't played football all year long. And this would be the type of game that they would win. Winner - Steelers

Tennessee @ Jacksonville - Talk about a game. The Titans are already on spoiler alert. Who's going to beat them this year? I think the first team to 17 points wins this game. The good part is that it may take them the entire game to get to 17. The Jags are at home, and they are starting to look good,....I'm going to do it,....no I'm not,.....yes I am. Winner - Jaguars

Dallas @ Washington - Both teams playing possum here. With the NFC East looking more and more like a dog fight (apologies to PETA and Mr. Vick), I expect to see both Clinton Portis and Tony Romo out there this weekend. This is the definition of a big game as both teams have a lot to lose. Romo has got to come back and at least make TO a threat. Winner - Cowboys

Cleveland @ Buffalo - This game ought to be exciting because one of these teams has to win. That's about it. Marshawn Lynch hasn't run well for weeks now and his teammates haven't done anything to make me want to pick the Bills. The Browns looked good last week against the Broncos but due to Kellen Winslow, they lost that game (he was also the reason they were in that game, talk about a double edged sword). This will go to the last man standing and may not be pretty for the Bills. But nobody circles the wagons quite like them. Winner - Bills


Anonymous said...

I'm starting to really like your analysis, but one thing that would be nice is maybe 2-3 games where you pick "Lead Pipe Locks" of the week.

I want to see which couple of games that you'd bet the farm on and why. - Just a thought.

Inquisitive Mind said...

We will try and do something like that,.....keep reading!!!!

AveBro said...

No way Dallas beats the Skins at FedEx. What are you smokin' man.

Inquisitive Mind said...


That's what I got on the board,....if Portis is a no show (what I've been hearing is that he won't play), the Skins is dead.

cjames30082 said...

The Skins did get bullied By the Steelers but let's face it the Cowboys D is not the Steelers. The other problem that Dallas has is they are porous against the Run.

The X factor will be Dallas offense. If they can keep the D off the field for some time, who knows.

WE OWN the SKINS. Somebody will lose a limb.

Inquisitive Mind said...

Again, if Portis is out (he's just beginning to stretch that leg), the Skins will need a ALL TIME GREAT game from Jason Campbell to get a W.